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Publication numberUS2583432 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1952
Filing dateMay 19, 1949
Priority dateMay 19, 1949
Publication numberUS 2583432 A, US 2583432A, US-A-2583432, US2583432 A, US2583432A
InventorsBernard Leverock
Original AssigneeBernard Leverock
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Fountain pressure supply car washer
US 2583432 A
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J ,1 1952 a. LEVEROCK FOUNTAIN PRESSURE SUPPLY CAR WASHER Filed May 19, 1949 d S o In k d m4 5 v D 4 a n 5 oooo FIG! INVENTOR. BERNARD LEVEROCK ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 22, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE FOUNTAIN PRESSURE SUPPLY CAR WASHER Bernard Leverock, Lynbrook, N. Y. Application May 19, 1949, Serial No. 94,069 i manual operation without attachment of any cumbersome handle. This washer has a sponge bottom and a hard rubber body,.so that it can be roughly handled, dropped, and'generally used without fear of scratching or marking the car.

My washer has a quadrilateral shaped sponge bottom, which enables it to get into corners and out of the way places where a handled brush could not possibly go.

The body of this washer is hollow, broad at the base, and tapered at the top, as a result of which a compression chamber is effected within the body of my washer whereby a forceful spray can be obtained for softening stubborn dirt particles. A secondary dripping of water is provided whereby dirt loosened by the spray is washed away by the water dripping through the sponge.

Another object of this invention is a fountain car washer having a forceful spray surrounded by a heavy dripping of water.

A further object of this invention is a fountain car wash-er operable without handle, that can clean in corners, and can be generally handled without fear of scratching the car being cleaned.

A still further object of my invention is a fountain car washer provided with a water compression chamber.

Other objects and advantages of my invention together with its structural details will be apparent from the following description when read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein a specific embodiment of my invention is illustrated, and wherein, I

Fig. 1 is a top plan view of the invention,

Fig. 2 is a side elevation view with part cut away to show the relative arrangement of the parts,

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view,

Fig. 4 is a plan view of the spray plate,

Fig. 5 is a rear elevation view, and

Fig. 6 is a front elevation view.

Fig. 7 is a sectional view taken midway in Fig. 2 and cutting completely through such figure.

In the drawings is shown a housing or hollow body I provided with a broad quadrilateral base 2 Claims. (0]. 15-130) 2 2 and an arched, narrowed or tapered gripping upper portion 3. The hollow body 1 opens through to the outside both at its base end 4' and at its top end 5." The body I is preferably of hard rubber construction because of the purpose for which it will be used, so as to prevent scratching and marking of the car being washed. The base 2 is substantially rectangular with'slightly rounded corners 5 whereby the device is enabled ,to get into corners and out of the way places.

About the interior walls I of the base is. a marinal shoulder 8. On to this shoulder there is attached by suitable means, such as rubber cement, a hard rubber plate 9, which plate also has its corners 6' rounded in conformity with those of the base 2. Centrally of this plate isa group of spray holes l0. Bordering the plate 9 is a series of holes ll slightly larger in diameter than the spray holes I0. Attached to the bottom of the rubber plate 9- by suitable means, such as rubber cement, is asponge 12 the corners 6" of which are also rounded to conform with those of the plate 9 and the base 2. Centrally of the sponge section I2 is a cut-out l3 communicating with the group of spray holes Ill of the plate 9. The sponge I2 is preferably. of soft rubber and serves to emit water to, and to contact the surface to be cleaned. The base 2 narrows gradually upwards to form the arched tapered upper structure 3. The upper structure in the nature of a handle can be gripped by hand, and

serves to permit a scrubbing movement of the device. The upper structure 3 is arched to allow' for a secure hand grip of the device, and to thereby prevent slipping of the hand from the rubber body 'I as it becomes wet. About the opening in the top end 5 of the body I is a shoulder l4. Suitable water hose connecting means I5 is adapted to fit in the open top end 5. This hose connecting means has a water hose engaging coupling l8 provided with an extended lower portion 11, which extension is insertable through the open top end 5. Washers IS on the coupling extension I! limit against both sides of the top opening shoulder [4. The coupling I6 limits against the outer washer l8. Threadable on to the extension I! on the inner side of the device is a securing nut I9 adapted to limit against the inner washer l8 and to securely hold the hose connecting means l5 in the top end 5. It is to be noted, as it is a very important feature, that the base 2 of the device is larger in area than its tapered upper structure 3. This construction creates a compression chamber, and enables a water pressure to build up within the hollow the sponge I2 in communication with such holes,

together with the wider border holes II in the plate 9 is also an important aspect of this device. The cut-out in the sponge enables a spray through the spray holes ID to be emitted forcefully and unimpeded; the larger holes II permit water to drip through and throughout the sponge. The manner of use and operation of the device is obvious from the above and the drawings.

The device is by means of the coupling [6 connectable to a garden water hose, and is particularly adapted to and useful in the cleaning and washing of automobiles.

The form described above is not to be construed as a limitation of my invention, for it is my intent to claim all that is reasonably within the spirit of the invention and within the scope of the appended claims;

I claim: i

1. A fountain pressure supply car washer of the character described, having a hard rubber body portion open at its base and top ends, a chamber within said body in communication with the-top and base openings, said base end of said body portion being substantially square with 2. marginal shoulder about such base end, an upper to the dimensions of the base plate and cemented thereto, said rubber sponge having a central cutout in communication with only the spray holes, and a shoulder about the top end-opening of the body portion adapted to support hose connecting means.

2. In a fountain pressure supply car Washer, a

hard rubber body portion open at its base and top ends, a pressure chamber within said body in communication with the top and base end openings, said base end of said body portionbeing substantially square with a marginal shoulder about such base end, an upper handle portion arched and tapering from said base end for gripping purposes, said pressure chamber being substantially square at its base and tapering at its upper portion, a base plate of hard rubber covering said base opening and having its outer edges cemented to said marginal shoulder of the base end, a group of spray holes centrally of such base plate, a series of holes larger than the spray holes and located about the border of the base plate, a sponge conforming to the dimensions of the base plate and cemented thereto, said sponge having a central open section in communication with the spray holes, and a shoulder about said top end opening of the body portion adapted to support hose connecting means, said sponge covering the whole of said base plate with the exceptionof the spray holes whereby water passing through said pressure chamber of thebody portionis permitted to drip through the sponge from the larger plate holes and is permitted to be sprayed forth through the spray holes.


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