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Publication numberUS2583750 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 29, 1952
Filing dateOct 9, 1947
Priority dateOct 9, 1947
Publication numberUS 2583750 A, US 2583750A, US-A-2583750, US2583750 A, US2583750A
InventorsRunnels Garland D
Original AssigneeRunnels Garland D
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Tongue scraper
US 2583750 A
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G. D. RUNNELS TONGUE SCRAPER Jan. 29, 1952 Filed Oct. 9, 1947 Fla. 2

' INVENTOR. Gamma D. Rum/51.5

Patented Jan. 29, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,533,750 Torrens; SCRAPER. Garland D. Runnels, New York, N. Y. Application octane; 9, 1947, Serial No. 778,842

2 Claims. (01. 128-304) My present invention relates to an improved construction of scraper intended for use in the I. mouth.

For sometime it has been recognized that better general health through better mouth hygiene' 'is tongue affords greater taste enjoyment of {the food and drink taken into the body through the? mouth. I have heretofore obtained United States Letters Patent No, 2,218,072, issued OctoberlS,

1940, on one form of scraper for clearing the tongue of such coating.

In the device of that patent a rigid handle carriesa rigid reinforcement for a resilient rubber head and the face of the head is provided with various Scraping, scrubbing and guard ridges. While that device functions satisfactorily, ithas been'found that the usefulness of such a device can be increased and the construction thereof considerably simplified, and these are amongjrthe principal objects of the present invention.

Other objects are to provide an improved construction of handle which will insure the prop r and most efficient use of the scraping and scrubbing head, and which will further protect against accidental misuse of the device to exert too'great a pressure whereby to possibly bruise, pinch otherwise temporarily harm the tongue. A further object of the present invention is to provide a construction of head which is also. an efficient scraper and scrubber even though used with diagonally or laterally directed strokes, thereby giving greater freedom of use. These and other objects of my present inven tion will be apparent from this specification'taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, inwhich V Figure 1 is a. front elevational view of my improved device. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the device of Fig. Fig. 3 is a cross-section on the line 3+3 'o'f Fig. 2. a

, parts illustrated in the accompanying drawings,

I have shown therein, for illustrative purposes, only a preferred embodiment, and wish it understood that the same is susceptible of modification and change without departing from the "spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the appended claims.

the fingers of the hand in use.

The device comprises a handle II and head I 2 which are joined by a neck l3, the whole being molded in integral construction, and desirably of any suitable semi-rigid plastic material, such as polyethylene, which material may be generally described as a polymerized hydrocarbon.

In side view, the handle, neck and head have a single plane, flat back M, as seen in Fig. 2. In front elevation, the handle II has substantially parallel side edges, which edges taper inwardly into the reduced neck l3, as seen in Fig. 1. The handle also has a tapered reinforcing rib |5 integral with the handle and extending along a major portion of the length of the handle. The rib is narrow in cross section (Fig. 4) and projects a substantial distance from the front face of the handle. As seen in Fig. 2, this rib also tapers into the reduced neck l3. In addition to its reinforcing function, the rib |5 greatly improves the action of the handle when gripped in The head I2 is somewhat elliptical in shape, being of greater width than the handle, and the side and front surfaces of this head also taper into the reduced neck I3. The front face of the head is provided with laterally extending upstanding ridges 2| and 22 respectively located at opposite ends of the head, and these are joined together by upstanding ridges 23 and 241 thatrespectively extend along each side edge of the head. The hollow space which is defined by the ridges 2| to 24, inclusive, is divided into a series of small pockets 25 and 26 respectively formed by means of a cross rib 2'1 and a plurality of cross ribs 28. The end ridges 2| and 22 and the cross rib 21 are of uniform height and define the maximum thickness of the head. The side ridges 23 and 24 are slightly less in height than ridges 2| and 22, the difference being of the order of onethirty-secondth of an inch. Each of the ridges 2| to 24, inclusive, and the cross rib 21 have flat top and side surfaces providing relatively sharp corner edges. Each of the cross ribs 2 8 has an inclined surface 28a and a flat side surface 2811 meeting in a comparatively sharp corner 29, with the taper extending from such corner to the juncture of the side of the next adjacent rib 28 and the bottom of the corresponding pocket 26. The corners 29 protrude approximately to the level of the fiat ribs 2|, 22 and 21, which is slightly above the level of the tops of the side ridges 23 and 24, and where this occurs the corner portions 29 of the cross ribs 28 are extended outwardly, as seen at 3|, so as to overlie the side ridges 23 and 24.

As noted above, all surfaces taper into the reduced neck l3, and at its smallest diameter, indicated at 32, in Fig. 3, the neck I3 is substantially round in cross section, and free of all areas in the nature of a rib, which construction is provided to permitthe handle to assume different angular positions with respect to the plane of the head, at the convenience of the user. That is to say, the constructionrof the head and handle will not permit .ready bending thereof whereas the construotionof neck I 3 permits flexing of the handle with respect to the head. Most often, the handle will be bent in the direction indicated by the dash lines 33 in Fig. 2, the pivot occurring about the neck I3.

In use, the handle of the device is held in the hand and the head 12 is placed onthe tongue of the user'with the front surfaces of the various ribs and ridges next to the tongue. Thenfby moving the head back and forth over the tongue :While exerting a slight downward pressure the a edges of the ribs and ridges will loosen and .re- .moveanyextraneous coating thereon. By reason of the arrangement permitting the fiexingof the handle about the neck l3, it is highly improbable that any undue pressure willbe exerted-on the tongue. Furthermore, the flexing of the handle allows the face of the head toremain flat against the tongue as it is moved over the surfaces near the root thereof. By reason of the relative heights of the lateral ribs and ridges to the side ridges, the downward pressure on the head causes the side ridges to engage the tongue and become effective in removing the coating, especially when the head describes angular paths as it is moved back and forth and the relative "positions of the tongue and head are changed.

.These side ridges will be effective also if the head is moved from side to side.

The pockets 25 and 26 will hold and distribute any mouth Wash or other preparation used for the purpose of facilitating removal of the coating and .for other purposes, and particles of the extraneous coating will collect. in these pockets as :the head is withdrawn from the mouth. The construction allows for readily washing the head free of these particles and generally cleaning the head by holding the same under a faucet.

' I claim: 11. applicator for the tongue comprising :a

handle, a head connected to said handle, a plurality of lateral ridges on the front face of said head, ridges extending alongeach side of said head and defining a plurality of pockets with said lateral ridges, and a resilient neck portion between the head and the handle, said neck portion being substantially round in cross-section whereby the handle is permitted to assume different angular positions in all directions"with respect to theplane of the head.

2. An applicator for the tongue comprisin a handle, a head connected to said handle, mar- 'ginaLend and side ridges on the front face of said head, said ridges having flat outer surfaces and substantially straight side surfaces, a plurality of cross-ribs extending between said side ridges and defining a plurality of pockets with said side ridges, :at least some of said ribs having an inclined upper surface and a flat surface meeting in a substantially sharp edge, the sharp edges of said ribs and the .fiat surface of said end ridges terminating in substantially a common plane, and the side ridges terminating substantially in said .common plane, all of said surfaces being e'fiective to engage the tongue as said head is moved over the tongue in various directions, and a resilient neck portion between said head and said handle, said neck portion bein substantially round in cross-section whereby the handle is permitted to assume different angular positions in all directions with respect to the plane of the head when pressure is exerted on the head and ,handle.


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