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Publication numberUS2585745 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1952
Filing dateJun 8, 1948
Priority dateJun 8, 1948
Publication numberUS 2585745 A, US 2585745A, US-A-2585745, US2585745 A, US2585745A
InventorsCrosby Kenneth L
Original AssigneeCrosby Kenneth L
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Traveling bag having independently accessible compartments
US 2585745 A
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1 K. L. CROSBY Feb 1952- TRAVELING BAG HAVING INDEPENDENTLY 2585745 ACCESSIBLE COMPARTMENTS 2 SHEETSSHEET 1 Filed June 8, 1948 INVENTOR. Ken #5715 L. 6280695) 0 4w, lmfizg'ltrmm F-rramvgy Feb. 12, 1952 -K. L. CROSBY 2,585,745


11 Z 7 I8 .3 /8 I0 INVENTOR.

122 5577 A dmmy Patented Feb. 12, 1952 UNITED. STATES:


Application June s, 1948, Serial No. s1;6s5 3 ohms. (Cl.190 -52 secured-"at one endto one side of the baseand "5 extending over'and completely loosely covering the form" and havin'g its opposite enddetachably secured to the other "side of the-base.*'=-

Another-object of the invention-is the provision'of an improved means for detachably securing one end of the flexible cover to the base of the luggage piece.

In the drawings: Fig. ;1 is a perspective view of one side of the improved bag:

Fig. -.-2 is a perspective view ofthe'opposite sideof the bag, the bag being open.

Fig.43 is a detailed-perspective view of the clothes hanger engaging clip.

Fig. 4 isa perspective view of the bag -with-' out its outer covering illustrating a modified-ar rangement of clothes hanger engaging element. 5

Fig.6 is a fragmentary perspective view illustrating a still further modified form of outer clothes engaging and holding'arran'g''efnn't. p

Fig." 6 is a fragmentary" transverse" Vertical i sectionalyiew'on the line6-'6 of Figure 1.

Fig. "7 is an"enlarged detailed fragmentary bottom' the're -is'at each longitudinal edge-of" the-underside ofthe base a space. At one side this spa'ceis filled-""by a suitablemolding like strip I while at theother side this spaceis partially filled by a molding-like strip 2.

The U-sha'pedirame is "composed of a plii' rality-"of spaced apart parallel metallic frame eiementsi, 4, *5 and-6 each-of which iseither square or rectangular in cross sectional *config uraticn and resembles a croquet wicket" The" frame on its outer side-is coveredby th'e beforementioned form -D. -The frame and form are of lesser'width'tha-n'the base A soas'to leave considerable space between the bottom of the form and the side edges of the base;

The cover E has one end secured'as at'l and extends over the outer'face' of molding I. The opposite and free end '8 of'the cover is suitably secured throughout its length in a block!) having an upstanding flan'ge ifl terminatingin an" elong'atedbead l I.

In the space left between the molding strip 1 2 and theadjacentedge of the bag bottom B, the resilient strip H is disposed and extends throughout the length of the bag base.

the bag bottom and base as at I3 anda vertical" leg 14 paralleling the side face of the bag bot- This strip-has a horizontal leg 12 secured between perspective View and shows, in separate rela-' tom. From the lower end of the leg- M the strip tiofiftheclosure' jointbetween th bottom "wall so "U o wa d y intba tutu-*- andrthe'mai'nouter cover of'theba'gf lar socket" I5 of the proper "contourand size=" In reading'thefollowin'g description of the bag to receive and resiliently engage the elongated*' recognition is to 'be made of'the'fact "that"de-" bead l l of the block-9. "The opposite en'd"f|6 parturesin material can be "made without"'de'- of the strip is secured to the'molding strip 2. parting from the" invention." Description is -As c arly'app ars in -6 f thed awi s th 1 given of a leather "bagbut canvas orother 's'uit able material could be" substituted therefor 1 outer "cover E extends over' the -form"D but-in spaced relationship thereto" to 'forman outer should it be desired. The herein after-"referred clothing-* receiving "space or receptacle K. It to framework is referred to as being of metal will also appear that" thecover 'E extends over but any material-of-suitable strength could be 4O- the molding-strip 2 and that the bottom fac substituted. v of the" blockil is flush'with thebottom' face Broadly the bag comprises'a flat rectangular 0f the bag botto Intermefiiat'yits' length base A beneath which is a bottom' B of equal the free end of-the cover'is provided wit'lra length but of less width than the base. An lock 'llwhich-extends into *the vertical face inverted U- sha'pedframe 'C is "secured to the 4501" one edge' of "the bag base. This lock'ma'y upper i face of the base and has its sides and be of anyfconventional' construction. The par topifcovered'by a suitable form D which" could ticular-form of lock does otconstitute'a p beof any suitable material. A main c'ove'r'E' of the present invention. Throughoutits length is of the proper width and length to completely and width and in spaced relationship the. bag? coverthe form. The final closure of the bag bottom isiprovided with a plurality o twa dlyis made by a pair of end doors F and G. The bag when open has'the appearance illustrated in Fig. 2 and when closed the appearance illustrated in-Fig. 1 of the-drawings.

nescribihg the invention in more detail itwill beseen that'due 'to'thelesser width of thebag projecting protecting lugs or knobs 18.

into an upper compartment l9 and a lower compartment 20 by a shelf 21'. These compartments have open ends and are for the purpose of carrying shoes, toilet articles and other miscellaneous articles which can be packed into and removed from the compartments without in any way disturbing the outer clothing garments which are stretched over the outer face of the form D in the main clothing compartment K and so held in a manner which will be hereinafter described.

The open ends of the compartments I9 and 20 are closed by the end doors F and G, the lower ends of which are hinged as at 22 to the ends of the bag base A and are of the proper width, height. and configuration to completely close the ends of the bag by having abutment and engagement with the longitudinal edges of the main cover E. Atits opposite ends the form D is provided with end members 23 which like the frame are U-shaped. They extend outwardly to close the ends of the hereinafter described clothing compartment. The doors are held closed by snap fasteners 24. At its ends the bag carries leather covered filler strips or moldings 25 below the doors.

Several means for securing the outer clothing to. the form D so that they will not shift and become rumpled or wrinkled are illustrated. One such arrangement is illustratedin Figs. 2 and of the drawings. I

It is intended that the distance from one lower edge of the form D over its top and down to its other lower edge will be slightly greater than the length of a mans suit coat. This distance would accommodate the length of a pair of trousers folded midway their length or a dress folded midway of its length. Preferably in packing a coat,

trousers, or dresses they would be placed on a hanger such as that illustrated at L in Fig. 3. Having reference to Figs. 2 and 3 it will be seen that the bag base at one side is provided with a clip M which is shaped to accommodate several hangers L so that the garments on the hangers will be held at one of their ends by the hanger through its engagement with the clip. The garments will lie upon and extend over the form and have their other and free ends terminating adjacentthe opposite lower edge of the form where they will be secured beneath a strap or elastic band N. such for instance as that illustrated in Fig. 5. Here it will be seen that one end of the band is secured as at 26 to one end of the form or frame and extends through an eye or ring 21 at the opposite end of the frame and is doubled back as at 28 and is adjustably secured to the main elastic or strap portion 29 by a buckle 20. This arrangement makes it possible to tighten down upon the free ends of the garments and hold them against displacement.

Obviously if the garments are carefully positioned upon the form and then secured in the manner described they will not shift and will therefore arrive at their destination unwrinkled and unmussed. The space or compartment K is of sufficient width to accommodate considerable clothing. The amount of clothing which can be carried would of course depend upon the dimensions of the bag. With the clothing compartment K filled with clothing the outer cover E will assist in holding the clothing against movement and it will also be seen that should it be desired to remove toilet articles, magazines or any other material carried in the compartments l9 and 2 0 these can be gotten at by opening the proper door F or G without in any way disturbing the 4 garments. The bag also provides the desirable arrangement of carryin shoes which are kept out of contact with the clothing in the bag.

An optional arrangement is illustrated in Fig. 4 wherein a bar or rod P is substituted for the elastic or strap N. This bar is removably and adjustably carried in and supported by brackets 3| adjacent the lower end of the form at each side thereof.

The bag is provided exteriorly with tightenin straps Q and a carrying handle R.

The advantages and benefits to be derived from a travelling bag made in accordance with the present invention will be understood from the preceding description and will be quickly recognized by those familiar and skilled in the art.

Departures from the exact construction illustrated can be made without departing from the inventive concept and the invention is to be limited only within the scope of the following claims.

What I claim is:

1. An improved travelling bag comprising a base, a hollow open ended form resting'upon the base and extending upwardly therefrom, said form being of considerably less width than the base, a flexible cover secured at one end to one side of the base and extending over and completely loosely covering the form and having its opposite end detachably secured to the other side of the base, a door at each end of the base and hinged at its lower end to the base, said doors closing the open ends of the form and having their side and top edges in engagement with the cover, means detachably securing the doors in a closed position, and a carrying handle secured to the outer face of the cover intermediate the ends thereof.

2. A construction as defined in claim 1, wherein the base at its underside is provided with a resilient clamp extending longitudinally thereof, and the free end of the cover is provided with an element which can enter, and be resiliently retained by, said clamp.

3. An improved travelling bag comprising a base, a hollow open ended form resting upon the base and extending upwardly therefrom, said form being of considerably less width than the base, a flexible cover secured at one end to one side of the base and extending over and completely loosely covering the form and having its opposite end detachably secured to the other side of the base, means at each end of the base closing the open ends of the form, one of said closure means being movable to provide entry into the form, and a carrying handle secured to the outer face of the flexible cover intermediate the ends thereof.


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European ClassificationA45C3/00