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Publication numberUS2586740 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1952
Filing dateJul 10, 1947
Priority dateJul 10, 1947
Publication numberUS 2586740 A, US 2586740A, US-A-2586740, US2586740 A, US2586740A
InventorsSwanson Reinhold J
Original AssigneeSwanson Reinhold J
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Waterproof container
US 2586740 A
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Feb. 19, 1952 R J, SWANSQN 2,586,740

WATERPROOF CONTAINER Filed July 10, 1947 Patented Feb. 19, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WATERPROOF CONTAINER Reinhold-J. Swanson, Chicago, Ill. Application July 10, 1947, Serial No. "759,931

.3 Claims. 1

This invention relatesto waterproof containers of the type illustrated and described'inm'yPatent No. 2,182,040, issued December 5, 1939, particularly adapted for ;:carrying such articles as cigarettes, matches, jewelry, money, 'etc.

One of the principal objects of the invention is to provide a waterproof container which may be readily attached to the wearing apparel of a swimmer or sportsman. Often a-swimmer will desire to take money, 'cigarettes, or thelike, to the beach, yet indoingso will run the risk of losing the articlesor having them'subjected to the deleterious 'effectso'f immersion in the water. This invention will enablesuch articles to be'carried on the person of the-bather without such harmful eiiects. To this end I haveprovided a novel clip arran ement which may be used to s curely attach the waterproof container to'a bathing suit,

or the like, without injury to the material to which it is attached.

A particular advantage of the novel clip arrangement is that if it is desired the clip may be removed from the container and a strap substituted therefor, should this latter mode of carrying the container be preferable to the individual user'thereof.

A further object of this invention is to'provide a recess and capjther'efore in'the cover of the waterproof container, whereby a supply of face powder .and a powder puff may be carried without having the same become intermixed with the other articles'in the container. One side of the cap is adapted'to retain a mirror 'for the convenience of the user.

,tion will become apparent from the following description and from the drawings, in which:

Fig. l is a perspective view of the front of the container;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the back of the container, showing the clip for use in carrying the same;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken along lines 3-3 of Fig. 1, and illustrates the manner in which the cigarettes, powder and powder puff are disposed within the container;

Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken along lines 4-4 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the clip used for attaching the container to an article of clothing.

The waterproof container consists of a body I0, which is formed of molded rubber to provide a compartment for articles as indicated in Figs. 3 and 4. The term rubber is used herein to Further obiects and advantages of this 'inveninclude various synthetic materials having correspondingproperties of imperviousnessto water and 'pliability. The front wall of the container has a circular opening 1! therein, and a cover or closure I2 is provided to seal this body opening A slot-like opening "I3 is provided in the rear 'wall'of the container for use in affixing the supused here to indicate a slot in the container body,

which does not intersect the inner compartment of the container.

A U-shape'dclip [4, having two legs Hand 16, is used to attach the waterproofcontainer to a suitable portion of the apparel of the user. The rear leg l5 of the'clip is adapted to be received in the slot 13 of the container body, with the other le 16 overlying the back of the container body.

Referring'to Figs. 3 and 4, it will be seen that the inner wall of the body open ng I l is provided with a locring ring I! molded into the body. The inner face of this locking ring is provided with three locking studs [8. On'the inner side of the cover [2 is an annular flange l9, into which 'are molded or out three helically disposed channels 20. The channels are adapted to engage studs l8 of the loc"ins2, ring, in order that the cover may be securely affixed to the bodyof the container.

The periphery of'the cover l2 forms an external flange 2|, which, in cooperation with an annular flange 22 about the opening I! in the body, serves to form a water-tight seal for the interior of the body when the cover is screwed into the opening. The outer face of the cover flange 2i is serrated to facilitate obtaining a grip on the cover when tightening it in place or when removing the same.

The annular flange IS on the inner face of the cover is hollow to form a recess 25. The inner face of the annular flange l 9 is suitably threaded, as at 26, to receive an externally threaded cap 21. A recess 28 is provided in the cap and is adapted for receiving a mirror 29. The mirror may be held in place by any suitable means, such as the use of adhesives or the employment of an annular snap ring.

The recess 25 in the cap is particularly suited for holding a cake of powder 30 and a powder puff 3|. When so used the tight fitting cap 21 prevents such powder from being spilled upon the cigarettes, or other articles, being carried in the main body of the container. For convenience in removing or replacing the cap for the powder compartment 9. knurled edge 32 is provided on the outer face of the cap 21.

On either side edge of leg l5 of the clip is a notch or recess portion 35 which is adapted to engage an ear 36 molded into the side wall of the longitudinal slot I3. In some practices of the invention it may be desirable to place the ear on the clip and have the mating notch molded in the body of the container. In either case the ear and notch arrangement acts to securely engage the clip to the body of the container.

The body of the container is sufliciently pliable so that when the clip is pushed into the longitudinal slot the end of the clip, which is slightly rounded, as at 31, will displace the ears 36 outwardly to allow the clip to slip into'place. When the notch 35 comes opposite the ear 36, the ears will spring back into place inthe notches, thus securely locking the clip in place.

Should it be necessary to remove the clip from the slot, it may be done by grasping the sides of the body at points opposite the ears and stretching the body sufliciently outwardly to disengage the ears fromthe notches to allow the clip to be retracted from the slot. When this is done a strap may be slipped through the slot I3 for use in attaching the container, should the individual user prefer this method of doing so.

With the clip in place on the container an inwardly facing, transverse ridge 38 on leg I6 of the clip is juxtaposed on a groove 39 in the rear wall of the container body. If the clip is then slipped over a flexible material, such as a bathing suit, the ridge 38 will act to press such material into the mating groove, thereby securely holding the material within the groove. The end of leg I6 is slightly curved outwardly, as at 40, to facilitate slipping the clip over such material.

A series of longitudinal stiffening ribs 4| are provided in the leg l6 of the clip to decrease the flexibility of this portion of the clip. The ribs are formed by a stamping process performed prior to the time the clip is bent into a U-shape. Preferably the ribs extend outwardly from the other leg of the clip. However, their function as stiffening ribs will serve equally well should the ribs be made so as to protrude inwardly. The ribs serve to better transmit the gripping force provided by the base or rounded portion of the U to the gripping ridge 38.

I claim as my invention:

1. In combination, a receptacle of the class described the body member of which is formed of rubber to provide a compartment for objects, said member having a longitudinal slot in the rear wall thereof exterior of said compartment, a clip member, a portion of said clip member being adapted to be received in said slot, and means to retain said clip member in said slot, said means including an ear on one of said members and an engaging notch in the other of said members whereby said receptacle may be supported by said clip member.

2. In combination, a receptacle of the class described the body member of which is formed of rubber to provide a compartment for objects, said member having a longitudinal slot in the rear wall thereof exterior of said compartment, a U-shaped clip member, one leg of said clip member being adapted to be received in said slot, and means to retain said clip in said slot, said means including an ear on one of said members and an engaging notch in the other of said members whereby said receptacle may be supported by said clip member.

3. A receptacle of the type adapted to be attached to a yieldable material, and comprising a body formed of rubber to provide a compartment for receiving objects, said receptacle including a longitudinal slot in the body thereof exterior of said compartment, at least one ear projecting into said slot from the side wall thereof, and a U- shaped clip, one leg of said clip being adapted to be received in said slot, the side of said leg having a notch therein to receive and en age said ear, the other leg of said clip having a transverse ridge whereby said material may be engaged between said ridge and said body.


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