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Publication numberUS2587698 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1952
Filing dateJan 17, 1951
Priority dateJan 17, 1951
Publication numberUS 2587698 A, US 2587698A, US-A-2587698, US2587698 A, US2587698A
InventorsCorn Jr Belmont, Roscher Charles D
Original AssigneeDisplayers Inc
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Portable display
US 2587698 A
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ET AL March 4, 1952 B. CORN, JR,


March 1952 B. CORN, JR, ET AL 2,587,698


Patented Mar. 4, 19 52 PORTABLE DISPLAY Behnont Corn, Jr., Scarsdale, N. Y., and Charles D. Roscher, Bogota, N. J assignors to The Displaycrs, Inc.

Application January 17, 1951, Serial No. 206,492

1 v This invention relates to display apparatus and more particularly to a display which may be knocked down or collapsed for packaging in a relatively light, easy-to-handle packing case.

The new apparatus comprises a plurality of demountable support panels capable of being assembled together to form a .display screen in a variety of specific arrangements. Each panel is made up of four lightweight tubular frame members made preferably of a hard aluminum alloy. Two of the tubular members are substantially U-shaped while the remaining two are straight and are adapted to interconnect the arms of the two U-shaped members. The connection between a straight member and the arm of a U-shaped member is preferably of the telescopic type, the end of one having a portion of substantially reduced diameter and being adapted to receive over this portion the end of the other. A thumb screw is also provided at each connection of a straight member with the arm of a U-shaped member to press the telescoping portions of the interconnection into tight frictional engagement with each other whereby the two members may be locked together. The support panels which may all be of the same size or, as will be subsequently described in connection with a preferred embodiment of the invention, may be of different sizes, are adapted to be hinged together by clamps which permit adjustable, angular relative positioning of the panels with respect to one another.

A plurality of reticulated display panels, preferably made of expanded aluminum sheet, are provided and may be detachably secured to the support panels in the planes thereof and between the tubular. frame members. These display panels are adapted to support, in various positions and arrangements, plaques containing advertising copy; photographs, charts and the like. If desired the display panels may be made of materials other than expanded aluminum sheet. For instance, perforated Masonite lacquered in any color may be used instead.

. To fill out the support panels and to provide a proper and pleasantly appearing background for the advertising copy supported on the reticu-.

lated display panels, a curtain ,is provided for each panel and is adapted to be removably or panels.

2 Claims. (Cl. -135) Flexwood and may be of a variety of colors. However in the preferred form of apparatus they are made of differently colored fabrics.

Also provided in the display apparatus are a number of shelves which may be detachably secured to the frame members of the support These shelves are intended to support various articles being displayed.

A packing case, preferably of lightweight plywood, is included and is of a size sufiicient to contain our entire display apparatus in knockeddown or collapsed condition. The packing case however performs another function and that is to support a collapsible counter surface. A drape or cover, preferably of the same material as the curtains for the support panels, is provided to cover the counter supported by the packing case and to extend to the floor thereby hiding from view the open packing case and resulting in the composite counter appearing to be a table.

Lastly a number of electric lamps, provided preferably with spun aluminum shades, are included for lighting the exhibit. These lamps are provided with pipe clamps operable by a single thumb screw for attachment to a tubular frame member of the support panels.

For a more detailed description of the preferred embodiment of our invention reference may be made to the accompanying drawings in which,

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the apparatus set up for display purposes;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the packing case containing the entire display apparatus in knocked-down form,

Fig. 3 is a perspectiveview of the countertable, and

Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic representation of an arrangement of the support panels different from that shown in Fig. 1.

By reference first to Figs. 1 and 2 the portable display apparatus Will be seen to comprise a plurality of similar support panels. Broad panels I0, II and I2 in the specific screen shown, are of one size and narrow panels I3 and IA of another size. Each of support panels l0|2 comprises a pair of broad U-shaped tubular frame members [5 and a pair of straight tubular frame members I6, the individual frame members being best seen in Fig. 2. Straight frame members l6 are provided at their opposite ends with por- Support panels l3 and I4 comprise a pair of straight members [6 and a pair of narrow U-shaped members 2|.

parts and guides for receiving and maintaining the various knocked-down parts of the display The ends of the arms of U-shaped members 2! are slotted similarly to the.

ends of frame members and the connections between these U-shaped members..and them.

straight members to form panels l3- and 14- are the same as are those of broad panels I0l2.

The various support panels 110 -44 may be r. hinged together in a variety of different ways by a number of clamps 22. trated in Fig. 1 the three broad support panels For instance, as illus- Ill- 12 may be adjacent one another with the nan-.1 row support panels. l3.and Mbeing disposed out-.l wardly therefrom. Or as illustrated in Fig. .4, the

smaller support panels I3 and 14 may. separate the largerisupport panels l0.l2 from

other. It will be clear of course that the angular... relationship of the support panels with. respect to one another may also be .varied at will. A

number of reticulated-display, panels 23,each comprisingan aluminum frame 24 supporting .a

piece of expandedaluminum sheet .25, are providedv and are. adapted to be detachably secured.

in any detachable manner to the frame members of the support panels.

els and may be used for-supporting articleswhich are to be displayed.

Each of the panels l0l4 is additionally pro- 1 These reticulated display panels 23 may be employed to support in varivided with a curtain 21 made ashas been previously stated, of cloth fabric, Leatherette, etc,

which maybe fastened, as by snap grippers (not shown), to the panelto form a pleasingly appearing background for the material to be exhibitedu As will be seen'inthe drawings, our tains-21 aresufiiciently large to completely fill theopen-spaces between the-frame members of the support panels.

A pair of-lightweightelectriclamps 28- having spun aluminum-shades maybe secured bycla-mps 29, with which they are provided, to -any;portion-- of any of the frame members of the support panels for the purpose of lighting the display. In mostcases twolamps aresufiicient for this purposebut of coursea greater number-may be I employed.

A packing case 30 of ply-wood is fitted to receive the knocked-down apparatus as shown in Fig. 2. As may be seen in Fig. 3, case 30-is intendedalso to be used asa support --for a fold A drape cover 32,- made-- preferably of the same material as are the cur-- ing counter board 31.

tains 21, fits overv counter board 3|, and hangs to the floor thereby hiding the packing casefrom view and giving the composite counter the appearance of. a tableras indicated in' Fig.- 1. It

will be seen from Fig. 2 that the interior of the packing case 30 is provided with a variety of apparatus tightly packed therein.

The desirable attributes of our portable display apparatus are many, but among the most important are its characteristic of providing a large display area when assembled yet requiring a yerysmall space when knocked-down and packaged. It furthermore is'very light in--.welght, the entire apparatus weighing less than lbs. and therefore may be easily and readily handled. Additionally, a large degree of flexibility in appearance is achieved by reason of the various arrangements... of. .the. support panels, the dis- -play panels and the curtains which its novel construction- -permits:to be employed. For example, instead of assembling the display screen as a whole by locating the two narrow support panels lil and M on the outside, as shown in Fig. 1, the latter may form interior support panels, as shown. in Fig. A, 1 withoutmakins a y an e in-.;the sub-assem liesp pa red straight tubulan; members 16, and clamps 22 as they; are taken from case, .(Fig. 2

It willalso be apparentthatuvariousuchanges a d odificationsm y he. made. ,intheapparatus. withoutldeparting. from our,v invention the scope p; of which should not.beglimi edoexceptt the e.X-.. tent set forth. in ,theappended c1aims.


1. Portablemdisplay; apparatus. comprising ;a plurality of support panels. hinged to one 7 another, .each of said; support panels, comprising a pair of. substantially U-..shaped,tubular, members and a .pair -of. straight tubularmembers demountably interconnecting the arms .1 of. one U -shaped. member .to the .arms. of. lithe .other U-shaped member,..a pluralityof displaypanels detachably secured to members. ofthegsupport.

panels and supported substantiallyinthe planes of the support-panels, .andea plurality of cur.- tains detachably.secured tothe-members of the support panels, eachof said curtains occupying the major portion-of thespacebetween the tubular members oithe-associated support panel.-

2. Portable display apparatus q accordingto claim-1 in-whicheach-arm-bf a U-shaped tubu-- larmember is -;connected-toa straight tubular member bya telescopicconnection the end of 5 one being of reduced diameter to receive over it the end 1 of the other; and each connection including a thumb screw for pressing-the telescoping portions into tight-frictional-engagement with each-other;



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