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Publication numberUS2587941 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1952
Filing dateJun 7, 1948
Priority dateJun 7, 1948
Publication numberUS 2587941 A, US 2587941A, US-A-2587941, US2587941 A, US2587941A
InventorsArthur E Wiedenhoeft
Original AssigneeArthur E Wiedenhoeft
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Wall lamp with rotatable shade and mirror
US 2587941 A
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M 4, 1952 A. E. WIEDENHOEFT 2,587,941


WALL LAMP WITH ROTATABLE SHADE 'AND MIRROR Arthur ll. Wiedenhoeft, Glen Ellyn, n1. "Application Liu'ne 7, 1948, Serial No. 31,419

2 Claims.

This invention relates to an electric lighting fixture and is more particularly described as a make-up light particularly designed and intended for use in shaving or applying cosmetics, although it may have a more general use whereever applicable.

Lighting fixtures now commonly used for shaving or applying cosmetics in bathrooms at home, or in public or private powder rooms, are usually located at one side of a, mirror so that it is necessary to have at least two mirrors to properly view both sides of the facel A single light produces a glare on one sideof -the face and a shadow on the other,,and if too' many lamps are used, an objectionable glare is produced in any event.

The present invention is designed and intended to provide a single lamp which has a shade at one side anda mirror at the other side with a reflecting surface'at the back of the mirror. The novel construction comprises a rotat able mounting for the shade and the mirror such that either the shade or the mirror may be rotated relatively to the lamp to place it outermost.

A further object of the invention is to provide a mirror which is smaller in size than the shade so that when the mirror is being used, the shade will direct rays from the lamp over all sides or edges of the mirror so that the face of a person looking in the mirror is equally lighted from all sides producing no glare or shadows and making it possible to apply make-up evenly to both sides of the face and to illuminate both sides of the face for shaving.

A further object of the, invention is to provide a mirror which may be tilted about the axis of its support to accommodate persons of different height.

Other objects of the invention will appear in the specification and will be apparent from the accompanying drawings in which,

Fig. 1 is an elevational view of a fixture in accordance with this invention with the shade disposed outermost;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the fixture shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 33 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a sectional view similar to Fig. 3 but withthe mirror and shade reversed or turned around; and

Fig. 5 is a sectional detail taken on the line 5-5 of Fi 2.

This invention is described as a wall supported as by a fastening bolt l2. Extending downwardly from the wall plate is a tubular conduit 14 for receiving electrical conductors terminating in a hollow support l6 adapted to receive a fixture stem l8 threaded into the top thereof with a lamp socket cap 20 at the upper end of the stem and a lamp socket 22 secured in a well known manner to the cap. The lamp 24 is freely movable into and out of the socket. Mounted on the stem It at the top of the support 15 is a collar 26 having a reduced shoulder 28 with a washer 30 seated on the shoulder and engaged by the cap 20 when the stem I8 is threaded into the fitting IS.

A bracket 32 is rotatably mounted upon the collar 26 and is slightly less in thickness than the length of the shoulder 28 so that when the washer 30 is assembled with the cap 20 is held firmly in place against tilting, but it may be freely rotated in any direction. Projecting upwardly from one side of the bracket is a supporting arm 34 having decorative projections 36 through which fastening screws 38 are inserted into a shade 40 which is shown as circular in shape, preferably formed of transparent material such as ground glass which both reflects and refracts light from the lamp 24.

At the other side of the bracket 32 is an arm 42 having upper extremities 44 with a hinge 46 at the bottom for supporting a mirror 48 to swing downwardly from an upright position, the bottom of the mirror being normally confined between the upper arm extremities 44 but being held in any inclined angular position by the hinge 46. The back surface 50 of the mirror 48 is covered with a white reflecting material and the inner surface 52 of the shade 40 is also of white reflecting material so that when the fixture is used with the shade 40 outwardly maximum diffused but direct illumination is obtained because of the rear reflecting surface 50 of the mirror. Indirect lighting is also directed against the wall or other surface by which the fixture is supported. When the mirror and the reflector are rotated reversely with the mirror surface outwardly as shown in Fig. 4, a shade 40 reflects light from the reflector surface 52 all around the mirror because the mirror is smaller in size than the shade or reflector and the reflected rays from the lamp 24 will extend in substantially equal amount over all of the edges of the mirror, thus illuminating the face of a user or any object,

which may be used in a well known manner as-a switch for turning the lamp on and off.

While a preferred construction has been described in some detail, it should be regarded as an illustration or example rather than as a limitation or restriction of the invention as many changes may be made in the construction, combination and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim:

1. In a make-up light, an electric lamp, a socket for the lamp, a supporting stem for the socket, a fixed support into which the stem is inserted, a shouldered collar mounted upon the fixed support and surrounding the stem, a bracket rotatably mounted on the shouldered collar to turn about the axis of the socket, a washer at the top of the bracket engaged by the lamp socket when the stem is threaded in the support but allowing free rotation of the bracket, a mirror plate supported by the bracket at one side of the lamp having its mirror surface at the outside of the plate and a reflecting surface at the inside of the plate relative to the lamp, and a shade also rotatably-supported by the bracket at the side of the lamp opposite the plate, of larger dimensions and in line with the plate with an inner concave surface at the edges of the shade for deflecting light rays from the lamp over the edges of the plate to converge at the front of the mirror surface and the plate and shade being rotatable together to move either one in an outer position with respect to the lamp or a viewer thereof. 7

2. A make-up light comprising an electric lamp, a wall bracket therefor having a support for holding the lamp in upright position, a bracket mounted upon the support to rotate about the upright axis-of :the lamp, the bracket having an arm "and a mirror plate frictionally pivoted in the arm to swing from a vertical position adjacent the lamp to an inclined position away from the lamp, the mirror plate having a mirror surface at the outside of the plate and a reflecting surface at the inner side of the plate relative: to the lamp, an arm projecting from the bracket opposite the mirror and a translucent shade supportedby the arm in fixed position on theo'pposite side of the lamp relative to the plate, the shade being of larger dimensions than the mirror plate and having an inner concave refleeting surface about its edge to defiect'light rays from the lamp inwardly about the edges of the mirror plate converging in'front thereof from the entire periphery .of the plate and the plate and shade being rotatable together'in thebracket to moveeither oneoutwardly of the lamp relative to the wall bracket.


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