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Publication numberUS2589966 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1952
Filing dateJan 15, 1948
Priority dateJan 15, 1948
Publication numberUS 2589966 A, US 2589966A, US-A-2589966, US2589966 A, US2589966A
InventorsNicholas Rullo Gabriel
Original AssigneeS & S Corrugated Paper Mach
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Adhesive applicator for corrugating machines
US 2589966 A
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March 18, 1952 G. N. RULLO 2,589,966


Gabriel Nicholas Rullo, New York, N. Y., assignor to S & S Corrugated Paper Machinery 00.,

Inc., Brooklyn, York N. Y., a corporation of New Application January 15, 1948, Serial No. 2,386

My invention relates to an adhesive applicator for corrugating machines and more particularly to adhesive applicators 'so arranged that the container for the adhesive which is open at the top may be adjusted toward and away from the corrugating rolls while at all times maintaining the adhesive container in a level horizontal position.

i Heretofore, many attempts have been made to obtain adjustable adhesive applicators; but owing to the complexity of the corrugating machine it- :self elements which have previously been proposedfor adjusting the container laterally so as to avoid tilting thereof have been impractical 'since for the most part they entail the use of mechanisms and parts which interfere with other elements of the corrugating machine or could not be fitted in among such other elements.

Consequently, up to the present time industry has been required to use an adhesive container which either could be removed bodily from the side of the machine or could be lowered somewhat to provide some access to the corrugating roll during threading of paper through the machine.

An object of my invention is the provision of amounting for an adhesive applicator so that the applicator and its container may be simultaneously adjusted downward and'away horizontally from the corrugating rolls to provide ready access to the corrugating rolls for cleaning and threading paper through the same while, at the same time, maintaining the adhesive applicator container at all times in horizontal position.

The foregoing and many other objects of my invention will become apparent in the following description and drawings in which:

Figure l is a schematic side view of a single face corrugator showing the adhesive container in the adhesive applying position.

Figure 2 is a view corresponding to that of Figure 1 but showing the adhesive applicator adjusted away from the corrugating rolls in order to give free access thereto.

Referring now to the figures, the corrugating machine comprises essentially a pair of shafts l and I l which are longitudinally grooved to intermesh as shown in the manner of gears.

The liner l2 which is to be corrugated passes over appropriate heating and moistening apparatus and then passes between rolls l0 and. ll where the paper is transversely crimped.

After the paper is transversely crimped at area [3, it passes at area [4 around the underside of roll H where the crowns of the crimps or flutes come in contact with the adhesive applicator 1 Claim. (01. 118-249) roller I5 so that a coating of adhesive, preferably silicate of soda, is deposited thereon.

' When the corrugated liner l2 reaches the area IS, the crowns to which adhesive has been applied come into contact with the outer liner I! which is pressed against the crowns by the pressure roller '8 j The single face corrugated board 19 consisting of the'corrugatecl liner i2 and the outer liner 11 then emerges.

The glue applicator roller :5 rotates in the direction indicated by the arrows contacting the crowns of the corrugated liner I! at the area l4,

Glue applicator roller 15 rotates in the glue container 25 and dips into the bod of liquid adhesive 26. Before the surface of the roller l5 which has dipped into the adhesive 28 reaches area It for application of glue, it passes the roller 21 which smooths the glue on the roller l5 and controls the thickness of the coating of glue.

The glue applicator roller l5 has annular grooves which match corresponding annular grooves in the corrugating roll 10 as is well known in the art.

Glue caught in these grooves of the roller I5 is scraped out by the fingers 33 carried by the bars 31 between the cross shafts 32 and 33.

The rollers I 5 and 27 are mounted, respectively, on shafts 3-5 and 38 carried between the plates 49, 40 on opposite sides of-the machine. Plates 40, 48 are pivotally mounted on the shaft M which extends between the side frame members 42 of the machine.

Likewise, the bars or shafts 32 and 33 are carried between the plates 40. The lower sides 43 of plates 40 are connected by the cross bracket 44 which carries the cross shaft 45 on which is mounted the roller 4%. Roller 46 rests on the cam 50 carried by shaft 5 l.

Shaft 51 carries gear 52 which meshes with gear 53 on shaft 54. Spiral gear 55 on shaft 54 meshes with the worm 56 on shaft 57 which may be rotated by the handle 58.

When handle 58 is rotated it rotates shaft 51 and, therefore, rotate the worm 56. Spiral gear 55 is rotated to rotate shaft 54 and, therefore, rotate gear 53. Gear 53 meshes with and rotates gear 52, hence rotating shaft 5 l. Cam 50 on shaft 5| is thus rotated between the positions shown in Figures 1 and 2.

When the larger diameter the roller 46 as shown in Figure 1, the roller 46 and hence the plates 40 are rotated upwardly or clockwise around the pivot 4 I.

When cam 50 is rotated to a position where the of the cam engages smaller diameter thereof engagesthe roller 45,

then the weight of the elements carried by plates 4!! permits the plates 40 to drop down or rotate counterclockwise around the pivot 4| to the position shown in Figure 2.

Since. the glue. applicator roller [5 on.shaft,35

is carried between plates 40;. this permits: the glue applicator roller [5 to move down and toward the right with respect to the roller H, thus pro vinding a clear space shown in Figure 2 facilitat the pivot 60 on the inside or: eachof. the plates a 40 so that the pivot 60 drops down whenever the f left hand ends of plates 40 drop down.

The glue applicator container 25' is, however; at all times maintained in a horizontal? position since it is also supportediby the pivoted levers l0.

Theright hand endoflevers. on. each. side are pivoted onthe stationary pivot .11.. on theside frame members 42. The lefthandends of. levers In. on. each side. are. connected. to. the pivot 1.3 on. downwardlyv extending bracket. M from. the underside of the container. 25..

Thus, when; the pivotal mounting 60' of con.- tainerv drops; the leverv II also. rotates. in a corresponding; direction to. support thelcontainer 25.

Since the. distance ii-IL is. fixed. and. since the distance +60. is fixed. and. also since the distance of the lever Ill-is fixed, thereby. creating aparallelogram, thecontainer. 25 which is-carriedlacrossthe pivots 60 and 13retainsits hon..- zontal position. while it is moved. from the-position of Figure L to the. position of. Figure 2 and thus the container is moved downwardly;- and to the right. while. at'the. same time. always re.- maining ina; horizontal position;

Theoperation is extremely simple-in; thatiit is only; necessary. to; rotate handle 58 the appropriate direction to raise or; lower the entireas.- sembly, and the container 25 automatically. re:- tains its horizontal position at. all. points;

An-adjustablezmemoer:comprisingthezthreaded' bolt 8llli's; providediandzis adjustablein; a bracket 81-: attached. tcj: plates: 40 so. that: bracket: 45! is applicator. rolll 5 parallel'ltorroll I 11 In the foregoing, I have described my invention solely in connection with specific illustrative embodiments thereof. Since many variations and modifications of my invention will now be obvious to those skilled in the art, I prefer to be boundnotby. the specific disclosuresherein containedbutv only by the appended claim;

' I claim:

'. A glue applicator assembly for a corrugating machine including a corrugating roll; said ap' plicatorycomprising an applicating roll; an open :top adhesive container; said applicating roll rotating in. said container; the upper portion of said. applicating roll being adapted to engage ,material on thesurface of the corrugatin roll to which adhesive is to be applied; a rotatable mountingfor said. applicator roll and a support :for said'rotatable mounting; said support being pivotallymounted at a point remote from the rotatable mounting of the applicator roll thereon; said. container being pivotally mountedat one end; of said; support;v another endof said container being; pivotallyconnected to. one; end offalever; the-other end of thelever being; con.- nected to; a stationary pivot; a. rotatable: cam, the other. end of said support; resting. on" said cam; apparatus: for rotating. saidcam and .mov ingsaid. support ahontzitspivot to bring the;ap-

"plicator. roll. radially: toward and.v away. fromv the.

corrugatingroll. at. the; will or theopcrator and independentln of the positionof the corrugating roll, the; movement. of the cam. and; the. support 1 movingv thev container. simultaneously with. the

' applicator: roll, the container bein maintained at1the: same angle. to the remainder-of the-ma: chineattall times. i GABRIEL NICHOLAS RUIELOia pearances. crrnn The following. references are of record in:- the Number Name Date 1,492,490; SWift.. Apr. 29, 1924 11,955,086L Schmitt Jan. 30; 19.34 2,013;fl56 Knowlton Sept.- 3;,1935 2;0'.68,'15fi= Swift" Jail. 19, 193.7 2,109,6ii7 North Mar. 1*, 193.8 armam Crew: Mayrz; 1 938

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