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Publication numberUS2593138 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1952
Filing dateOct 6, 1949
Priority dateOct 6, 1949
Publication numberUS 2593138 A, US 2593138A, US-A-2593138, US2593138 A, US2593138A
InventorsGombarts George K
Original AssigneeGombarts George K
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Container for artists' materials
US 2593138 A
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e. K. GO'MBARTS 2,593,138


Gear d? GomarZ's BY I V diiorng G. K. GOMBARTS CONTAINER FOR ARTISTS MATERIALS April 15, 1952 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 Filed Oct. 6, 1949 72 INVENTOR.

g eor ie GomZarZZs V d't'i orn g Patented Apr. 15 1952 "UNI TED STATE-S "OFF- J EE CONTAINER/FDR ARTISTS MATERIABS .George; K. :Gombarts, New :York, N. .Appl icatioli'o'tober 6, 1949, Serial No.119',-83i! This "invention relates to -a box or container for-paints and painting materials, suchas are employed by artists, art students and others. .An object of the invention is to provide :a roompact container :in which :paints, brushes, water :or other paintrmixing fluid, palettes, and possibly other painting instrumentalities may :be very -conveniently and compactlyheld, and all within ,a relativelysmall container which is easily car- .ried and used, and particularly when painting outdoors or in the field.

More particularly, the invention contemplates a .receptaolehaving a body provided with a tray portion in. which the paints arecontained said tray. also being provided with a section for receiving brushes. Located within the body .of the container is a water chamber or ttank provided at one end with a pouring-:operiing normally closed by .asscrew-on cap or other closure, said ,pouring-bpening being .in communication with a cup-shaped end, pivoted atlthe .endof the body of the ,receptacle and either pivotal to .;a position enabling it to act .as .a waterholdingcup .dur- .ing painting activities, or detachableifrom the body ofthe receptacle when desired. The opposite end of the body of the receptaole'isma'cle hollow to'constitute a chamber'into .whichthe ends of ;the brushes may protrude, and attached to the latter endlis afoldable carrying handle-by which the receptacle iseasilytransporte'd. One or more ,pivotal cover members disposed over thetop of 'the 'tray act, when closed, as 'closure"'means for 'theitray, andthesepover members when opened, not-only serve to 'exposethefpain'ts on .the -tray, "butprovide "inside surfaces which -may "be used as mixing palettes. To facilitate the holding-of the receptacle during-painting, andiin the manner *inwhichthe artistis accustomed .to holda palette, the receptacle is provided vonitsunder "side with pivotal loops through which-thefingers may be inserted and the receptacle easily and comfortably supported.

With these and other'objects to be""hereinafter "setforth in view, Ihave devised "the particular arrangementof parts described below'and pointed out'in the claims appended hereto.

In th accompanying, drawing, forming apart hereof, and in which an'illustrative embodiment -ofthe invention is disclosed, Fig. 1 is-a topplan 'view of "the'improved'box or container in closed position; Fig. 2isaside elevation,-withthe water cup in its hanging or dependent position; Fig. 3 "is atop-plan view of-the container in its' completely'open position ready for use;'Fig. 4- is-a longitudinalsectional view takenthroughthe "con- "tainer; Fig.;5 is=a sectional viewetaken on/th-e line is "a perspective view, with parts Ifragmentarily shown, of the container in its openposition.

The container or box may be 1 made 0f metal,

-of plastic material "or of wood, and in the form shown, it includes a bodyportion l of relativel-y rectangularand elongated form. The 1 body por- 'tion includes a bottom wall 2 and the two upstanding sidewalls 3 r and 4. Contained within the body portion l,and suitablysecured in-plaoe =therein', is=a tank or -water chamber "6, which may be used'for containing water if -the paints con- -taine'd in the 'box are water colors, or it -might be used for containing :.other paint-mixing fluids according to the paint contents of the bOX. The tank or Water container 6 is provided with a forward--en'cl 8' which protrudes slightly-out of one end or the'body portionil and this protruding end ofthe tank is provided with-a 'pouring-outletor neck 9' normally closed by a xthread on or similar closure cap 10. fThis= end of the tank 6, as well as-the end of thebody portion l o'f thecontainer, is adapted' -to-becovered byacup-shaped member .11 adapted 'for use as a water'cup andinto which some of the fluid l from the tankt isadapted to be pouredyto permit the-artists brushes to be dipped-into it for mixing the paints.

Thismovable'cup shapedmember I I is pivotall-y as *welbas detaehably connee'tedto the end of the body portion by means of a 'hinge [2, permitting I the cup, when in its' open position shown in Figs. 2, "4 and '8, to hang vertically down at the end of the container with its mouth-directed upwardly *to'thereby hold itsliquicl contentsand permit the brushest-obe dipped thereinto. 'The hinge I 2 consists of .thetwoloops' I Buattached to "the-cup H "which "loops are adapted to fit about the hingepins I' l provided on'the bottom2o'f the body lo'fthecontainer. 'It'will beapparent that -wa11- or the tank a; and-includesthevertical pa-rtitions I'I, dividing a portion of the tray into compartments for the reception of the paints which may be in either block form or contained in the conventional tubes. Forwardly of the partitions is located an area or section designated at I8 for the reception of the brushes. When the cup II is in its closed position the end portions of the brushes may extend into the cup I I as well as project into a hollow end portion I3a provided at the opposite end of the body I. Said hollow end I3a. may be rounded at the bottom as shown, or made of other shape. It is provided at the top with the panel I9 to which is pivotally attached a carrying handle 2|. The handle is in the form of a wire loop or ball, and its ends are pivotally received in the loops 20 formed at the end of the container. The extended position of the handle, which is that employed when carrying the container, is shown in Fig. 1, and in its folded position it overlies the panel I9 as shown in Fig. 3, thus decreasing the overall size of the container.

The top of the body portion I of the container is closed by a pair of pivoted cover members indicated respectively at 22 and 22a. The inner closure member, indicated at 22, is pivoted at 25 to the upper end of the side wall 4 of the body I of the container, and when in its closed position it fits over and closes the top of the tray 5. The second cover member, indicated at 22a is pivoted at 29 to the side wall 3 near the upper edge of the same, and when this cover member 22a is closed it fits over the topv of the body I and overlies the inner cover member 22. When the two cover members 22 and 23 are in open position, as shown in Figs. 3, 6 and 8, the same lie substantially horizontal and are usable as mixing surfaces or palettes. To confine the paints on these palettes the cover member 22 is provided with the marginal wall 26, while the cover member has the end flanges 21 and front flange 28.

Extending from one of the flanges 21 is a lip 24 of resilient or springy nature, and the same acts as a closure member for the cup II. The frictional or springy engagement of the lip 24 with the inside surface of the cup II serves to retain the cup in its closed position, as shown in Figs. 1 and 5, and at the same time, the cover member 220. is retained in its closed position by this engagement of the parts.

To facilitate the holding or supporting of the container during the painting work, the bottom 2 of the container is provided with spaced loops I in which rings I6 are pivotally mounted. The thumb of the user is inserted through the rings I6, and the container is thus supported by the hand in the manner of the conventional artists palette.

From the foregoing, the operation and uses of the container will be readily understood. In its closed position, the device appears as shown in Fig. 1. When shipped, the container has its handle 2I folded inwardly as in Fig. 3, and the same may then be readily contained in a standard protective box of rectangular formation. To carry the closed-container, the handle 2I is extended as shown in Fig. 1. The paints are contained in the compartments defined by the partitions I! and the brushes in the area I8, with their end portions accommodated in the hollow ends I3a and II of the container.

When it is desired to use the device, the cup II is swung downwardly on its pivot I2 to vertical position, and by removal of the cap It the required amount of water or other mixing fluid from the tank 6 will be caused to flow into the cup I I. By swinging the cup II downwardly, it will be made free of engagement with the lip 24, so that the cover members 22a and 22 may now be swung outwardly from the body I to horizontal position to serve as palettes upon which the mixing of the paints may take place. While these covers are shown as flat or plane surfaces, it will be apparent that the same may be formed with depressions or shallow cups in which the various paints may be mixed in the known manner. While painting, the container may be sustained on the hand by the insertion of the thumb through the loops I6. Normally these loops I6 are swung fiatwisely against the under face of the container.

At the conclusion of the painting operation,

- the cup II may be detached at the hinge I2, as

body I.

shown in Fig. 7 and the contents spilled out. The cup can then be washed out by the use of water from tank 6, and then restored to the end of the The covers 22 and 22a are then swung to closed position, and when the cup is swung upwardly and engaged over the lip 24, it will hold the covers closed and be also held in closed position.

By means of the structure described, a compact, easily handled and sturdy container, capable of carrying all of the required artists materials, excepting the surface used for painting, is provided.

While I have described one embodiment of the invention, it is obvious that the same is not to be restricted thereto, but is broad enough to cover all structures coming within the scope of the annexed claims.

What I claim is:

1. A container for artists equipment comprising, a box having a body provided with a tray, a liquid-containing tank disposed below the tray, a pivoted end closure for the body consisting of a hingedly attached cup into which liquid can be poured from the tank while the cup remains attached to the body, the pivot for the cup permitting the cup to hang in a suspended, substantially vertical position with its mouth directed upwardly and to hold a quantity of liquid in position for use while painting and while the cup is in such suspended position, the tank having a pouring outlet directed toward the mouth of the cup and from which liquid may be poured directly into the cup while the cup hangs in its suspended position, and covers for the top of the body.

2. A container for artists equipment comprising, a box having a body provided with a tray for holding artists colors, a liquid-containing tank in the body beneath the tray, an end closure for the body consisting of a cup, pivotally attached at one of its edges to the body and into which liquid is poured directly from the tank while the cup is held in a suspended position on its pivot, the pivot for the cup permitting the cup to hang in a suspended, substantially vertical position with its mouth directed upwardly and to hold a quantity of liquid while remaining in such suspended position, the tank having a pouring outlet at one end directed toward the mouth of the cup and from which liquid is poured into the cup while the cup remains in its suspended position, covers for the top of the body, a handle at the end of the body remote from the pivoted cup, and finger loops on the body for supporting the box and its suspended cup while engaged in Number painting. 303,495 GEORGE K. GOMBARTS. 363,894 1,198,524 REFERENCES CITED 5 2,080,728 The following references are of record in the 1 file of this patent: UNITED STATES PATENTS Number Name Date 7 238,862 Daul Mar. 15, 1881 Na me Date Davis Aug. 12, 1884 Heimg May 31, 188"! Cunlitjef}; Sept. 19, 1906 MacNgil 1.. May 18, 1937 Pman's kiln n" Dec. 12, 1950 FOREiG1ATENTS Cquntr'y Date Germgny Oct. 12, 1905

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