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Publication numberUS2593601 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1952
Filing dateMay 12, 1949
Priority dateMay 12, 1949
Publication numberUS 2593601 A, US 2593601A, US-A-2593601, US2593601 A, US2593601A
InventorsMyer Pollak
Original AssigneeMyer Pollak
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Utility cutter
US 2593601 A
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April 22, 1952 M. POLLAK UTILITY CUTTER Filed May 12}. 1949 IN V EN TOR. NYE/a P052 AK Z W7 TOR/V5) Patented Apr. 22, 1952 uurree rarest trio;

2,593,6QL UTILITY lellals. aeest aMess- App licati onltday. 1-2, 1949; Serial No. 92,925

-f? at);

This n e ion e a esto rant, cuttin device which y, e, mu ated f r: mult le was either industrially or domestically, being of the type in which a single edge razor. blade'isem; Ployed a the u n lem nt weier se mainly of a back an n asesstren theneplate designed to hold such a blade, each plate being provided with a longitudinally extended slot coinciding with each other so as to receive a threaded studthroughsaid:plates and center of the blade, said slotsbeing adaptedas, aslideway by which means the blade may be extended or retracted within the holder plate by simple manual pressure without the loosening or dismantling of parts. I

The blade h t his cu er, de editc Bieploy is of the singleedge razor typeha gia flanged back on one side andelongated-opening medially. A double edge razor blade may be employed instead, but such a blade will not extend manually. I prefer the single edge type because of its heavier construction and its capability of better and longer service.

This application is a continuation in part of my application, Serial No. 82,849, filed March 22, 1949, and now abandoned.

My device may be adapted as a general utility cutter Wherever a cutting edge of this size may be used. It is designed so that the blade may be extended manually for the use of the frontal portion of the cutting blade and it may be retracted to employ a cutting edge within the holder plate for other purposes. For example, when extended it may be employed as a carton or box opener, cutting paper, cardboard, light leather and the like, in tailoring and allied trades, bundle making and dismantling, etc. In its retracted position it may be employed for cutting twine that is tightly bound on all types of packages, and also the cutting of ribbon, tape, string and twine from a roll or cutting the excess twine from a package being assembled. It may be hung temporarily by its handle to be used as a wall cutter. When blade is retracted in the position previously described, the device, although being used for cutting, is still very safe to handle as blade is situated in such manner as not to cause user to contact blade in any way.

Among the objects of the invention is to provide a utility cutter of the above type which is of simple construction, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to assemble, has a minimum number of parts, easy to adjust, compact, durable and emcient in operation.

For other objects and for a better understand- 2 ing of the. invention, reference may be hadto the followingdetailed description taken in con nectionwith the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a side, elevational view of; H 8 cutter 1 showing the blade retracted.

Fig. 2' isa similar view showing the. blade. ex tendedtto its. maximum point. Fig. 3-.isa. front perspective view of the cutteuwith blade retracted.

Rig. .4 is an enlarged view of the, front end, showin the blade within the holder plate.

My device comprises a back plate 1 having a forwardly-extending protrusion 2 adapted for dismantling cartons sealed with gum paper. By breaking gumpaperwith said protrusion where carton is joined, and pulling toward the user, the cartonmay be opened easily and safely.

The backplate isalso provided with a circular opening'orfinger grip portion 3 onthe back end to provide a finger grip or means of holding the cutter when extending or retracting blade and when using cutter with blade retracted for operations as hereinafter described in third paragraph. This opening may be used as a means for hanging the cutter on a wall, or as a means of securing same on the person, or to a bench or table. A finger rest s on the top portion is provided for comfort and stability when operating cutter with the blade extended.

The cutter also comprises a diagonally extended flanged portion 5 at the lower portion of cutter which is employed as a wedge and guard, said wedge providing an opening or leadway to edge of the blade 6 and being designed as a lifting instrument to enable the cutter to get under twine that is tightly or snugly bound on packages. By grasping the finger grip 3 and placing the point of the wedge 5 under the tight twine and pulling, the twine is automatically guided up the opening above the wedge and to the blade 6 where the cutting is accomplished. The flanged portion 5 also serves as a skid to facilitate the movement of the cutter through the package. As the cutter is used, the back end is raised so that the flanged portion may ride flush on a surface under the portion of the package being cut.

The cutter further comprises a sheath or holder plate 7 wherein the blade is firmly held, said plate being affixed at the top portion of back plate by means of rivets 8 and 8a to the bacl: plate and being open at the lower portion to allow the blade to be inserted longitudinally from the front. The holder plate is provided with a diagonally extended portion 9 which runs par- 3 allel part Way with the wedge or flanged portion 5 of the back plate at the blades edge for the purpose of holding blade firmly at the cutting edge. A small flange ID at the lower portion of the holder plate '1 is also provided to hold the blade firmly against the back plate.

The back plate I and the holder plate 1 are both provided with a longitudinally extended slot H coinciding with each other. When blade is inserted into the holder plate the slots on both plates coincide with opening in the blade to receive the stud iii. A nut The stud need not be too tight at any time. When the stud is tightened to the correct pressure, it

would not be necessary to loosen or tighten stud for manipulation as tension against the holder cally provided. By holding the finger grip portion 3 with one hand gripping both of the stud with the other hand, the blade can be extended or retracted easily and safely. The blade can be changed or turned by removing the center stud. My device in its retracted position is designed so that it may be carried on ones person without danger of injury to ones self or clothing.

While various changes may be made in the detail construction, it shall be understood that such changes. shall be within the spirit and scope of the present invention as defined by the appended claim.

What I therefore claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A utility cutter comprising a back plate having an upper portion, a rearwardly extending finger grip portion and a downwardly and rearwardly inclined wedge portion having a laterally extending flange serving as a skid on which the i3 is engaged on the threaded stud i2 to hold the blade in place.-

4 cutter may ride when being used and providing a forwardly and upwardly inclined slot, a holder plate secured to the upper portion of the back plate and depending therefrom, said back and holder plates having longitudinally extending elongated slots respectively and registering with each other, a razor-like blade longitudinally adjustable between extended and retracted positions with respect to said plates and having an opening therein, releasable means extending through the opening in the blade and through the elongated slots of said plates to secure the blade in any of its adjusted positions, said holder plate having a downwardly and rearwardly inclined portion running coextensively with the inclined wedge portion of the back plate and over 7 i the blade and providing a slot registering with plate is always present as said plate is spaced so that when stud is tightened, tension is automati the inclined slot of the back plate, said blade having a cutting edge extending downwardly into registry with said inclined slots whereby upon material being forced into said slots it will be severed by the cutting edge of the blade, said holder plate having a small inwardly bent flange extending along the upper side of the slot of the holder plate and over the blade to hold the blade firmly against the back plate.


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International ClassificationB26B27/00, B26B5/00
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European ClassificationB26B27/00C