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Publication numberUS259410 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1882
Filing dateSep 13, 1881
Publication numberUS 259410 A, US 259410A, US-A-259410, US259410 A, US259410A
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US 259410 A
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No. 259,410. l Patented June 13, 1882.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 259,410, dated June 13, 1882.

Application tiled September 13, 1881. (Model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM CARTER MAR- MADUKE, a citizen of the United States, of Potomac Mills, in the county of WVestmoreland and State of Virginia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Mail Budgets or Pouches, and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the let ters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

This invention relates to pouches, mail-bags, or mail-budgets .for the conveyance ot' mailmatter 5 and its object is to simplify and facilitate the ready distribution ofthe mail, either en route or at the ofce where mail-matter has to be transmitted or forwarded from one ofce to another.

To this end it consists in a novel construction of mail-budgets in which there are two or more pockets, said pockets having lapels and fastenings, each lapel. marked with the name of the particular post-oice for which the contents of its pocket are intended in such a manner that when the budget is' taken from the mail-bags the mail-matter is all ready and separated for that particular office, and for any other branch office with which it is connected.

It further consists in the peculiar manner of constructing and folding the budget, so that the contents of each pocket is notfolded around each other, by means of which the budget is lessened in bulk, and therefore takes up less room in the mail-bag, as will hereinafter more fully appear.

Heretofore the practice has been to empty the contents of the mail-bag into a tray or box, and then going all over the same, selecting, assortin g, and separating from the accumulated and mixed mass of mail-matter the mail for that particular office, and for the Various branch ofces with which it is connected, throwing into the mail-bag again any mail not belonging to that office, and so on indefinitely until the end of the route is reached. With my improved budget the mail for any particular office is already assorted and separated, and in its own particular pocket, to be readily taken out as soon as the mail-bag is opened, so that the mail is handled butonce, thus saving time, and oftentimes the misplacement of mail-m atter,which often occurs by the frequent handling thereof, as above specified.

It frequently' happens that there is but little time for the assortment of mail, and for this reason the mail-matter for the next office is missed, and has to lay over for transmission until the next mail. With my device the mail is assorted and separated, the pocket being marked, so that all that is required is to open that particular pocket and take out the mailmatter, thus saving time, trouble, and danger of misplacement. The valuein time alone saved by my device in a single year would be more than double the cost ofthe budgets. Thus it will ne seen I have united in my mail-budgets economy in time, facility ot' distribution, and safety of transmission.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, Figure l represents the mailbudget open, showing a pocket for each ot' the branch oiiiccs on that route. Fig.2 is a longitudinal or sectional edge view, showing the budget and its pockets having lapels; Fig. 3, a mail-budget in which is shown a double row of mail-pockets; and Fig. 4 shows the inail-budget folded up, ready for the mail-bag.

The same letters of reference indicate like parts in all the figures.

A is the budget; B, the pocket; C, the lapel; a, the fastenings, which may be of any approved pattern or style.

It will be observed that there are wide and narrow spaces alternately between the pockets represented respectively by the letters D and E. These spaces are arranged in this way the entire length of the budget. In folding it, beginning from the bottom, the-two pockets marked l and 2 fold back to back, which will show,when folded, 1 or Glendale to the front only. The wide space D comes next, when Glendale will be folded over the pocket marked Hot Springs, the wide space D allowing for the thickness of the mail-matter in the pockets. Then pockets 3 and 4, or Hot Springs and Relay will be folded back to back, and so on to the top. Thus, it will be seen, no more than two pockets will ever fold over each other.


At the top ofthe budget is a flap, F, somewhat in the shape of an envelope when open. This apis provided with fastenin gs both ways. When the budget is folded the ends are lapped. Theoutside one laps the two end ones, as best seen at Fig. 4. These iiaps protect the ends of the pocket from abrasion or wear. The fastenings are made adjustable, so that the budget can be fastened when it is more or less full, as the case may be. The fastenings may be of any approved kind.

Fig. 3 shows a modication, and may be manipulated in the same manner as that shown by Fig. l, but having two rows of pockets instead of one.

A hole or hook may be put on the head or iap, so that the budget may be hung up while being filled.

The envelope flap may be made removable or detachable, so that when worn out a new one may be substituted, as the wear and tear is greater on this portion ofthe budget or pouch than on any other.

.Having thus stated the nature of my invention and described and illustrated the manner of carrying the same into practical operation, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

A mail-package consisting of a suitable backing, having attached thereto a series of pockets to receive mail-matter, said pockets being arranged, as described, with alternate wide and narrow spaces between them, and the backing having side and end flaps and fastening devices, the whole adapted to be folded and secured, substantially in the manner and for the purpose specified.

In testimony that l claim the foregoing as my own I aitx my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Wi tn esses It. J. WASHINGTON, M. MAsTIN.

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