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Publication numberUS2594438 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1952
Filing dateDec 27, 1948
Priority dateDec 27, 1948
Publication numberUS 2594438 A, US 2594438A, US-A-2594438, US2594438 A, US2594438A
InventorsWarren W Howe
Original AssigneeWarren W Howe
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Sleeping bag
US 2594438 A
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EPING BA Patented Apr. 29, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE SLEEPING BAG I warren nowatdngview, Wash. y n Applcatiir December 27, 1948, Serial No. 67,510

The present invention relates to sleeping bags, and in particular to a sleeping bag for use in both summer and winter.

One object of the invention is to provide a sleeping bag with multiple sleeping compartments, one of which can be used during summer months or during warm weather; while the other compartment can be used during cold or Winter months Another object is to provide a sleepingrbag with multiple sleeping compartments capable of being conveniently selected depending upon the -climatic conditions.

Another object is to provide a sleeping bag in which the quilted cover for use in cold weather can be easily used as a mattress during warm weather, and the outer covering can be used as a cover to protect the sleeper from inclement weather conditions.

Another object is to provide a sleeping .bag

with an insect guard to protect the sleeper from mosquitoes and other insects, said insect guard being adapted to be folded and stored in a pocket in the head flap of the sleeping bag lwhen not in use, and arranged to be conveniently placed in position without requiring the sleeper to arise from a reclining position.

Another object is to provide a sleeping .bag which is Waterproof and which can .be readily folded and stored in a knap-sack or other portable carrying container without being bulky or consuming a large amount of space therein.

Another object is to provide a sleeping bag in which the sleeping compartments are opened and closed by multiple slide fasteners along one side edge and the bottom of the bag to facilitate easy entrance and egress and to enable the sleeper to close the bag when in use without requiring the sleeper to assume uncomfortable turning and twisting positions.

Another object is to provide a sleeping bag in which the insect guard is optionally stored or fastened in its operative position by means of sets of multiple slide fasteners arranged such that the runner slide of the set of fasteners on the storage compartment can .be used as the runner slide on the set of multiple fasteners for securing the guard net in its operative position.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent during the course of the following description of the accompanying drawing wherein: y

Figure l is a perspective view of the sleeping bag embodying the invention, showing the manner in which the cold and warm weather sleepi claim. (ci. 5443 ing compartments are accessible by manipulating the slide fasteners thereon.

Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary top elevational view of the head end of the sleeping bag showing the insect guard with vone edge partly fastened in place to illustrate the manner in which the slide runner is moved to close the insect guard and connect the free edge to theouter cover of the sleeping bag. y

Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary longitudinal cross sectional view of the head end of the sleeping bag showing the insect guard removed from its storage compartment and arranged in its operative position.

In the drawing, and more in detail, there is shown a sleeping bag formed of a flexible bottom wall 5 `which is folded along one edge as at 'l to provide a top'cover member 8. The bottom member 5 and cover 8 are constructed of canvas or duck and will provide a waterproof fabvric structure when closed along the side edges created by the fold 1 to y provide a bag-like structure. The bottom fabric 5 is provided with an extension 9 which forms a head supporting r portion for the sleeper.

Secured to the bottom fabric 5 is a mattress structure l'including an envelope which is filled with lkapok or other yielding resilient material.

VThe mattress l0 is secured to the bottom fabric 5 by means of rows of stitches l2 along the marginal edge of the mattressr to securely anchor the mattress in place i Super-imposedon the mattress Ill is a cover I4 in the form of an envelope which is likewise filled with quilting which is similar in nature to the filling il. The envelope I4 may be stitched longitudinally and transversely of its length to anchor the quilting in place, and similarly, the mattress I0 may be stitched as shown in Figure 1, to prevent the lling from shifting when the sleeping bag is folded or rolled for storage. The cover I6 has one of its longitudinal edges stitched or otherwise secured to the mattress i0, and also to the fabric cover 8 along the side edge 1, and the remaining edges are free to permit separation thereof so that the sleeper may enclose two of the three remaining sides about him during use.

In order to secure the cover I4 in position along the lower end and the open side edge. a slide fastener is provided and includes a series of separable fasteners of the multiple type I1 and I8 stitched to the bottom and side edges of the mattress l0 and cover I4. A slide I8 is provided for closing said end and side edges to permit the for opening and closing the multiple slide fasf tener to completely open and separate the watery proof cover 8 from the quilted cover Il.

Stitched to the head section 9 by stitching 25 is a flap 26 which is adapted to receive an insect guard 21 which is formed of open meshv fabric and of sufficient size to enclose the head of the sleeper. The insect guard 21 is of baglike formation and has one of its open edges secured to the headportion 9 by rows of stitches 28 (Fig. 3), which extend the entire width of the head section 9, and are positioned beneath the flap 26. The other edge of said insect guard has aflixed thereto a multiple fastener strip 30 which is adapted to cooperate with amutually engaging series of fasteners on a strip 3| stitched to the upper end edge of the fabric cover 8.' A slide 32 is provided for continuously separating or uniting the fastener units of the fastener strips 30 and 3|. Thus, the insect guard 21 can be connected to the cover 8 to enclose the head of the sleeper when he is enclosed between the quilted cover I4 and cover 8.

Stitched to the flap 26 as at 33 is a row of-'multiple fastener units 34 which are adapted to cooperate with a row of multiple fastener units 35 stitched to the flexible bottom wall 5 as at 36. A slide 31 is provided for separating and connecting the mutual slide fastener strips 34 and 35 so as to close the flap 26 when the insect guard 21 is stored therein.

It is to be noted that when the slide 31 is in a position to open the flap 26, that the slide 32 is attached to the row of separable fasteners 3| along the upper edge of the cover 8 to move in the same directiornand thereby attach the insect guard to said cover. This enables the slide 32 to be attached and detached from one end of the slide fastener units 3| while the sleeper is enclosed beneath the cover 8 and thereby eliminates the necessity of arising to fasten the insect guard in place. It being understood that the slide 32 is capable of being separated from the multiple fastener units 3| during its opening motion at one end of said fasteners to permit the insect guard to be folded and stored beneath the flap 26.

It is to be understood that the form of the invention herewith shown and described is to be taken as a preferred embodiment thereof, and

'that various changes in the shape, size and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the subjoined claim.

I claim:

In a sleeping bag, an elongated fabric member folded along its longitudinal axis to provide a base portion and a-cover portion, and said base portion having an extension to form a head section, a mattress secured to said base portion, a cover member folded along its longitudinal axis to provide upper and lower cover portions and the fabric and cover member being secured together at their folds in fixed relation to each other, separable fastener elements securing one end and one longitudinal edge of the lower cover portions to said mattress, separable fasteners securing one end and one longitudinal edge of the upper cover portion to said rst cover portion to provide separate sleeping compartments, an insect guard of open mesh material having a closed end and an open end and having one portion of the edge of the open end xed to the head section and separable fastener elements connecting the other portion of said one edge to the first said cover portion, and a flap on said head section providing a storage compartment in said head section for receiving said insect guard when not in use and a separable fastener for said flap to close said flap when the insect guard is stored therein.



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U.S. Classification5/413.00R
International ClassificationA47G9/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47G9/086
European ClassificationA47G9/08