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Publication numberUS2594447 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1952
Filing dateDec 28, 1949
Publication numberUS 2594447 A, US 2594447A, US-A-2594447, US2594447 A, US2594447A
InventorsJames S. Kerr
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Point adjuster for distributors
US 2594447 A
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April 29, 1952 J. s. KERR 2,594,447


POINT ADJUSTER FOR DISTRIBUTORS Filed Dec. 28, 1949 2 SHEETSSHEET 2 WII f kl 29 a 24 FIG. FIG /0 176.9 22

...... .h INVENTOR.


Application December 28, 1949, Serial No. 135,337

3 Claims.

My invention relates to point adjusters for distributors of various types, especially where automatic spark advance units are used, wherein the points may be easily and quickly adjusted without disturbing the distributor head or lead wires thereof, thus saving time and labor and also reducing the cost incident to making said type of adjustment.

A further object of my invention is to provide a simplified means, wherein the points may be adjusted for clearance of an internal combustion engine or the like, without disturbing the head of the distributor and its component parts and thus rendering it possible to reduce this operation to a minimum.

A further object of my invention is to provide a means on the present day distributors wherein the point clearance may be adjusted to the required clearance necessary for the compensation of an eccentric motion of the rotor that is caused by the wearing of the shaft bearing.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described, pointed out in the accompanying drawings, and claimed.

In the drawings,

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a distributor;

Figure 2 is a plan view of a distributor with the cap removed;

Figure 3 is an inverted plan view, showing the operating mechanism;

Figure 4 is an enlarged, partial plan view of the breaker plate;

Figure 5 is a front elevational view of Figure 4;

Figure 6 is a detailed, sectional view, taken on the line Eli of Figure 4;

Figure 7 is a detailed, sectional view, taken on the line 1-? of Figure 4;

Figure 3 is a plan view of a "duplex adjusting y;

Figure 9 is a front elevation of Figure 8; and

Figure 10 is a plan view of a single set screw wrench or adjusting key.

In making use of the present invention, the aim has been to provide a means wherein the points for various types of distributor heads may be easily and quickly adjusted, without disturbing or removing the head or wires of the distributor proper, also while engine is running, insuring greater accuracy in making this sensitive adjustment.

In the present type of distributors, the points are generally adjusted by placing the device on a testing machine, removing the head carrying the 2 wires, loosening the points according to the cam faces of the distributor shaft when the actual point is reached for clearance, they are tightened, the head replaced, and the car is ready for moving. Now in my invention, it is only necessary to attach the testing machine wires to the distributor in the proper place, take a key, unlock the distributor plate, adjust the points, relock them and the operation is completed, this being done while engine is running, thus labor hours, time and confusion are quickly eliminated, and a greater accuracy in point setting and timing are achieved.

My invention goes further, my points are locked to the breaker plate with a single bolt, wherein the points can be readily removed in a quick and efficient manner and replaced, when such operation is necessary. However, the invention resides mainly in the provision of means attached to the breaker plate wherein the points can be easily adjusted, locked in their adjusted position, without disturbing the head and wires of the distributor proper, and achieve the accuracy needed under actual running conditions.

In describing my invention and referring to the drawings, the numeral 5 indicates a distributor unit housing having a vacuum advance unit Ii, a cover 1 provided with high tension terminals 8. a driving shaft 9 having the usual breaker cam l0 fixed thereto. There is also shown in the housing the usual condenser l I, a vacuum advance arm l2, a breaker plate 13 to which is pivoted the breaker arm I 4 carrying the usual.

breaker point [5. A supporting plate I6 is removably and pivotally associated with the breaker plate I 3 as well as the breaker arm M, by virtue of the element H.

The coacting breaker point [8 is secured to the inner face of the supporting plate I 6 in the usual manner and the points 15 and I8, respectively, are in opposed relation so that they may be readily adjusted for proper clearance and function.

The above description sets forth, more or less, the usual distributor head and to clarify it more thoroughly there are also provided the fastening elements l8 to retain the cap 1 to the housing 5.

My invention is particularly directed to the supporting plate 16, which is provided with an elongated opening l9 and an arcuated slot 20, the purpose and function to be hereinafter more fully described.

The breaker plate l3, slightly beneath the openings in the supporting plate, is provided, as shown, with downwardly depressed portions 2| and 22, respectively, and these elements 2| and 22, respectively, form hearings to receive therein adjusting mechanisms 23 and 24, respectively, wherein the points may be adjusted towards and away from one another for proper clearance by the use of a proper key to facilitate this adjustment.

It is to be understood that the bearings 2| and 22, respectively, may be riveted to the plate or secured thereon in any manner, either as a part of or separate therefrom, so long as they are made to properly support the adjusting mechanisms 23 and 24, respectively.

The stud 25 is arranged through the opening 19, which is loosely mounted in the opening as illustrated, and contacting the inner walls thereof, its bottom portion receiving the adjusting element 23 by virtue of the threads 26 therethrough, so that by the turning of this member and by virtue of the threads, said elementor stud 25 will be moved in the slot 35 freely to move the plate 16 forwardly or rearwardly as desired to adjust the points thereby.

To cooperate with this adjusting element 23, the element 24 is provided to engage in a slotted stud 21, which is mounted through the supporting plate and breaker plate and the arcuated slot 20 and is retained therein by a fastening screw 28. This not only retains the points in adjusted position but locks them in the adjusted position and also facilitates and provides a means wherein, by the removal of the element 23, the entire point structure, including its supporting plate 16 and arm Hi, may be quickly removed and replaced when it becomes necessary in the usual manner, therefore using same type of standard points.

The element 24 carried by this slotted stud 2'1 is first unlocked, by eccentric action is suggested but many other methods can be used, and the elements 26 are adjusted by virtue of the movement of the head of the stud 25 against the walls of the opening [9 and by virtue of the slot 20 being freed for movement about the slotted stud 21. When the points l5 and I8 are properly adjusted for the required clearance, the element 24 is tightened and the points are looked in fixed adjusted position. a

The housing 5 is provided in its side wall with an opening 29 wherein access may be had to the elements 23 and M, respectively, by the proper turn of the key so the adjustments, previously explained, may be made, and to cover this opening and prevent the entrance of foreign matter to .the inner working parts of the distributor there is provided a pivoted cover 36 for the purpose of closing the same when no adjustment is required.

The locking and unlocking of the element 24 and the adjusting of the element 23 may be done in a simultaneous, single operation by the virtue of a plural adjusting key 3 I. This key has a plate 32 through which the key-locking elements 33 are mounted. Each of the keys is threaded through the plate 32 and it is only necessary to operate the key in element 24, either in a clock or counter-clockwise rotation, releasing the element 21 and then adjust the points by virtue of the element 23 to the proper clearance, relock the element 24 and the operation is completed.

It is to be understood that a single L-shaped key or any other type, as illustrated at 34, may be used.

It is to be noted that the aim of this invention is the provision of a means associated with the Number supporting plate and the points of the breaker arm and the respective plate may be easily and quickly adjusted without disturbing the distributor head. It also provides a means wherein, by the removal of a single screw, the entire unit, including the breaker arm 14 and its points l5, also plate I6 with its points i8, may be easily removed and replaced.

It is to be understood that certain minor features and changes may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new is:

1. A point adjuster for distributor heads, including the combination with a distributor housing, a breaker plate mounted therein, a breaker arm associated with the plate having a breaker point thereon, of a supporting plate removably secured in said housing and to said breaker plate, said supporting plate having a breaker point thereon and provided with an opening and arcuated slot and associated with said breaker plate and its arm, means associated with the breaker plateto permit movement of the supporting plate. and exterior means to engage said first named means to adjust the distance between the points and additional means to lock them in said adjusted position.

2. -A point adjuster for distributors, including the combination of a distributor head, a breaker plate and breaker arm having abreaker point thereon, the breaker plate secured to the breaker arm, of a supporting plate provided with an opening and slot removably secured to the breaker plate and having a breaker point opposing the first named point, adjusting means carried by the breaker plate, means arranged in the slot of the supporting plate to retain the points in locked or unlocked position, and exterior means for unlocking the locking means to permit the points to be adjusted for clearance and relocked without disturbing the distributor head and wires.

3; A point adjuster for distributor heads, including the combination of a distributor housing, a breaker plate and supporting plate mounted in said housing, a breaker point carried by the arm, of a supporting plate having an opening and slot therein removably associated with the breaker plate and in the housing, a breaker point carried by the supporting plate and in opposed relation to the first named breaker point, means to removably retain the supporting plate in locked or unlocked position in the housing, said means permitting the removal of said points and supports therefor as a unit, and an adjusting means associated with the breaker plate to permit the use of means exteriorly for unlocking and adjusting the points and relocking them without disturbing the distributor head.


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