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Publication numberUS2595507 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1952
Filing dateJul 8, 1950
Priority dateJul 8, 1950
Publication numberUS 2595507 A, US 2595507A, US-A-2595507, US2595507 A, US2595507A
InventorsNevitt S Beck
Original AssigneeNevitt S Beck
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Sanitary garment
US 2595507 A
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y 6, 1952 N. s. BECK 2,595,507

SANITARY GARMENT Filed July 8, 1950 4888B nun-amid FIG-3 INVENTOR. Nil/l 7'7 ,Sf Bdl(.

Patented May 6, 1952 iJNlEh .res

i FFICE 1 Claim. 1

My device relates to a new and useful improvement in sanitary garments.

The principal object and purpose of this invention is to provide a sanitary garment, consisting of a garment adapted to fit around the waist and hips of the body and encircling the upper portion of the leg, having an attached member for holding an absorbent removable pad.

Another object and purpose of the invention is to provide such a garment as described that may be worn by women beneath their wearing apparel during the menstrual period as a. convenient and sanitary protector for such garments.

A further object and purpose of the invention is to provide such a garment as described so constructed that the absorbent pad may be conveniently removed or replaced without removing the garment from the body.

In addition to the foregoing stated objects, the invention possesses other objects and features which will be disclosed in the description and reference to the associated drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective View in elevation of the invention, or device.

Fig. 2 is a side view of the invention, or device, in elevation.

Fig. 3 is a View of the pad holding member as attached to a segment of the garment proper.

Describing the device as shown in the drawings: l refers to the garment proper having the female snap parts 3 on the depending front portion, the attached pad holding member 2, adapted to fit in the crotch and the free end attached on the female snap fastener parts 3 by means of the male snap parts 4, the member or part 2 is preferably made of flexible plastic with a meshed inside surface 5 and slightly turned over edge 23 so that the edges of the pad 6 will be held within such turned over edges and also by means of the gauze and HA of such pad being placed over the male parts 4 of the snap before being snapped on over the female parts 3.

The meshed surface 5 prevents the pad from slipping out of its proper place, or position in the holding part.

From the foregoing it will be readily observed that the garment is readily slipped on and secured around the waist by the usual elastic means provided in the top edge or waist line portion, with the crotch or pad holding part or member detached from the snap fastener parts 3.

The crotch or pad holding part or member 2 is most preferably made of pliable plastic, with the inside surface meshed and the edges turned over slightly and inwardly, the matted surface preventing the pad from slipping and the turned over edges like-wise inclosing the edges of the pad and holding it in proper position. With the garment in position around the hips and waist,

the absorbent or sanitary pad is placed in the holding or crotch member with the gauze end of the pad over the male parts t of the snap fastener, the crotch member is then brought forward and upward so as to be snapped on to the female parts 3 of the snap fastener. 'The parts are easily and conveniently removed or replaced by simply unsnapping the crotch part 2 when the pad may be easily and quickly removed.

The garment proper may be constructed of any desired material, which may or may not be water proof as desired, or required. The crotch part or member should be constructed of plastic to make such part sanitary and stainless but also to provide a moisture proof and sanitary protection to the body and under garments of the wearer.

While the invention, or garment is particularly designed and adapted for the purposes herein specified, it may be found useful in the application of bandages to the same part or region of the body as described, necessitated by reason of injury or an operation in such region, of the body.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A sanitary garment comprising a fabricated body adapted for encircling the waist of a person with means for supporting such body around the waist, a flap of plastic material having one end fixed on the lower edge of the rear portion of the said body, said flap being of proper width and sufficient length to be passed through the crotch and upward in position for being removably attached to the front portion of the said body, the flap having a layer of mesh-woven material with slightly upturned edges attached to its inside and upper surface, the said front portion of the body provided with a number of female fastener parts and the free end of the flap having a number of male fastener parts adapted to engage in the said female parts as a means for removably attaching the flap to the said front portion of the body, the said inside layer providing a means for securely and removably holding a part of absorbent material in proper position on the flap when said flap is in its said attached position on the said body.


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International ClassificationA61F13/66
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