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Publication numberUS2597565 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1952
Filing dateNov 12, 1949
Priority dateNov 12, 1949
Publication numberUS 2597565 A, US 2597565A, US-A-2597565, US2597565 A, US2597565A
InventorsGordon Chandler Daniel, Wiley Bryson William
Original AssigneeChandler
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Flashlight attachment for guns
US 2597565 A
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May EH, 1952 D. G. CHANDLER ETAL 2,597,565



6 ATTO-R/VEY Filed Nov. 12, 1949 Patented May 26, 1952 UNHD STA '5 T OFFICE FLASHLIGHT ATTACHMENT FOR GUNS -Daniel Gordon Chandler and William Wiley Bryson, Columbus, Miss. said Bryson assignor to said Chandler Application November 12,- 1949, Serial No. 126,722

2 Claims.

vide an attachment for guns which may be quick- 1y installed on the gun for mounting a flashligh in position on the gun so that a light beam from the flashlight may be directed upon the target as. aguide for the aiming'and firing of the gun.

Still another object of our invention is to provide'aconstruction. of support for a flashlight which may be rapidly attached to a conventional gun for maintaining the flashlight in a position into which it may be readily manipulated for flashing a beam of light toward the target for indicating the required aim of the gun with respect to the target.

Still another object of our invention is to pro vide a flash-sight conveniently installed on a gun in lieu of the conventional handgrip, and which includes an electrical circuit controller and mounting means for a flashlight which is supported with respect to the gun in such position that a light beam may be directed to -a target for facilitating rapid'and accurate aiming. of the gun.

Still: another object of our invention is to provide a construction of flash-sight for Thompson submachine guns where thefiash-sight may be quickly installed in lieu of the conventional forearm grip of the Thompson submachine gun, for converting the Thompson submachine gun to .a flash-sight as an aid to the rapid and accurate aiming of the gun.

Still another object of our invention is to provide an attachment for Thompson submachine guns which may be readily moulded from lightweight plastic material for mounting both an on and off control switch and a flashlight in position on the gun for the rapid and accurate control of a light beam which may be directed upon the target for indicating the center of the target.

Still another object of our invention is to provide an attachment for a Thompson submachine hereinafter following by reference to the accomppanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a schematic view illustrating-the flash-sight attachment of our invention asapplied to a Thompson submachine gun, and trainedeupon a target for indicating a bull'seye thereon; Fig. 2 is a side elevational view- .ofthe Thompson submachine gun with the flash-sight attachment of our invention in positionthereon; Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the component parts of the flash-sightv attachment in -juxta-' posed positions preparatorysior assembly; Fig. 4

is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view through the flash-sight attachment, with certain of the parts illustrated in elevation; Figs 5 is a vertical sectional viewtaken substantially .sight attachment about tobe secured in position on the Thompson submachine gun, with certain of the parts broken away and illustrated insection; Fig. 8 is a fragmentary perspective view showing the relation of the linearlyextending bar with respect to the gun barrel forsupporting the flash-sight'attachment; and Fig-9 is a fragmentary-vertical sectional view-through amodified formof linearly extending bar, atportion of the handle of the flash-sight attachment and the securing member, and-illustrating a modified method of securing the flash-sight attachment to the linearly extendingbar below the -machine gun barrel.

Our invention is directed to an attachment for .guns which is extremely light in weight, and which may be readily substituted for the original forearm grip on a gun, andwhich serves as a support for afiashlight and a circuit controller for energizing theflashlight at required times as an aid in the aiming of the gun upon a bull seye or other target. We have successfully and effectively used the attachment-of our invention on a Thompson submachine'gun, but werealize that the attachment is applicable to other types of guns, rifles and revolvers generally, andwhilc we have described ourinvention as an attachment for aThompsonsubmachine gun, we desire that it be understood that no restrictions as to the types of gun to which ourattaohment. is applicable are intended. The attachment may be moulded from plastic material which is extremely light in weight and. does not add appreciably any weight which might tendto unbalancethe gun. The attachment includes a handgrip, on andofi finger control switch, internal channels for electrical circuit conductors, and a cylindrical housing for supporting a flashlight. Electrical conductors extend from the flashlight through the internal channels within the attachment, and electrically connect with the on and off switch. A lens system is provided on the flashlight for directing light rays from a battery powered incandescent light mounted therein, upon the target or object to which the gun must be aimed and fired. Provision is made for the retention of the flashlight within the attachment against dislodgment due to shock or other usage. The battery powered flashlight is constructed in such manner that the dry cells therein are readily renewable. The maintenance requirements of the attachment are practically negligible, and highly eflicientservice is secured from the device.

Referring to the drawings in detail, reference character I designates the Thompson sub-machine gun for which the attachment of our invention has been particularly developed. The Thompson sub-machine gun is illustrated as including the barrel 2 and the linearly extending bar 3 located below the gun barrel 2. The bar 3 includes a diagonally disposed screw-threaded aperture into which a securing screw Ill, which extends through the flash-sight attachment 5, may be detachably connected. The flash-sight attachment 5 of our invention is shaped in the general contour of a revolver, having a cylindrical light housing I and a handgrip 8 integral therewith. The cylindrical light housing 1 extends linearly from the integral handgrip 8 immediately below the barrel 2 of the Thompson sub-machine gun I. The flash-sight attachment 5 is provided with a groove 6 for accommodating the bar 3 which aligns the flash-sight attachment 5 with the barrel 2 of the Thompson sub-machine gun. The handgrip 8 has a diagonally extending aperture 9 interiorly thereof, through which the securing screw 10 passes. Securing screw ID has a screw-threaded end Illa engageable with the diagonally disposed aperture 4 in bar 3. A flanged head H on securing screw I is arranged to enter the countersunk recess 8a in handgrip 8 and lie substantially flush therewith when the flash-sight attachment is properly mounted in position, whereby the flash-sight attachment is replaceably supported, ready for quick removal or replacement with respect to the Thompson sub-machine gun.

The flash-sight attachment 5 is provided with an internal channel ['2 for a pair of electrical conductors, the channel [2 leading from the interior of the cylindrical light housing 7 to the interior of the switch chamber [4. The cylindrical light housing I is adapted to receive, through the front opening thereof, the cylindrical flashlight casing [5 formed from metallic material which is insertable into and removable from the cylindrical light housing 1.

The cylindrical flashlight casing I5 is provided with transverse apertures 16 therein, which are alignable with transverse apertures H in diametrically opposite side walls of the cylindrical light housing 1, adjacent the rear of the cylindrical light housing I. A transversely extending pin I8 is adapted to be inserted through and removable from the apertures 11 in cylindrical light housing I and transverse apertures [6 in cylindrical flash light casing l5, for retaining the cylindrical flashlight casing l5 in position. There is a coil spring 19 located between the end wall 15a of cylindrical flash light casing l5 and the dry cell 20 of the pair of dry cells 20 and 2| located interiorly of the cylindrical flashlight casing 15, and pin I8 passes through the convolutions of coil spring 19 in a position substantially avoiding interference with the normal operation of coil spring IS.

A light unit 22 employed in the cylindrical flashlight casing I5, consists of a metallic housing 23 having a flexible insulated conductor 24 bonded to the metallic housing 23 and normally extending outwardly through the insulation grommet 25 in cylindrical flashlight casing I5. The insulated conductor 24 is associated with coacting insulated conductor 26 just outside of cylindrical flashlight casing l5, and the end of the said insulated conductor 26 is bonded to the metallic wall of the cylindrical flashlight casing 15. The pair of conductors 24 and 26 are braided or wrapped together by insulation cover 21 and extends through the internal channel I2 to the switch chamber [4, where the conductors connect to thecircuit maker and breaker or push button control switch 28. The push button control switch 28 is mounted in the switch chamber [4 in the handgrip 8 immediately behind the cylindrical light housing I in a position in which the push button control switch may be controlled by the finger of the operator. Closing of the circuit through control switch 28 has the efiect of completing the circuit from the series connected dry cells 20 and 2| through the incandescent lamp 32, by reason of the mechanical assembly and electrical arrangement of light unit 22 with respect to the cylindrical flashlight casing I5. This arrangement is clearly set forth in the drawings wherein metallic housing 23 has an end portion of reduced section 230. carrying an insulated button contact 29 mounted in the end thereof and terminating in a resilient contact member 29a. A coil spring 30 is centered within the reduced section 230. of metallic housing 23 and establishes electrical connection therewith and projects forwardly for receiving the sleeve 3| of incandescent lamp 32. Incandescent lamp 32 has a central button 33 thereon aligned with the resilient contact 29a of the contact 29 of the light unit 22. An insulated shell 34 surrounds the incandescent lamp 32 and is provided with an internally screw-threaded bore which surrounds the flange 3la of the incandescent lamp 32 which is engaged thereby for maintaining the incandescent lamp 32 in a position in which contact is established between button 33 and contact 29a. The interior of the insulated shell 34 is lined by means of reflector 35, which directs light rays from incandescent lamp 32 through lens 36, which is detachably confined in position at the end of the cylindrical flashlight casing l5 by means of the screw-threaded cylindrical sleeve 31.

The front opening through the cylindrical light housing I is flared outwardly as represented at 1a, for conforming with the curvature of the end of cylindrical flashlight casing l5, as represented at l5b. An appropriate recess lb is provided in the interior of the cylindrical light housing 1 to accommodate the protrusion of grommet 25, and a suflicient channel space is left between the outside wall of cylindrical flashlight casing 15 and the interior wall of the cylindrical light housing 1 to enable the conductor 21 to be carried back through channel l2 and into the switch chamber I4 for connection with the push button control switch 28. Push button control switch 28 is of the spring pressed momentary circuit closing type, enabling the flash-sight to be momentarily extensors operated for directing light rays, represented'by beam '38,=iupon-- the-target or object represented at 39, wherean illuminated -field is established as represented-atAO the center of which is directly in' line with-the bore of the barrel 2 of the 1 are to be directed, enables the operator, .to rap idly 1 and; precisely make. rairmand directsifire at the vital spot.

The cylindrical flashlight casing I is readily assembled and disassembled to renew the dry cells 20 and 2| and the incandescent lamp 32. Bonding of the cylindrical flashlight casing l5 to the cylindrical light housing 1 insures the maintenance of the cylindrical flashlight casing l5 within the attachment, and properly restrains the dislodgement thereof under conditions of shock.

The flash-sight attachment 5 is readily formed by a moulding process from plastic which is extremely light in weight, or the flash-sight attachment 5 may be carved from wood, such as walnut, to match the stock and other grip on the gun.

The machine gun I is grooved at 46 to provide a keyway for receiving the head 41 of the linearly extending bar 3 for securing one end of the linearly extending bar 3 with respect to the gun. The exterior end of linearly extending bar 3 is stabilized with respect to the barrel 2, and is spaced beneath the barrel 2 by means of the lug 48 which conforms with the shape of the gun barrel, thereby maintaining the lineal alignment of bar 3 with respect to the axis of the machine gun.

In lieu of the linearly extending groove 6 in the flash-sight attachment for coaction with the linearly extending bar 3 as heretofore explained, we may employ the structure illustrated in Fig. 9 wherein the flash-sight attachment 5 has the upper portion thereof grooved, as represented at 44, where the sides of the groove taper toward each other, forming an undercut or recessed longitudinally extending groove. The linearly extending bar 3 attached to the Thompson submachine gun in this modified arrangement, has a cross-section substantially in the shape of a trapezoid represented at 45, with the opposite edges thereof tapered in conformity with the cross-sectional taper of the groove 44 in the flash-sight attachment 5. Under these conditions, the flash-sight attachment is centered over the end of the linearly extending bar 45, and then slid rearwardly into the position illustrated in Figs. 1, 2, and 4, with the undercut recesses of the groove 44 engaging the tapered sides of the linearly extending bar 45. Under these conditions, the securing screw or bolt Ill may then be secured through a screw-threaded aperture in the linearly extending bar 45 properly aligned with the position of the screw or bolt H), with the flash-sight attachment in proper position on the Thompson sub-machine gun.

It will be understood that in lieu of the trapezoidal cross-section of linearly extending bar 45, other keylock shapes may be imparted to the linearly extending bar 45, for keying the flashsightattachment 5 to the Thompson sub-machine gun, without depending merely upon the screw means l0.

Suitable lock washers may be provided between the head I l of the screw means In and the :reeessinithefiashasightcattachmentinfer, main- 1, tainingtthe screwimeanslinzpositiomunder conditions of shock.

When:necessary;sthgsoperation of the flashsight may.beicontrolledibyithclleft hand of the operative, thus providing freedom for the right hand to mani-pulatethe trigger 4| of the Thompson sub-machine gun I. We have obtained, accurate focusing of the light-spot 40 .upon the object at.distances ,ofthirty-fivato forty yards, using the lensof an ordinaryfla'shlight. Special lenses-are readily mounted -in the sleeve 31for focusing the light beam at agreater: distances.

The same screw l0, normally employed for holding the forearm of the Thompson sub-machine gun, may be utilized to hold the flash-sight attachment 5 of our invention on the Thompson sub-machine gun. The electrical connections provided by conductors 2'! are maintained waterproof, and give full protection by reason of the fact that all connections are completed interiorly of the attachment and are not exposed to wear and weather.

While we have described our invention in one of its preferred embodiments, we realize that changes may be made in the size and shape of the parts of the device and in the features of assembly of the components thereof, and we accordingly desire that it be understood that no limitations upon our invention are intended other than may be imposed by the scope of the appended claims.

What we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is as follows:

1. An attachment for guns of the type having a linearly extending barrel and a longitudinally extending supporting bar there-beneath, a molded plastic member of insulation material grooved adjacent the top of one end thereof for engagement with the longitudinally extending supporting bar, said member including a handgrip depending beneath the grooved end thereof, means extending through said handgrip and detachably engaging said supporting bar, a cylindrical light housing in said mmeber extending beneath the barrel of the gun, a flashlight removably secured in said cylindrical light housing, said flashlight including a metallic casing, a light unit mounted in said casing and having a pair of terminals, a battery interposed between one of said terminals and said metallic casing, a metallic supporting member insulated from said metallic casing and connected with the other terminal of said light unit, a pair of electrical conductors, one of said conductors being bonded to said metallic casing and the other of said conductors extending through said metallic casing in insulated relation thereto and bonded to said metallic support, said electrical conductors extending longitudinally of said metallic casing and through said member, and a push button control switch mounted in said handgrip in a position substantially aligned with the axis of said cylindrical light housing and electrically connected with said conductors for momentarily activating said light unit for projecting a beam 7 for restraining. said flashlight: from dislodgement Number from said cylindrical light housing under firing 1,535,459 operations of the gun. 1 1,835,233 DANIEL GORDON CHANDLER. 2,132,063 WILLIAM WILEY BRYSON. 5 2,258,252 2,294,558 REFERENCES CITED 2,494,956 The following references are of record in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS gg f Number ,Name Date 976,416 Weber Nov. 22, 1910 8 Y I Name Date Fredrickson Apr. 28, 1925 Lyhne Dec. 8, 1931 Whaley Oct. 4, 1938 Lang Oct. 7, 1941 Hooker et a1. Sept. 1, 1942 ,Mendelsohn Jan. 17, 1950 FOREIGN PATENTS Country Date Great Britain Aug. 20, 1931

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U.S. Classification362/110, 42/1.1, 42/146
International ClassificationF41C23/16, F41C23/00, F41G1/00, F41G1/35
Cooperative ClassificationF41G1/35, F41C23/16
European ClassificationF41G1/35, F41C23/16