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Publication numberUS2598070 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1952
Filing dateMay 1, 1951
Priority dateMay 1, 1951
Publication numberUS 2598070 A, US 2598070A, US-A-2598070, US2598070 A, US2598070A
InventorsHorace Randall
Original AssigneeH M H Co
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Devotional package
US 2598070 A
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May 27, 1952 H. RANDALL DEVOTIONAL PACKAGE Filed May 1, 1951 f INVENTOR. f7 Ora 0Q fif kr/ya a/l ATTORNl-LYS. I

UNITED S TATES NT FFICE DEVOTIONAL PACKAGE Horace Randall, Pawtucket, R. I., assignor to The H. M. H. 00., a corporation of South Dakota Application May 1, 1951, Serial No. 223,929

4 Claims. (01. 206-19) This invention relates to a devotional package pocket St between the middle portion of the re comprising a crucifix and two medals with a castaining wall 2| and the casing wall I8 which is of ing for retaining these articles in a convenient a width to receive the crucifix including the verform. tical leg 3| of the crucifix as well as the arms 32 One of the objects of the invention is to so arof the cross. range the package that none of the parts will Pockets for the medals are provided by flaring become lost. the stitching of the channels as at 33 and 34 of Another object of the invention is to provide a the channel 24 and 35 and 36 of the channel 28 simple assembly which retains the parts in posiwhich provides pockets 31 and 38 for the medals tion between walls of the casing. I I and I2. At the same time, the pocket for the With these and other objects in view, the incrucifix is restricted at its lower end but as the vention consists of certain novel features of conleg 3! of the cross is of a narrow dimension, it struction, as will be more fully described and will extend between the stitching lines 34 and 36 particularly pointed out in the appended claims. to reach the bottom 39 of the pocket.

In the accompanying drawings: By this arrangement, when the crucifix is in Figure l is a perspective View showing the its pocket, either of the medals may be withpackage in closed position; drawn from its pocket or when the medals are in Figure 2 is a perspective view showing the their pockets, the crucifix may be withdrawn package with one of the flaps thereof open; from its pocket and placed upon the top of the Figure 3 is a perspective view showing both of pocket as shown in Figure 3. To close the packthe flaps open and the crucifix as having been age, it is merely necessary to insert the crucifix withdrawn from the pocket formed for it. in its pocket and both medals in their pockets,

In proceeding with this invention, I have profold the flap [9 over the body portion of the devided a casing having an outer wall which may vice and thereafter similarly fold the flap 20. be folded at two locations, providing flaps to ex- Stud 40 on flap I9 and socket 4! on flap 4| .will

tend over the main body portion of the casing. engage and serve to retain the parts in the folded Within the casing there is a crucifix and two position, such as shown in Figure 1. medals which are joined together by chains and A transparent wall 42 may be stitched as at 43 a retaining wall is secured to the casing wall so along the inner surface of the fiap I9 to provide that the chains may freely slide through channels a pocket for an identification card for the owner provided by stitching on either side of the chain. of the package.

The arrangement of the channels is such that a I claim: pocket between the channels will house the A votio al packag Comprising a crucifix crucifix while pockets formed by enlarging the and a P Of medals, a chain extending from ends of the channels will house the medals. each medal to said crucifix to secure the parts With reference to the drawings, I0 designates together, a casing comprising an outer wall and generally a crucifix and II one medal and l2 a retaining wall with each chain located between another medal. These.medals are each provided th m. said walls in s cu d t ether on each with an eye as I 3 on one medal and [4 on the side of each chain to provide channels to slidother medal, while the crucifix is provided with ably guide the chains, each of said medals having a ring 15. A chain It secured to one medal passes a cross sectional dimension greater than the loosely through the ring l5 and is secured to the cross sectional dimension of the channels to preother medal, thus holding the medals and crucifix vent the medals or crucifix from passing theresecured one to the other. through. s

A casing is provided for the crucifix and medals 45 2. A devotional package as in claim 1 wherein comprising a strip of material I! such as leather, the channels are each enlarged at one end to which may be conveniently thought of as having provide a pocket to receive a medal. a wall l8 forming the body part of the casing and 3. A devotional package as in claim 1 wherein flaps i9 and 29 which fold over this body part. the channels are each enlarged at one end to A retaining wall 2! is secured to the wall 18 so 5 provide a pocket to receive amedal and the chanas to provide the desired holding of the crucifix nels are spaced sufilciently at their other end to and medals in place. The chain [6 is disposed provide a pocket between said walls to receive between the walls 18 and 2| and these walls are said crucifix. sewed together as at 22 and 23 so as to provide a 4- A d v i l p ck e a in claim 1 wherein channel 24 for housing the portion 25 of the chain 5 the channels are spaced Sufiiciently at one end to 16, while adjacent the other edge of the walls l8 provide a pocket between the walls to receive the and 2|, there are lines of sewing 26 and 21 to form crucifix.

a channel 28 on either side of another section of HORACE RANDALL. the chain 29. Thus, the chain may freely slide through these channels. Th lines of sewing 23 No references cited.

and 21 are sufiiciently spaced so as to provide a

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U.S. Classification206/19, D03/247
International ClassificationA47G33/00, A47G33/02
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