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Publication numberUS2598128 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1952
Filing dateJan 5, 1950
Priority dateJan 5, 1950
Publication numberUS 2598128 A, US 2598128A, US-A-2598128, US2598128 A, US2598128A
InventorsMelvin E Liechty
Original AssigneeMelvin E Liechty
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Speaker's folding stand
US 2598128 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

y 27, 1952 M. E. LIECHTY 2,598,128


Application January 5, 1950, Serial No. 136,923


This invention relates to improvements in a speakers folding stand adapted for use by auctioneers and. others in addressing transient gatherings of population.

Ordinarily, it is desirable that a speaker, addressing an audience, to stand in an elevated position in order to be seen by the audience as well as to enable the speaker to observe those in the audience, and it is an object of the instant invention to provide a readily portable foldable stand to afford a platform upon which a speaker stands in an elevated position before his audience.

Another object of the invention is to provide in connection with a foldable structure a bench for use of a speaker for accommodation of paraphernalia such as script and tablets upon which to inscribe records of transactions that generally occur during an oration.

Other objects and advantages of the invention appear in the following description.

An illustrative embodiment of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective front elevational view of a structure in which the invention is incorporated as it appears when fully unfolded in position for use;

Fig. 2 is a reverse perspective view of the appliance when completely collapsed for transport or storage;

Fig. 3 is a side elevational view shown in midcross-section with the appliance in fully unfolded position for use;

Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view of the platform and its supporting legs completely collapsed; and

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view of the structure in midsection.

The illustrative embodiment of the invention consists of upper and lower front panels 6 and 1 respectively, hinged together as indicated by 8, the lower section I having a hinged connection at its bottom with a platform 9 as indicated by ID. The platform and the lower panel 1 are connected together by means of a foldable hinged brace l I by which the platform and said lower section are held in definite arrangement at right angles to each other when the device is in unfolded position. Latches l2 are provided for securing the panels 6 and I in extended position when the device is unfolded.

On the top of the upper panel 6 is provided a bench l 3 that is disposed at right angles thereto so the bench is held in horizontal position thereon when the device is in operative position.

Beneath the platform 9 are hinged in the 2 corners thereof foldable legs I4 sustained by hinge braces l5 to sustain them individually in leg-supporting position, the legs being adapted when their braces are folded to permit the legs to be collapsed under the platform 9.

There is provided on the rear end of the platform a handle I6 by which to manipulate the platform, which when the device is folded extends upwardly and affords means by which the device when folded is carried.

A feature of the invention is that the upper panel 6 has secured'on its sides angle-irons 6. and the lower panel 1 has similarly secured to its sides angle-irons l alined with and hinged to the angle-irons on the upper panel. Likewise, the platform 9 has along its sides and its rear end a downwardly extending flange 9, the side portions of which are hinged to the corresponding angle-irons on the lower panel 1 as indicated by I0, so the platform is foldableagainst the lower panel between the rearwardly extending flanges of the angle-irons 1' thereon. The hinge connections 8 between the upper and lower panels are oifset rearwardly a sufiicient distance so after the platform 9 is folded, the upper panel then is folded downwardly against the bottom of the platform after the legs I4 shall have been folded against the bottom of the platform. When the panels, platform and the legs thereof have thus been folded, the bench ['3 then extends beneath the folded members.

In utilizing the invention the panel 6 is swung upon its pivotal connections with the panel I into erect position and then secured by the latches [2. By this arrangement the platform is exposed, permitting the legs M to be unfolded. the braces II and I5 being also unfolded and adjusted in supporting position for the platform and the legs. The parts being thus adjusted are held in position to be mounted by a speaker. After use by the speaker, the device is collapsed by folding the legs against the bottom of the platform between the sides and back of the marginal flange 9 and then folding the platform up against the back of the lower panel 1 where it is accommodated between the side flanges 1 thereon. The top panel then, together with the bench supported thereon, is swung downwardly over the folded platform concealing the folded legs and so the bench then extends beneath the folded panels and platform, and serves as a base upon which the folded structure rests. The folded structure is then compact, suitably to be conveniently transported or stored.

A feature of the invention is that the upper 3 panel is adapted for display of an announcement (not shown) to inform the audience as to the nature of the oration expected to be delivered, while the lower panel I preferably has a multiplicity of vent openings 1" for free passage of breeze therethrough by which is obviated the tendency of the structure to be blown out of operating position. This feature is of importance especially when thestructure. is erected out doors where itis subjected to various climatic conditions and is of further advantage because of the reduction in the weight of the structure when: folded for transport.

Variations from the particular construction above disclosed may be resorted to by the exere cise of skill in the art, without departure from the spirit or scope of the invention.

What I claim is:

l. A speakers folding portable stand consisting of upper and lower hinged panels, said upper folded against said lower panel, and said upper panel being foldable' against he bottom of said platform toco'nceal saidlegs when folded therein, and said bench being disposed; to underlie the platform" and the lower end of said lower panel when the stand is completely collapsed.

2. A speakers folding portable stand consisting of upper and lower front hinged panels and a 'pl'atform hingedly connected to the bottom of said 'lower'pa'nel, said platform having foldable legs for supporting it in an elevated position, said upper panelha'ving' secured on its top .a bench, and said lower panel having vent openings therein,"said platform being foldable into the back of said lower panel, and said upper panel being foldable against the bottom-of the-platform, after the platform" and its legs are infolded position, whereby said folded legs are concealed.

3. A speaker's portable stand consisting of upper and lower panels hinged together so as to extend in spaced parallel planes when folded, a platform hinged to the bottom of said lowermost panel and adapted to extend between said panels when folded, legs hinged on said platform adapted to be folded into the bottom of said platform and provided with supporting braces to hold said legs in operative position, said upper panel being adapted to fold upon the bottoinof said platform andconoeal therein: the folded legs and their braces, and means for securing said panels in extended position for use.

4. A speakers portable stand in which are included u-pper and lower panels hinged together, a platformhingedly connected to the lower end of said lower panel and adapted. when in folded po'sition toIlie' between said panels in a plane parallel therewith, legs hinged to the bottom of said platform adapted to be folded into the bottom thereof and concealed by said uppermost panel when the structure is completely folded, and means for seeurlngtheseveral foldable parts in extended position.

5. A speakers portable stand in which are-included-upper andlower panels hinged together constituting, when in extended position, thefront of the stand, a platform hingedlycon-nected with the bottom of the lowerpanel, legs hinged on said platform adaptedto be folded against the bottom thereof and concealed by saidupper panel -when the stand is eollapsed, hinged braces i-n connec tion with said panels for sustaining said "panels in extended position, and other hinged braces connectingthe platform'with the individual legs to sustain-said legs when inoperative position.



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