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Publication numberUS2598129 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1952
Filing dateAug 30, 1949
Priority dateAug 30, 1949
Publication numberUS 2598129 A, US 2598129A, US-A-2598129, US2598129 A, US2598129A
InventorsMacfarland Charles H
Original AssigneeScott & Fetzer Co
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US 2598129 A
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MY'27, 11,952" c. H. MaoFARLAND DEODORIZER Filed Aug.` so, 1949 Y! TORNEYS Z sharks H. MacFarzand BY i Patented May 27, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT.. OFFICEiy DEoDomzER Charles H. MacFarland, Cleveland, Ohio, assignor to The Scott & Fetzer Company, Cleveland, Y

Ohio, a corporation of Ohio Application August 30, 1949,` Serial No. 113,138

6 Claims. .l

This invention relates to an air conditioner for vacuum cleaners and more particularly to a device for supplying a vapor disinfectant and/ or deodorizer to air within a portion of the cleaner through which the air passes during operation of the cleaner.

The invention has for an object to provide a device which supplies an air conditioning vapor to the interior of the dust collecting chamber of the cleaner so that the air passing through the said chamber is conditioned during operation of the sweeper and so that contamination of the air by dirt collected in the chamber is prevented during intervals between operations of the cleaner.

The invention has for a further object to pro vide an air conditioning device of simple and inexpensive construction that can be quickly and easily recharged at any time without removing it from the cleaner.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention may be said to comprise the air conditioning device as illustrated in the accompanying drawings hereinafter described, together with such variations and modications thereof as will be apparent to one skilled in the art to which the invention pertains.

Reference may be had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification in which;

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a vacuum cleaner to which the device of the present invention is applied. a portion of the dirt collecting chamber being 'broken away to show the air conditioning device;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary vertical section on an enlarged scale taken on the line indicated at 27-2 in Fig. 1;

- Fig. 3 is a fragmentary vertical section taken on the line indicated at 3-3 in Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on the same line as Figure 3 with the absorbent pad and the pad retaining plate removed;

Fig. 5 is a horizontal section taken on the line indicated at 5-5 in Fig. 2 looking upwardly;

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the retainer plate; and

Fig. rI is a perspective view of the absorbent pad.

In the accompanying drawings the invention is shown applied to a vacuum cleaner of a Well known type in which the cleaner is supported upon wheels I and comprises a suction nozzle 2, a fan casing 3 having an outlet 4, a dirt collecting chamber 5 to which the outlet 4 delivers,

a detachable dirt receptacle 6 which forms the'k bottom of the collecting chamber 5 and a lter bag 'I through which the air is discharged after passing through the dirt collecting chamber.

The chamber 5 has an upright end wall 8 provided with a central lug 9 on its inner face. The lug 9 is integral with the wall 8 and has a downwardly facing shoulder I0. The wall 8 is provided with a passage II that opens to the shoulder I0 through which liquid may be introduced to the interior of the chamber, the upper end of the passage II which opens to the exterior of the chamber being closed by detachable screw plug I2. The chamber 5 has side walls I3 disposed substantially at right angles to the endwall 8 and each of the walls I3 has a-vertical rib I4 at a short distance from the wall 8. A retaining plate I5 is retained between the ribs I4 and the wall 8, the plate I5 having a supporting flange I 6 at its lower end which has an upturned edge portion I'I that is adapted to bear against the interior of the wall 8. The plate l5 is adapted to be slid upwardly into the space between the ribs I4 and the end wall 8 of the chamber when the receptacle 6 is detached and when in place within the chamber the end edges of the plate I5 engage the outer faces of the ribs I4 and the central portion of the plate adjacent its upper edge engages the interior of the lug 9. The plate- I5 is positioned in the chamber 5 by engagement of its ange I6 with the'lower ends of the ribs I 4 and by engagement of its upper edge with lugs I8 integral with the wall 8.

A substantially at pad I9 of absorbent materia] is held against the end wall 8 of the dust collecting chamber by the retaining plate I5, the bottom edge of the pad resting on the flange I6 and the upper edge of the pad being positioned immediately below the shoulder I8 so that liquid introduced through the passage II ows into the absorbent pad and is distributed to all parts of the pad. The wall 8 of the container is preferably bowed outwardly slightly intermediate the ends thereof so that a somewhat wider space is provided between the retaining plate I5 and the wall adjacent the center of the Wall and the pad I9 is of a thickness such thatA it is compressed between the end portions of the plate I5 and the wall 8 so that the pad and retainer plate are securely held in place by friction. The retainer plate I5 is a perforated plate having openings 20 distributed substantially throughout the height and Width of the pad so as to expose a portion of the inner face of the pad to the air within the dirt receptacle. The pad is charged with a vola- 3 tile liquid disinfectant and/or deodorant that is introduced through the passage Il. Sufficient liquid is preferably maintained in the pad to condition the air within the dirt collecting chamber during periods when the cleaner is idle as well as when the cleaner is in operation. During operation of the cleaner a large volume of air will be delivredby. ther-fan intotireedirt coli-i1 looting chamber andA discharged through the filter bag connected to the top of the collecting chamber, and the evaporation of liquid from thf absorbent pad is at a relatively high rate sofasr to effectively disinfect and/or deodorize the air`v passing through the dirt collectirgJ-fchambenand filter. By reason of the factth'atth'e disinfectant and/or deodorant is delivered into the dust car'-Vr rying air stream, the dust deposited inthecolelection chamber Will have been subjected to the action of the conditioning material so thatlthere is less danger of noxious fumes being released whenf-'thedirt receptacle-lis 1 emptied-.a5 Alsof, .thes.. dust lco'llecting 'Ichamberis :in lxzommurnicatio'n f \vi-th1-fthe.imite'rf` 'air through.;the-.fsuctionfinozzle:e and fanflchamberfduring; periodsfzwhenf: the cleaner is'not'lin iuse'anditheivolatileiairrconditioning' liquid 1in# the pad il 9v serves lto condition f the `air fwithin the ichamberliS fduringi periodsf when the-cleaner-zis notiinfuse'so"- astoffprevent the issuance" off-disagreeable :fodors for :contami` natedI air- 'from ther: chamberstolthef. surrounding atmosphere.'

It'is ltobe undei'stdod-fthatlin'. accordancefwith 'i' the provisions f fofzthe. patent statutesfvariations andrmcdinoationsf: orffth specifici devices herein.-

parting from-tne:spiritloftheinvention:

What I claim is'f l. In-ia lva'cuiinicleaneri'a' dusticollecting `chambiv provided xvit'lif-Tanl4 siriletfforl dustI flad'enr air and-an 4fair outletlandhaving. a Wall:provided:- Witha passages npeningmtoftne Achamberf-through which i .liquid may zbe #introduced:Y 1 into"` the ffchamr# berf'intermediate?ithefinlet 'and outlet; a pad-f of absorbentv material .within .said chamber and hav-Y ingia "portion of its fsurface exposed:- to ,the air Within "said"chamber?` and- -a retainer-S for "holding said pad against-f1 saidflwall` viii" position ltoffcove'rV th'epassage opening and-receive liquid-delivered th'rough'said passage; 1

2L 'In `a va ouumf cleaner: a dust `collecting. cham; berspro'videdf `withf an1i inlet :for dust laden f air and f an air outlet-#andi `ha-ving" an upright\-wall. provided with a dovvnx'vardly` facingeintennal. shoulderand withfa passage 4through vvhionliquid may?, berintroduced fthat :opens .to the f interiori.

of the i chamber through. saidyshouldeiz andea pa'd roi absorbent Ymaterial secured `tom said-.walif anda having Y a portionn positioned beneath@said, shouldento vreceive liduidintroduced,througlrsaid passage:`

3. Ina vacuum ycleanerfa dustfcollecting chamg. ben "provided fwthf. inlet fior. dust: :ladenr air: and ans air voutlet -andf :having an fuprighti. wall1 provided wwith a f-downwardlyfacingainternali. shoulder andrx'vith a lpassage through which-liquid may be introduced that opens to the interior of the chamber through said shoulder, and a substantially flat pad of absorbent material secured against the interior of said Wall with its top edge beneath and adjacent said shoulder to receive liquid introduced through said passage.

4. In a vacuum cleaner a dust collecting chamber having ,arr upright wallprovid'ed with a downwardly facing internal shoulderand with a passage through which liquid may be introduced that opens to the interior of the chamber through said-shoulder, a pad of absorbent material positioned against said wall and beneath said shoulderitoreceive iliquidlntroduced through said *passage-,ond a retainer for said pad comprising to .thefinterior .cfofi tithe @chambers through:vsafid:`

" shoulder, 'each isidexwalll having arr uprightwrihlf near said end wall, a perforated retaining :plate-i havingA --oppo'site'edge Jportions :idisposedfi-between 'plate and; "said: end 'walflgasaid padv rloeing ,disposed-1 beneath saidzslioulderto receive liquid introduced` through said passage. f 6. In' a vacuum .cleanera dustzcollecting chains.-

ber having upright''side :'Walls :and r 'an .'upright.-

end Wall provided with an interior centrallydise'.:

posed llug having a-dovvnwardly ifacingsshoulder, said end ivall"lhavingfY a passage-#for "liquid fopevnr ing tothe interiornf said Chambon through said shoulder, each 'sideuvall '.'liavin'g` an: upright- Tribe` near said end wall, a periorated'iretaining.p1ateL having lopposite 'edgeiportions: disposed-between said --rib's and endlivvall and-farisupportingcfiangm along its bottom edge-'that projectsa'toward--saidt end Wall, and-.a padofxabsorbent'materiahexw tending substantiallythe-'fuliiiwidthf-.of said end wallV and clamped lbetween.rsaidv'retaining plate and said end wall, saidpadfiiiavingitsfbottomf edge. resting on.' 'said-` iiangef.' and :itslfftopc'edge beneath'said-shoulderto receive Aliquid introducedV through said passage.


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