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Publication numberUS2598192 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1952
Filing dateAug 16, 1948
Priority dateAug 16, 1948
Publication numberUS 2598192 A, US 2598192A, US-A-2598192, US2598192 A, US2598192A
InventorsPoust Milton L
Original AssigneeSears Roebuck & Co
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Protective cover for frangible disks
US 2598192 A
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May 27, 1952 M. POUST PROTECTIVE COVER FOR FRANGIBLE DISKS Filed Aug. 16, 1948 Patented May 27, 1952 UNITED STATES ()FFIQE Milton L. Poust, Riversid Roebuck and 00., Chi

of New York e, IlL, assignor to Sears, cago, 111., a corporation Application August 16, 1948, Serial No. 44,468

(01. sea-4s) 2 Claims. 1

My invention relates to protective covers and is concerned more particularly with a cover intended primarily for protecting frangible grinding wheels and like elements in shipment.

Grinding wheels, which are ordinarily formed of carborundum or similar frangible material, are ordinarily shipped in bulk, without separate wrappers, being thrown haphazardly into large boxes, barrels or other containers. Therefore, in the course of shipment, these wheels are frequently chipped at the edges and such articles, arriving at their destination in defective condition, must be sold at a reduced price, entailing a loss to the merchant or manufacturer.

My invention contemplates a simple and inexpensive protective device which may be made with a minimum of labor and material, which may be easily applied and secured to a wheel and may remain on the wheel when it is displayed for sale, providing an attractive finish which will protect and enhance the appearance of the article until the wheel is ready for use.

Various other advantages will suggest themselves to those acquainted in the art as the description proceeds.

Referring now to the drawings forming a part of the specification and illustrating certain preferred embodiments of my invention;

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing a grinding wheel with a protective cover embodying my invention, a part being broken away for clearness;

Fig. 2 is a side elevational view, showing my improved protective device mounted on a wheel and secured somewhat differently from that of Fig. l, with parts broken away;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken substantially on lines 33 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 4 is an edge elevation of a wheel having secured thereto a protective device embodying my invention.

Numeral it indicates a grinding wheel or other disk to which devices embodying my invention may be applied. A cover comprising my invention, as seen best in Fig. 3, comprises a web indicated generally at 5 and havin a main body portion i7 and reinforcing edge portions 243.

The edge portion 20 extends substantially at right angles to the main portion [8 so as to form a flange which overlaps the edge of the grinding wheel or like disk iii. On the inside, as indicated at 22, it will be seen that the cover conforms closely to the size and shape of the disk to be protected, and in the embodiment shown, the flange 29 provides a substantially rectangular shoulder,

The protective web may be readily formed by extrusion, or other suitable methods familiar to those skilled in the art, from a wide variety of suitable plastics of a chemical character which will provide the desired physical characteristics of toughness, flexibility and resistance to cracking, etc. Without any intention to limit myself, I might mention as examples of suitable material natural and synthetic rubber and combinations thereof and numerous plastic materials, such as vinyl acetate, polystyrene and other types having the characteristics indicated above. At any rate, the material is preferably formed in a continuous web and wound in spiral rolls for sale to the ultimate users thereof.

The protective web or cover may be applied or secured in various ways to a disk which it is desired to protect. In Fig. l, I have shown the protective cover [5 cut to substantially the same circumferential length as the circumference of the disk to so that the web makes a butt joint I as at 25, the ends of the web being secured together as by means of a short strip 21 of any suitable material overlying and secured to the ends of the web l5. The strip 21 might be heavy gummed paper, so-called Scotch tape, or a film of any other suitable material bearing on one side a coating of adhesive by which it may be secured to the web I 5, or it might be a strip of heat meltable plastic which might be welded to the web l5 by application of heat.

In Figs. 2 and 4, I have of securing the web I 5 to a disk. In this arrangement the web I5 is cut to such a length that the overhanging flanges 29 form a butt joint as at 25, but an integral portion of the body portion I8 is permitted to extend beyond said joint and to overlap as at 3!) the other end of the web. Said overlap 39 may be secured to the adjacent body portion M3 by application of heat or of adhesive applied to the face of either portion.

No doubt other arrangements will suggest themselves to those skilled in the art and, hence, I do not intend to be limited to the specific forms shown and described herein.

I claim:

1. A protective cover for a disk of frangible material comprising a strip of flexible and yieldable material resistant to blows, said strip comprising a main web portion with integral side flanges extending substantially at right angles to the web portion, said web portion and side portion being sufficiently thick to offer substantial resistance against heavy blows, means for securing together the end portions of said strip, said strip being shown a different way formed of extruded plastic material and said flanges having a planar inner face, and said web portion extending beyond said flanges at one end of said strip in order that one end thereof may overlap and be secured to the opposite end there- 2. The combination of a. frangible disk and a cover as defined in claim 1.


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