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Publication numberUS2598763 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1952
Filing dateMay 16, 1949
Priority dateMay 16, 1949
Publication numberUS 2598763 A, US 2598763A, US-A-2598763, US2598763 A, US2598763A
InventorsDe Roo William C
Original AssigneeHart & Cooley Mfg Co
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US 2598763 A
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June 3, 1952 c. 35 00 2,598,763

GRILLE Filed May 16, 1949 Wwma fiiarg.

Patented June 3, 1952 William De R00, Holland, Mich; assignorto Hart & Cooley Manufacturing 00., Holland,

' Mich., 'a' corporatiom'of Michigan Application May 16, 1949, Serial No. 93,471 i The present invention is directed to an especially simple, economicalandeffective grille, for use in the passageof air from lines or pipes or the like which-carry air for conditioning rooms or otherenclosures,to either elevate the ternperature of the room during the colder seasons of the'year orlower it in the summertime. Such grille is made from a single plate of flat metal, and with it air passing therethrough is passed uniformlyand-isdirected outwardly in diverging streams so that the volume of air passing the' grille is generally in the form of a frustrum of a cone, rapidly enlarging outwardly away from the grille to thoroughly intermix itself with other air in the room, producing a substantially unia Exceptional simform temperature therein. plicity and economy in manufacture, and attainment of substantial unifority of outward flow of air through the grille and equal distribution over an increasingly progressive and uniformly enlarging area as the air moves away from the rille are attained by the invention, andare the principal objects and purposes thereof.

An understanding of the invention may be had from the following description, taken in connec- ,4 tion with the accompanying drawing, in which,

ZClaims. (ores-40) I "j f 1 1 in each section which are located mem ,circles, the common center of which is the center of the grille, or of the ornamental cap, indicated at 6, which maybe connected at a central opening in thevdisk I, though not essential so far as the invention isv concerned. Said-vanes extend inwardly and are located generallyat an angle substantially of 45 to;the,plane ofthe plate from which they are struck All exceptthe outermost .and longest vane '1 in, eachsection have narrow connections; at their-ends tothe spokes 3,; the remaining portions of said vanes being qsevered from the sides of said spokes, as best shown in F ig 3 I. g:

It will be noted that the vanes are severed from the sides of the spokes except at the ends so that no flange or lip appears along the edge thereof Fig. 1 is an elevation of the single plate grille of my invention.

Fig. 2 is a section therethrough substantially on the plane of line 22 of Fig. 1 with means for connecting the grille with an air flue or stack, and a gasket for sealing the grille against a wall surface being conventionally added thereto and,

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary enlarged perspective view of a portion of the grille.

Like reference characters refer to like parts in the different figures of the drawing.

A flat plate of circular metal is cut and formed by punch press operation to leave a small circular disk I at the center of the plate and a flat ring 2 at the peripheral portions thereof, connected by a plurality of radially disposed narrow spokes 3, said disk, ring and spokes remaining in the same plane. The peripheral edge portions of the ring 2 are formed to provide a narrow width continuous flange 4 at the rear side of the grille, within which a sealing gasket 5 of rubber or equivalent material is adapted to be placed, to bear against the wall of a room, for

example, in which the grille is installed at the outlet end of an air flue or stack.

The sectors between the radially disposed formed in a plurality of successive spaced vanes to impede the flow of air betweenthe vanes. The passages between the vanes are completelyimobstructed from one end thereof to the other.

Such vanes are spaced so that lines paralleling each other and at right angles to the planeof the grille plate which touch the free edges of said vanes pass throughnarrow arc shaped passages .betweensuch' inner edges of the vanes and the outer edges of the next adjacent vanes. But other air which at the inner side of the grille is moving in lines perpendicular to the axis of the grille plate strikes against the inner inclined sides of the vanes and is directed outwardly at angles not exceeding substantially 45 to the plane of the grille plate. The width of the passage between adjacent vanes is less than the distance between the vanes at their points of connection with the radial spokes and therefore also less than the length of the passage thereby produced whereby the air passages between adjacent vanes are longerthan they are wide. With such construction air is substantially uniformly distributed in a frustro conical body, the cross areas of which, parallel to the face of the grille plate, progressively increase but at the same time there is not left an appreciable central cone outwardly from the center of the grille plate not supplied with the conditioned air as it passes therethrough; but the air passes through the grille, and whether of an increased or decreased temperature with respect to the room temperature, is largely almost uniformly delivered to the other air in the room in like volume at like distances outwardly from the grille.

The radially disposed spokes 3 are quite narrow and it has been found in this construction of elongated unobstructed passages between vanes which are longitudinally arcuate and terminate space within- '-sa at their ends closely adjacent each other that a' 1 vacuum ring is produced around the grille which I causes the emerging air to be diffused outwardly along the ceiling or wall in which the grille is located. Thus the air blankets the wall or ceiling 5 in a curtaining efiect throughout 360 around I the grille. vThistype of air movement is distincguished from that produced by other grilles containing directional vanes where the'air is directed j outwardly at an angle away from the ceiling or 10 wall in which the grille is located.

For the attachment of the grille to the any carrying flue or stack, or to a register frame which may be disposed between.";the;grille and such flue or stack a ring 8 o'f'sheet metahi'hayin'g. an outwardly extending annular fiange'B, is disposed at the inner side of the grille and attached 1 l by means of the screws [0 which pass through the ring 2 and connect with flanges 9, said screws,

preferably, cutting their own threads in said 2 ='-flanges. g

'Hlre grilletlescribed- -l-substaritially the ulti mate insunplicity- -ofmam-mum an'd e'conomy in manufacture. The alr is controlled and dif- I fused so as-jtqf be wiialely 'd-issipated intoa 'rooin 2 =to -"a curtain of ai 'r blankting ''the wall 'or c'eiling -in which the grill "s mount'ed in' which ---it *is entered through the grille. r

-inverition is defined in theJa-ppended "claims and- 'is tdbe cons'idered comprehensive of mon centero'f curvature:saidivanes-beirig posiu be diffused outwardl-yin all directions "to; the wall or ceiling in -which thegrill ispmounted tioned angularly with respect to the plane of said rim and the width of the passage between adjacent vanes being less than the length of said passage, whereby air passing therethrough will be diffused outwardly in all directions to blanket the wall or ceiling in which the grille is mounted with. a curtain of air. V

L 42 ..A sheetmetal grilleof the 'character described comprising an outer rim portion having a substantially circular open area within the con- "flnes of said rim, a plurality of supporting and w jdividing arms extending generally radially in- ."wardly from the, edge of said open area, means i ajdjacentfithe center of the open area connecting jitlieinner. endsio'fsaid arms, whereby said open area will'be divided into a plurality of sections,

a zplurality o'f rlongitudinally' arcuate vanes in each-section connected at their ends with the "adjacent dividing arms to provide a completely unobstructed passage "between adjacent vanes 'andall vanesin the same sect-ion l-iaving. a-commen center of *curvature; fis'aid vanes 'bemg positioned angularly'with respect to the plane'of' said "rim, and "the-width of the passage 'between adjacent vanes-g'bing less than the lengthof passage, wherebya'ir passing therethrough; ill nket with a curtain of'air, A k

y y g REFERENCES -'-CI-T-ED The followingrjife'riences farefjdf record in Ztfhe file of this patentz" g v UNITED STAZEES

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