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Publication numberUS2598943 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1952
Filing dateJul 5, 1949
Priority dateJul 5, 1949
Publication numberUS 2598943 A, US 2598943A, US-A-2598943, US2598943 A, US2598943A
InventorsSolomon Nathan L
Original AssigneeSolomon Nathan L
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Hair curler
US 2598943 A
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June 3, 1952 N. L. SOLOMON HAIR CURLLRl Filed July 5, 1949 l Marfil;azzzaz'uzzznzzzzz l /4 FII G. INVENTOR.

NATHAN I .SOL'OMON BY w A TTORNE Y ""IIII Patented June 3, 1,952

UNITED 1 STATES PATENT OFFICE HAIR Coming.. Nathan rL. Solomon, Englewood, N. J. Application July 5, 1949, Serial No. `102,977

l This invention relates to curlers and particularly to resilient curlers which may be used comfortably by a person -while sleeping, and which are readily adaptable for both large and small curls. Y y

Soft or resilient curlers have been. proposed in the past. However most of such curlers here-- tofore proposed were either in the form of substantially solid fibrous core members which adversely absorbed and retained moisture for a long time and thereby delayed completing the curl; or, solid or tubular plastic material which impeded curl drying ventilation.

Objects of the invention include providing: a highly resilient curler which may be slept upon with ease; a resilient curlerv which has good shape retaining and/or returning characteristics; a curler which has better lVentilating and curl drying characteristics than curlers heretofore proposed; economical and highlyeflicient manufacturing possibilities.

Features of the invention include the develope ment of a curler or curlers wherein: the main body section is made of inexpensive highly resilient coiled wire; a soft tape-like member to lock the swatch of hair curled upon the main body at the start and/or at the completion of the curling; structure which provides wide air circulation for quick drying; divers locking points so that both large and/or small curls may be securely maintained thereon.

Other objects, features, and advantages will be apparent thereinafter.

In the drawings which show the present preferred embodiment of the invention:

Fig. V1 is a plain end view ofv the main body member of the present invention.

Fig. 2 is a side view of the completepre'sent preferred form of the present invention, in unloaded condition.

Fig. 3 is a side sectional view, as on line 3-3 of Fig. l, of the curler shown in Figs. 1 and 2, but in loaded condition.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional view, similar to Fig. 3, but showing the main body yielding and partially collapsed.

Fig. 5 shows a slightly modified form of the present invention.

Fig. 6 is a central fragmentary section of Fig. 1 and shows the present preferred nal locking means. Fig. 7 discloses a slightly modified form of the curler shown in Figs. 1-4.

Referring now in detail to the drawings, and first to Figs. l, 2, 3, 4 and 6 which show the present preferred embodiment of the invention, a main body I0 is formed by making a spirally wound 4 Claims.- (Cl. 132-42.)

j well.

coil, of wire or otherresilient material, in the desired diameter and length. For example, small diameter short length coils are provided for small curlers and vice versa for large curlers. However, as will be pointed out in greater detailV hereinafter, long curlers of the present invention may be used advantageously to make small curls as well as large ones.

.This main body I0 is preferably made with uniform spaces II between-eachv spiral wound coil I2 to provide good resiliency and to cooperate in locking the curl. For purpose of illustrating the present invention the coils are shown as rather large diameter wire but in actual use .010 to .020 diameter wireseems .to work out very -This coiled main body I0 provides a core upon which a swatch of hair may be wound or curled. Surprisingly the hair does not slip down in between the coils, because the many laments of hair in the swatch `crisscross each other so frequently that thev swatch acts like a band and covers many of the coils.y Both ends of the coil are, preferably given return bends I3 inwardly as may be seen `best in Figs. 1, 2, and 3 to prevent the ends from hooking into the hair.

To lock the swatch of hair before and/or after curling, the present invention in its preferred form (Figs. vv1-4 inclusive and Fig. 6) includes a tape I4-having inner and outer loops I5 and I6 respectively extending longitudinally of the coils with a knot I1 at one end of the coil, preferably cast at least once about the last coil and having one `free end section I 8--of slightly greater length than the main body to form a lock, said knot I1 being of any conventional form which will not open when the free end section I8 thereof d is pulled.

Thus, to use the present curler a user'may start the outer end I9 (Fig. 4) of a swatch of hair under loop I6, or between loop I6 and main body I and thereafter wind the swatch completely upon the exterior of the main body whereupon it is merely necessary to cast the` outer free end section tautly over the curl and into one of the closest spaces between coils (Figs. 2 and 6) where said coils firmly grip and hold the free section I8 (Fig. 3).

Advantageously, if a swatch is relatively small and only half covers the main body lll, it is possible to pass the free end section I8 between coils near the center section longitudinally of the main body and thereby tautly hold a small curl as well as a large curl, something not possible with many curlers wherein a swingable wire lock or the like is used.

The curler so far described is very comfortable for the user. For example, a gir1 can go to bed with her lhair put up on a number of these curlers yet if her head rests upon several of them they yield readily as may be seen lbest in Fig. 4.

For economy it may be preferable to make the main body Hl as shown in Fig. 5 modification wherein the ends are merely close wound, to avoid the. more. dicult and. moreV costly re.- turn bend'type structure of Figs. 1 through- 3a The tape locking means for this main body I' may be the same and function the same as that shown in Figs. 2, 3, 4, and 6.

Fig. 7 discloses another slightly modified form' `of the present invention wherein the locking. means includes only a single strand 2l4 vsuitably knotted as at 22, so that much less tape need be used and so that assembly of the tape to the main body can be more easily effected. With this form it is merely necessary to curl a swatch of hairv onto themain'body. l0? (orl'f thentale the single strand section 2 I` and forceit'between-` the desired coils.

The above described curlers are very advantageous for resting and/or forsleeping because the coils are highly resilient' and' tendv to yield or conform. with head shape andv withA irregularities of a pillow or' the like;l (See Flfg.- 4') Conversely they alsohave excellentAV shape@ returning characteristics\.A v

In use, a personnormally wets the swatch of hair as by dipping a comb in water. or` hair'r setting solution then pulling the wet comb through the swatch", whereupon the wet swatch is curled on the body Iyor lill?, and the locking tape sections:V I8 or 21I is pulledl tight over the :5.

curl and snug between asuitable pair of adjacent coils e: g. between coilslnear'the'- endof the curler body when a large swatch is' wound or' curled thereon, as shownfin Fig. 3, or;V away from; the end, asV shown in fragmentary Fig. 6, if a small curl is-wound thereon. The wide spaces between `the coils and the largeopen center coil greatly facilitate and speed up the curl setting which occurs by reason of the hair drying in the curled Shape; v

'IoA remove the curler it is merely necessary to' pull the tape from between the coilsY of the main body whereupon' the curl opens slightly and the 'entire main body can be pulled longitudinally therefrom.

Variations and modifications may be made withinthe scope of this invention'and portions of 'the improvements maybe made without others.

Having, thusA fullydescribed thev invention,

. what is claimed as new and for which it is' desired to secure Letters Patent is:

1. Inia curler the combination' oi" an elongated,

round, open coil body, a exible strand looped around a longitudinal portion of said body, and said strand having a free section longer than said body and the end portion of which is adapted to be wedged between coils of said body.

2. A curler comprising an elongated open spirally coiled body, a flexible strand looped around a longitudinal portion of. said body from one end coil to the;v opposed end coil". means securing the looped strand to one end coil of said body, and said strand having beyond said means a free section adapted to be cast over said body and t@ be secured between divers coils thereof. 3.A A curler comprising an elongated open spirally coiled body, a flexible strand looped around alongiiudral; portion of said body from one end coil to .the opposed end coil, means securing the looped strand to one end coil of said body, said strand having beyond said means a free section adapted 'to' be cast' over' said body and to be secured between divers coils thereof, said free section of the strand being longer than said body, and saidf means comprising a knot 'xed to said end coil.

4. A curler` comprising an elongated open spirally coiied body, the coil of said body being composed of' light wireforminga readily flexible body, end coilsof sa-id body extending into and longitudinall'yoi'-Y said'4 body, anelongated flexible strand looped around a: longitudinal wall portion of said body around'- end coils, means xing the loop of said strand to onev of said end coils, and

said strand havingfa free section of greater length than said-body',` the 'free end portion of which is adapted toA be'- secured between predetermined' adjacent coils of said body.


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