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Publication numberUS259931 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1882
Filing dateFeb 20, 1882
Publication numberUS 259931 A, US 259931A, US-A-259931, US259931 A, US259931A
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Jacob simmons
US 259931 A
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(No Model.)


REVERSIBLE GOAT. I No.259,931. Patented June20, 1882.

N PETERS PlvomLlhngmpher Wash"! m o c UNITED STATES PATENT OFFI E.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 259,931, dated June 20, 1882. Application filed February 20, 1882. (No model.)

.To all whom it may concern: I

Be it known that I, JACOB SIMMONS, of the city of Baltimore and State of Maryland, have invented certain Improvements in Reversible Garments, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to certain improvements in a coat, either side of which may be used as the outer one 5 and the said invention consists in providing two complete coats, preferably of different styles and patterns of material, which are placed back to back and secured together at their edges, and furnished with a reversible turn-down collar and lapels,

which are faced on each side, respectively, with the same material as the side of the coat exposed to view when in use, as hereinafter described.

In the further description of my said invention which follows, reference is made to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof, and in which- Figure l is a view of a coat one side of which is of the business frock type or style and the other the ordinary sack, the frock-coat being shown as the outside one. Fig. 2 is a view of the coat reversed. Fig. 3 is a back view of the business frock-coat. Fig. 4 is a similar view of the sack. Fig. 5 is an enlarged view of the collar and apart of the body of the coat. Fig. 6 is a cross-section of Fig. 5 on thedotted line a: 3

Similar letters of. reference indicate similar parts in all the views.

A represents the frock-coat, and B the sack, and to readily distinguish them in the drawings the materials from which they are made are indicated respectively by vertical and diagonal lines.

To carry out this invention the material forming the lapel is reversed, so that it will match the other parts of the coat when properly turned over and in place, as will be seen by reference to the drawings. The combined coat, as here shown, is bound, the frock showing a wider binding than the'sack. The coatbodyis provided witha stiffener, a, which ends on a line which corresponds with the edge of the collar when turned over, as will be seen by reference to Figs. 5 and 6. By this means the break of the collar will invariably be on the same line and theshape cannot be easily altered.

It will be understood that each sectional coat is complete in itselfthat is to say, each coat has pockets and all the necessary parts the same as any ordinary coat, and differs from an ordinary coat only in the construction and arrangement of the lapels and collar, so as to correspond, when turned over or down, with the side of the garment exposed to view when in use.

I do not limit myself to a combined frock and sack'coat, as shown in the drawings, as coats of various styles may be used. An English single-breasted walking-coat or a sackcoat slit at the back seam may be combined with a double-breasted straight frock or a double-breasted box-coat, or with any other style that may be desired.

1 am aware that reversible vests have been madeby cutting four fore parts and attaching them to a single back, the garment being constructed without pockets and having merely a row of stitches or binding sewed on the material to represent acollar. I do nottherufore claim broadly a reversible garment; but

What I do claim is- As a new article of manufacture, a reversible coat which consists of two complete coats placed back to back and secured together at the edges, and provided with a reversible turn-down collar and lapels faced on each side, respectively, with the same material as the side of the coat exposed to view when in use, substantially as specified.

Q J AOOB SIMMONS. Witnesses:


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