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Publication numberUS2600961 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1952
Filing dateDec 13, 1948
Priority dateDec 13, 1948
Publication numberUS 2600961 A, US 2600961A, US-A-2600961, US2600961 A, US2600961A
InventorsHarry C Biehl
Original AssigneeHarry C Biehl
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Coin storing and dispensing device
US 2600961 A
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June 17, 1952 H, "BIEHL 2,600,961

COIN STORING AND DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Dec. 13. 1948 y22 f] J7/y 20 J2 J IN V EN TOR.

spring 24. is flat beveled and inclined inwardly and on this edge is engaged the bifurcated enlarged end 3l of an operating pin 32 which passes through an opening 33 in the cover II. The part of the bifurcation engaging the edge 30 is rounded to obtain a camming effect on the inclined upper edge of the lever and the shoulders formed by the enlargement and arms of the bifurcation limit the movement of the pin 32 upwardly by engagement with the cover I I on each side around opening 33. This limits upward movement of the lever 28 which through the action of the linger 29 limits movement of the disc I9 by the spring 24.

The ends I6 of the body are provided with vertical slots 34 opening into the cells I3 so that the number of coins in these cells may be observed. The cover plate II is provided with indicia 35 adjacent the pins 32 to indicate the unit values of coins controlled by each pin and the delivery and loading slots I4 in the ends I6 have like indicia 36 adjacent the respective slots, these latter indicia being inverted. The indicia 35 and 36 may be impressed or engraved in the surface of the device, painted thereon in contrasting color to the body or otherwise shown. In order to avoid unnecessary weight the body I may have recesses or passages 31 formed therein with voids between slots 25 and pores 26, and the side walls of the body casing.

In using the device it is rst loaded by inverting it from the position shown in Fig. 1. Observing the indicia (now right side up) the user pushes down and holds down the pin 32 closest to the entry slot for the unit value of the coin to be deposited. With the pin 32 in depressed position the lever 28 is rocked and the slide I9 retracted as at the right of Fig. 4. The proper coin or coins are then inserted at recess I4 where-i upon they will drop in the cell and accumulate against the plate II. plied with coins in like manner. having inserted all the coins he desires or when the capacity of the device has been reached,

the device is turned to the erect position of Fig. 1,

the pins 33 being left in protracted position. The slides will now be in outward positions and the coins in the cells will rest with the bottom coin of each of the usual piles on top of the respective slide I9. For dispensing a coin the pin 33 indicated by the adjacent index for the desired coin is depressedto bias lever 2B downwardly and inwardly. This moves the slide I9 The upper edge 30 of each lever 28v Other cells may be sup-,-I Upon the user the disc lug to retract the same upon downward engaging the levers to bias the same, said discs being arranged in pairs with their lugs having inwardly as at the right of Fig. 4 and the pile of coins drops so that the bottom coin of the pile rests on the plate I2. The pin 33 is now released and the slide will move outwardly under influence of the spring 24 and eject one coin, the remainder of the pile being supported by the slide. By repeating this operation for the same or other coin values the amount desired may be readily supplied.

What is claimed is:

l. In a coin storing and dispensing device, a casingincluding a body having recesses in its under side terminating in coin delivery slots, said body having coin receiving cells extending from the top of the body to said recesses, a disc in each of said recesses slideably movable beacicwnwaxjciiy,extending .finger freely @95931119 confronting and aligned coil spring supporting pins, a single coiled spring engaged between each pair of said upstanding lugs and seated on said spring supporting pins, a top cover plate secured to said body and closing the upper ends of said cells, said top cover plate having openings wherethrough said pins protrude, and a bottom cover plate secured to said body and closing said recesses.

2. In a coin storing and dispensing device, a flat shallow rectangular casing including a body having longitudinally aligned pairs of recesses in its underside terminating in outer coin delivery slots extending through opposed ends of the body, said body having pairs of transverse coin receiving cells extending from the top of the body of said recesses, horizontal longitudinal bores between the cells and recesses and establishing communication therebetween, there being transverse slots opening into said bores, a disc in each of said recesses slidably movable in opposite directions between a protracted position at leastA partially closing a respective cell bottom and a retracted position leaving said cell bottom open, said discs each having an upstanding lug at its inner end with a circular enlargement movable in a bore, a rockable lever pivoted horizontally in each slot and having an inwardly inclined top edge and a downwardly extending nger engaging at the outer side of a lug enlargement, said lug enlargements each having an inwardly projecting pin, a single coiled compression spring in each longitudinal bore engaged at its ends on said pins between aligned opposed pair of discs and lugs to normally hold the same outward, a top cover plate secured to the body and closing the upper ends of the cells, 'said top cover plate having openings over the slots, depressible pins having enlarged bifurcated lower ends and beveled and rounded at the bifurcation to straddle and slidably engage said inclined top edge of a lever and outward shoulders to engage under the top cover plate to limit projection of the pin, said rounded portion and inclined edge producing a camming action to rock the lever upon depression of a pin to move the nger inwardly against a lug to retract a disc and uncover a cell bottom for dropping of a coin into a recess and discharge therefrom under compression of a spring upon releasing the pin in each pair. and a bottom cover plate secured to said body and closing said recesses.


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