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Publication numberUS2602457 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1952
Filing dateJan 26, 1950
Priority dateJan 26, 1950
Publication numberUS 2602457 A, US 2602457A, US-A-2602457, US2602457 A, US2602457A
InventorsMele Michael R
Original AssigneeMele Michael R
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Multipurpose hair-waving instrument
US 2602457 A
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July 8, 1952 MELE 2,602,457


Patented July 8, 1952 W I -MULTIPURBOSE HAIR WAVI-NG 1 msriguismmi- .Michael nziui'e, ma ner. 7 J AppIicatiomJanuary ZG, 1950;"Serial 'No'.140L680 L present. invention. relates to asmultipurpusezinstrumentywhich: is adapted-for usein: the :home but is -especially intended for .use by .hairdressers and beauticians-in beautyyparlors and the. like when giving permanent-waves, tinting,

or-dyeing; a .customers hair.

A single hand-manipulatable. instrumentality with :combined facilitiesfor curling, combing :and .-;brushing hair: is not new. In fact, itis old in the art to' integrate: suchfacilities. into -.a single: :device. or instrument. Reference; .isv made for-example to: a patent itoione- Dorothy-"Hertzberg'; 2.272;!5'1, February 3, 1942-, which-.showsa brush. characterized. by a so-called'rat-tail handie, a bristle supporting member formed integral therewith andof substantially circular cross section adapted to support a-plurality of bristles,

and. an intermediate upright ifingereengaging member radially disposed with-.respe'ct to'the handle.

The purpose of the present invention is to improve upon Hertzberg and other known 'jpatents and multipurpose "hair-treating" "devices known to me; It'is therefore an obje'ctgin ad dition, to provide a simple and practical multipurpose instrument in" which manufacturers, users and others'will find their" expected needs fully met, contained.andJconveniently available.

Morespecifically, novelty is predicated. on an integral body of commercial. plasticor other suitablematerials which is susceptible .of'being kept conveniently in a sanitary state and which is characterized by a rat-tail handle with an especially constructed head at one end, said head characterized by a comb, an obliquely offset adapter flange and tufts of brush bristles on said adapter flange, there being finger-gripping lugs at"'the juncture of the comb and handle so that the entire unit may be conveniently and securely grasped and turned axially to comb and brush the hair in an almost continuous rotary motion, which, as is known to those skilled in this technique, is so essential for effective tinting, hair dyeing and other hair arranging and setting operations.

Other objects and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying illustrative drawings.

In the accompanying sheet of drawings, wherein like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a multipurpose instrumentality constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention;

2 Claims. (c1-..1s-2 1 9;)-

. 2 Eigurelris-ta side elevational view of; the same observing it in. a- .direction from right. to; left in Figure 1;

I Figures 3- and: 4 .are cross sections takenv on the planes of the: lines. *33' and. 4-4 respectively 'ofi Figure 2;.looking in the directionof the indicating 'arrows.

Referring-now to the. drawings. by reference numerals: and lead .lines, the .rat-tail' handle,

usedtfor. hair. curling; and wherevera. mandrel is-ineed'e'd'r, is denoted; by; the numeral. 6-. l-he head:.'on.'theouter larger. end portion, the-lefthandzendin Figure 1,,is oharacterizediby .a.comb which iszsome two and .half; inches-in length in practice, said comb denoted by the numeral.;8 and including teeth. l0. mountedas usual. on a l2;v Formed integral withethe backis. an obliquely or laterally oifseta'dapter flange [4 provided witha plurality of-tufts; oi brush-bristles 4:6; Theflan'gei-iand two rows-of. bristles L6 collectively provide whatv is unitarily" referred to as. a. brush 118 It will be noticedthatrthe bristlesiat-fthe left in Figure not 1 extend. out to the" "corresponding end. portion of the comb. Insteadi. they terminate inwardly of said end; The bristles slant upwardly and areatan approximate forty-fivedegree angle to the-teeth of, the. comb. In, practice one might. saythat the brush 18' is about the size of a. large-sized toothbrushor comparable insize with hair-tinting brushes now on the market. It is highlyimportant that the brush bristles be spaced from the left-hand end of the comb so as not to interfere with the comb when it is used for parting and blocking ones hair.

The utility of the instrument is enhanced by having a pair of diametrically opposite lugs 29-20 provided at the juncture of the handle means 6 and multipurpose head means 8 and IS.

The device may be conveniently used when applying permanent wave solutions, hair rinses, hair tints, hair dyes, and in scalp treatments using lotions.

Due to the forty-five degree angular position of the brush in respect to the. comb, the units 8 and I8 do not interfere with each other when the device is dipped into solution in a dish or a bowl and this is important as a time saver when applying hair tints and dyes.

It is quite possible by the separation and angularity of the brush and comb to apply different solutions on each and to still use them in unison or in proper sequences. By being able to simultaneously comband brush the hair in one operation by properly twisting the wrist and 4 Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A multipurpose instrument for use in beauty parlors, the home and elsewhere com prising, in combination, a straight comb including a linearly straight back having right angularbrush bristles thus located the front end of the comb does not interfere with the steps of'blocking and parting a customers hair while perma- I nent waving same. The arrangement of bristles in the construction shown will not interfere with hair while combing during a tinting job and also will not cause dye to readily flow on an already dyed portion of the hair.. Then, too, the adapter flange is at the correct angle to virtually elimihate, or to a great extent at least, dripping of solution onto the comb while either tinting or permanent waving.

The construction shown constitutes an excellent instrumentality for coldwave applicating purposes and assures thorough saturation and even distribution of the waving solution. With the angle at which the brush is set in relation to the comb the user is permitted to automatically brush the hair while completing the downward raking and thrust movement of the comb through the hair. Also this adaptation and arrangement of features when used in applying lotion eliminates loose hair'froin escaping from the curling rod. 7 The instrument is an ideal construction for blending vegetable rinses at home and makes for even distribution of the rinse and a uniform color through the entire head of hair by employing the dual purpose combing and brushing steps in practically one sweeping continuous motion.

It is thought that persons skilled in the art to which the invention relates will be able to obtain a clear understanding of the invention afterconsidering the description in connection with the drawings. Therefore, a more lengthy description is regarded as unnecessary.

Minor changes in the shape, size and arrangement of details coming within the field of inly disposed teeth, a rat-tail handle attached to, alined with, and extending from the inward end of said back,j'a pair of opposed lugs formed on said handle at the juncture of said handle and said back, said lugs being diametrically opposite to one another and in a plane with one anotherandat right angles to said teeth, said back having an oblique-angled adapter flange projecting therefrom, and brush bristles mounted on and projecting outwardly at right angles from said flange, said bristles being situated within vention claimed may be resorted to in actual practice if desired.

the marginal limits of said flange, the outermost bristles and the outer end of said flange being spaced inwardly from the corresponding endmost teeth of said comb to-permit the comb and brush to function conjointly' and simultaneously for combing and brushing and to prevent the bristles from interfering with the usual permanent waving steps of blocking and parting a customers hair, and said lugs being spaced from the inward end of said flange.

2. The structure specified in claim 1, wherein said adapter flange is rectangular in outline and rectangular in cross-section andis disposed at approximately an angle of 45 degrees relative to said teeth and said lugs and being'situate'd on a plane above the inward ends of said teeth.


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