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Publication numberUS2603468 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1952
Filing dateNov 19, 1949
Priority dateNov 19, 1949
Publication numberUS 2603468 A, US 2603468A, US-A-2603468, US2603468 A, US2603468A
InventorsOttis A Sutton
Original AssigneeO A Sutton Corp Inc
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Fan for humidifying, deodorizing, or the like
US 2603468 A
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J y 1952 o. A. SUTTON FAN FOR HUMIDIFYING, DEODORIZING OR THE LIKE Filed Nov. 19, 1949 Y J 7 INVENTOR. 'Ofzja A. Sutfon pm'wm Patented July 15, 1952 v i "For: IIIUMIDIFYINQDEODORIZING, "ORTHELIKE 1: tutti-sum, Wichita, Kanssassignor td-The V Ont-Sutton Corporation, Inc.',;Wichita, Karts" I a corporation of Kansas Application November19,'1949, $erial No."1 2 8, 399" 5 claims. (on. 26 1-4091) My present invention relates to a unit for cir- I culating and treating air for human comfort or'" other purposes." The present invention comprises an air propeller mounted coaxially within an annular cowl within which liquid may be contained,

the-cowl comprising at least one large section of porous material'through which liquid may escape by:capillary action and from which the liquid mayjevaporate intothe stream of air being moved through the cowl. The. principal purpose of the present invention is'to providefor air circula tion and for treatment of. the air being circulated by constantly evaporating thereinto a liquid having desired properties. One purpose of the present invention is to humidity air which is drier than that required for human comfort.

Another purpose of-the present invention is to provide means for adding to the air in an enclosure a volatile substance having the property of-masking or. destroying cooking odors, cigar.

smoke and other obnoxious odors which may exist in aroom.

A further object of the present invention is to provide means for evaporating a disinfectant into a room in, order to sterilize the air of the room ,or' to sterilize portions of the rooms A further object of the present invention is to provide, in a unit having desirable aerofoil characteris'tics and incorporating the principles of the patent to Odor et al., No. 2.330.907, issued October 5, 1943, means for adding volatile liquid components of any;desired characteristic to the air ib gf irculated.

tagesf ofrl the vpresentInvention will be more readily ascertained from inspection of the; fol:

regoingand other obj ectsan ain-- I lowing, specification taken in connectionwith the accompanying drawing wherein like .numerals v,


I theappended claims. mine. drawing, 1 j

3 is afront view ineleva't'ionof afan conl" [O -comprising 'an outer wall H and an in;-

inn ,w alli's; outwardly concave' each wall hav- I: ",veiftical, I section, Sn'i all I scars; taltie substantially along line2- -2 of Fig.,- J and liefouter wall is outwardly convex and the tonlike parts throughout, while the fea j,

.gnovem will be more distinctly pointed-i0 EigIfJ-"isja vertical satin through arm unit i constructed in accordance with the present inven overlying relationship to each other, after which ing an end -of=large diameter matching a rre sponding'end of the'ot'her wall andanend 'of smalldiameter matching the correspondingfend of the other wall.' Each wall is' injthe form 'of an annular ring, and the inner wall 12' is preferably in the form'ofja section ofacurvedly flaring fun nel: taken at right angles to its axis.'""The walls are 'joined in end-'to-end relation preferably "a's set forth in my copending applicatioms'erial No. 3 120,504, 'filed October lO, 1949', nowiPat'en't' No. 2,554,602,'issued May 29, 1951, the outer- .wall" being provided'with a flange l3'at onee'nd toem' brace the smaller end of the inner "wall whereby" 1; the two sections may be assembled in concentric,

a flange l4 may be rolled or otherwi'se' fo'rnied on the .xlarge' end of'the outer'wa'llto embrac the. large end of the inner'wall.

As explained in the aforesaid Patent N r 2,554,602; a motor I5 is mounted coaxiallywithin the bowl and comprises"a'"shaft lF'extending axially forward toward the constricted end of the cowl; the shaft supportin'gan airprop'ellerdn cluding a :hub Hficonvenientlyt connected; to the shaft and applurality of 'radially' extending"bla'des"' l8.;-having their ends extending to within a -short distance of theiinner wall 12." The. 'motor' issup ported-withintheicowl. by means of radiallyextending; arms 20 having'their inner ends fastened 5? tol'u'gs 2| on a motor embraoing ring 22 by means 1 of'screw's '23 and associated nuts'l24,'-therepreferably; being resilientzwashers 25Jfor preventing' transmission ofnoise and vibration"Ffrom =the motorfto the cowl; Theoute'r' ends of the arms-' 20-are fastened toithe inner-wall [2- by means of screws :26 passing "throughpp'ening's in'th wall into internally threaded lugs z lfasteri'ed to the "inner surface. of the wallja's' set forth in myaforesaid Patent No;'2,554,602. intermediate portionsi: of 'the' arms 20 are offset to provide means for concentrically locating 'ai-flaring, airguiding funnel 28 having openings through which the arms 20 pass, the: openings preferably being passed throughrubber'grommets 29 to eliminate or reduce noise and vibration transmissionu grille 30,. including a pluralityof radially extend= ing; rods :31, is mounted across the forward, con- 5 stricted end of the cowl; the tipsof the rods 31" extending rearwardly and being provided twith I offset portions forreception in-spring clip's"32; mounted on the inner wall l2 .asbymeans'of rivets. 33, as setforthin my copending-application, Serial-No. 120,503, filed" October 10," -194=9 ,-1 now Patent No. 2,554,601, issued May 29, 19 51 Preferably the, P W]. i5: Pro de Wit -1 Pallrbfltc my copending application, SerialNo. 120,502, filed October 10, 1949, now Patent No. 2,554,600, issued May 29, 1951.

nected bywires (not shown) to the motor an to a source of current.

In accordance with the presentzinvention,.the; annular, aerofoil space 40 defined byth'elinner and outer cowl walls II and I2 is utilized as a liquid holding tank, the tank being made .rela-;;

tively impervious to the passage of moisture as by means of a bead of solder or the like 4l'jioining the flange 13 to wall l2 and a corresponding bead pf solder or the like; 42joiningjthe flange :I l to xwalllly The; inner ends; of the-rivets 33 are likewiserso-lderedto the-"inner'surface of. the l wall 1 2 asfindicated at M;and the lugsz I are soldered to the inner 'surface'ofwthe'wall I2 as indicated: at. 44-; Similarly; the mounting -;members ---3 5:

wouldbe attached to the outer-wall l'l ina water'- tight :rmanner-o- (not EShOWI1)r;.- Inorder that the position relative? to the horizontal; without: permitting the escape of'rliquidthroughrthefilling neck: :"3

The -i-nner?wall l 2 is-amodified'. accordance. withIgthef present invention *by-having' at least one relatively large section thereof composed of capillaryi-rmaterial through :which 'li'quid may" escape;by jpassagethroughthetcapillaritiesthereof :and "evaporation? frdinr-its' in'nerisurface into the -moving "a'irstream: 1 In the-"present disclosure the: fporouswportion of r the iinner 'Wall is provided i by---a plurality of circumferentially Tspace'd plates lilleach of whichis preferably formed of-porous metal such' as sintered-,'zpowdered bronze, which? is almost-impossible to: corrode and which may be=soldered -or brazed to the? edges of openings 1115 13116 sinner"? wallso as 1:150v have: the" surfaces thereof flush withthe'inner wall; The-plates conform to 'the surface: of wall I I was not to interrupt the airstream;.'. ;Preferably eachi'openingr -in which; a plate is seated is defined by an inwardlyistruck flangelil defining an inwardly maybe-suppliedrwithliquid when the level is" low bmmeansof-a wick 53 in thetshape :of an endless- 1 bandvstretched:aboutnthei inner iwall in contact with: therinner surfaces ofi all the-plates- 59, 01; equivalent wick means depending into the low'er portiorrof the' tank. 7

It iwill beiappreciated that in the assembly of th -apparatus -the "members '35 are connected to the outer wall'and sealed thereto prior'tofassociatiori thereof with" the J inner wall. Similarly,

A control switch knob 38 is mounted on base 31, the switch knob, being con,

1' bo dim'ents ofthe invention, it should be apparent the plates 50, the lugs 21 and the rivets 33 are positioned on the inner wall and sealed thereto prior to assembly thereof with the outer wall.

The tank provided by the hollow, annular cowl may be filled or partially filled with the desired liquid. The liquid may be water when it is desiredmerely to humidify the 'airrpassinggthrough the cowlf'oritmay. be a disinfectant, a deodorant, a perfume, a medicament, or any other desired iliquid.

.QHaving illustrated and described preferred emto'those skilled in the art that the invention permitsl'of modification. in arrangement and detail. I claim as my-i'invention all such modifications as 'co'rne withirr' the true spirit and scope of the ,appended claims. .o

' I' claim:

1. 'An air circulating and treating unit com- 20, prising an annular cowl including an outwardly ameter. han theioth'erfandlanoutwardly concav innerl'iwallehaving'coneiendof substantially; th same diameter as thetlarge endo f; said outer wal andi-its: other 'end: of *sub'stantiallyfth'e isame di.

ameterasfth'e smalli end" of said"zouteriwallyfsaid 5 walls being arranged one withinithei other? with their 'end edges :o'f corresponding'diameter sealed-1 to each othe'r to 'define an' annulari space Within v? whichlliquid' may be contained, a motor mountedfl 1 coaxially 'withinsai'd cowl and supported" thereby; said motor having a protruding shaft 'ex'tending v toward the end er said" cowl of lesser diame'tei'fe I an air propeller fixed to sa id shaft and; including ee' ends adjacent said I inher= wall; saidblades being' so i Y a plurality of radial bla'des having their arranged as "to draw 'a'ir =t l -1rough saidcowl rem its larger end and =pro'pel the air-"f thrbiigh the sm'aller end 'thereo f-,=-said' innerwall having atleast one large 'opening therethr'ough,' fa plate having an' outer-surface oonfo'r'rrling to the *e'ii posed surface of said innerwall seated-in's'aid" largeopening withit's outersurface flush fwith the outer surface of said inner wen; i said plate means to *fill said'fcow'l Withliquid whereby air thereof; 1

are seated within a' plurality Of large ;openings wspaced circumferentiallyafbout said inner wall,

111 -combina tion with wickflmea extending .fromjj said plates whereby liquid may be geleyatedytosaid.

7 liquid. 1

prising an annular cowl includingan" outwardly. convexouter wallfhaving one 'end ofc'larger "d ameter than the other andan outwardly con'ca and its other end? of "substantially. "the same d ameteras the small eni of said iouter"wall,i.fsa1 walls being" arranged one within: the otlier fwit their endedges fo' f correspondingdiameter. seale convexacouterpwall having one; end;of-:larger *di-j being COmIiOSd-bfi'na terialhaving c'apillary pas-" sages therethrough -tlnoughqut*-its= t fl d= *2. The construction set'fortlrin claimlwherein, a plurality of such plates ofcapillaryrnaterial n en 51913 th njclaim l where-' in pluralityof suoh platesof capillarymaterial]' are seatedwithin a plurality: of. iarg'e-jopeni lgsggj spaced circumferentially about said inner wall ;1

the lower interior of said cowl intojontactwith 4. An air circulatingand treating unitrconi-f" inner Wall av ng one end of substantiallythe Same diameter sihe l rg en of said outer wall! 5 which liquid may be contained, a motor mounted coaxially within said cowl and supported thereby, said motor including a protruding shaft, an air propeller fixed to said shaft and including a plurality of radial blades having their free ends adjacent said inner wall, said blades being so arranged as to draw air through said cowl from its larger end and propel the air through the smaller end thereof, said inner wall having at least one large opening therethrough, a plate having an outer surface conforming to the surface of said inner wall seated in said large opening with its outer surface flush with the exposed surface of said inner wall, said plate being composed of porous material, and means to fill said cowl with liquid whereby air passing through said cowl may be tempered by liquid passing through said plate by capillary action and evaporating from the inner surface thereof, said filling means comprising an open neck at the top of said cowl, a separable cap associated with said neck, and a gasket within said cap for sealing said cap to said neck.

5. An air circulating and treating unit comprising a hollow, annular cowl including an outwardly concave inner wall having one end of larger diameter than its other end, a motor mounted coaxially within said cowl and supported thereby, said motor including a shaft, an air propeller fixed to said shaft and including a pluaeosAe r-ality of radial blades having their free ends adjacent said inner wall, said inner wall having at least one large opening therethrough, a porous plate having an outer surface conforming to the surface of said inner wall sealed in said large opening with its outer surface fiush with the outer surface of said inner wall, means to fill said cowl with liquid whereby air passing through said cowl may be tempered by liquid passing through said plate by capillary action and evaporating from the inner surface thereof, said filling means comprising an open neck, a separable cap associated with said neck, and a gasket within said cap ,for sealing said cap to said neck, and means pivotally supporting said cowl for rotation about a horizontal axis.


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