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Publication numberUS2604171 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 22, 1952
Filing dateAug 24, 1948
Priority dateAug 24, 1948
Publication numberUS 2604171 A, US 2604171A, US-A-2604171, US2604171 A, US2604171A
InventorsOrson G Houser
Original AssigneeVickers Inc
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Power transmission
US 2604171 A
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July 22 1952 o. G. HoUsER POWER TRANSMISSION Filed Aug'. 24, 1948 FIG. 4

w. m n m BY ORSON G. HOUSER A 4 /MM I ATTORNEY \lower end of the drive cylinder.

Patented July 22, 1952 PowER TRANSMISSION i Orson G. Houser, Tulsa, Okla., assigner to Vickers Incorporated, Detro of Michigan it,'Mch., 'a corporation Application August-...24, 1948, )Serial No. 494l') This invention relates to power transmissions, and is particularly applicable to those of the type comprising two or more fluid pressure energy translating devices, one of which may function as a pump and lanother as a fluid motor. f

The .invention is more particularly concerned with an .improved well pumping apparatus especially adapted for ease in service operations. Where. deep wells 'are provided with pumping equipment using'suc'ker rods, the sucker rod actuating mechanism is usually mounted upon a skid base so that the polish rod is in line with the well casing directly above it and the casing head is provided with a packing or stuffing box surrounding the polish rod.

In pumping equipment such as the hydraulic type Where the polish rod telescopes upwardly into the pump drive cylinder, it is undesirable to have a sucker rod joint pass through either the well head stuffing box or the packing at the It has been customary heretofore to provide a long enough polish rod so that when it is fully elevated in the drive cylinder, the rst joint extends down into the well head below the well head stufling box.

In order to service the well, that is to pull out the sucker rod string, or to replace the sucker rod actuating unit, it is necessary to dismantle the drive cylinder and lift it up over the end of the polish rod and drive piston or else to pull the entire work cylinder and polish rod upwardly to bring the first sucker rod joint above the Well head stufling box. This latter practice frequently entails damage to the stuing box and either practice is time consuming and requires the use of heavy lifting equipment.

It is an object of the present invention to provide an improved Well head construction which will permit the polish rod and the pump actuating mechanism to be disconnected from the sucker rod string in a simple and expeditious manner not requiring heavy lifting equipment or disassembly of a driving cylinder and its associated packing and which does not require that a rod joint be drawn through a stuffing box,

A further object is to provide an improved stuffing box support and casing head :seal` which may be quickly opened, providing access to the rst sucker rod joint Without having to lift any heavy apparatus or to risk damage to the stuffing box by pulling a rod joint through it.

Further objects and advantages of the present invention will be apparent from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing wherein a preferred form of the present invention is clearly shown.

1 Claim. (Cl. 16S-14) Inthedrawin'g; w lig'ure 1 is a side view ofa wellpump'ing apparatus in position over awelland incorporating a preferred fornlgofthev present invention.

Figure 2 is a sectional View on a larger scale of thewell head and jstliiling box'supportforming part of the apparatus in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a view. corresponding tojFigu're, 2 showing the parts in disassembled position.

Figure 4 is a view'fcor'responding to Figure 2 showing the parts inf'another .disassembled position.

There is illustrated in Figure 1, a well pumping unit generally designated IU and mounted on skids i 2 adjacent a well casing I4. The details of the pumping lunit form no part of the present invention, there being indicated for illustrative purposes a unit of the hydraulic type having a drive cylinder I6 mounted on a tripod I8 above the Well. The lower end of the work cylinder, as shown in Figure 2, has a cylinder head 20 provided with the usual rod packings through which a polish rod 22 extends. The latter is provided with a screw joint 24 which connects with the sucker rod 26. The head of the well casing I4 is provided with the usual head tting 28 and discharge conduit 30 leading therefrom. Screwed into an upwardly facing opening in the fitting 28 is a stufling box support generally designated 32 which carries the usual polish rod stulng box 34 at its upward end. The support 32 includes two telescoping tubular members 35 and 38, the former being provided with a clamping and packing assembly 40 for the purpose of frctionally holding the members in extended position and sealing the joint therebetween. The normal position of the stufiing box support is illustrated in Figure '2 from which it will be seen that the joint 24, there illustrated in its highest position normally occupied with the drive cylinder I6 in place, lies above the casing head fitting 28 but below the stuffing box 34. In normal operation the polish rod 22 will move downwardlyfrom this position by the length of piston stroke so that the stuffing box 34 is always operating on the continuous surface of the polish rod 22. l

When it is desired to service the well or to remove orreplace the pumping unit I0, the clamp 40 is released and the member 36 may be unscrewed from the fitting 2B. The two supporting parts may then be telescoped upwardly and lifted to the position shown in Figure 3. This ex- ,poses the joint 24 and after the usual slips 42 have been placed to hold the sucker rod string in position, the polish rod 22 maybe unscrewed from the sucker rod 26, thus completely dis- Y 3 connecting the entire pumping unit from the sucker rod string. The pumping unit may then be easily slipped to one side on its skids l2 for such further service operations as are necessary either on the pumping unit itself or on the sucker rod string.

Thereis illustrated atFigure-fl` an alternative; Way of using the telescoping support and particularly for such installations where the joint 24 has an upper position, closer to the normal posi-r tion of stufng box 34. In this instance vafter the clamp 40 is loosened, the stuffing box assemsupported in normal position above the lower end the combination of a well head, a sucker rod operating device supported independently of and above the well head and having a polish rod of such length that the lower end thereof may be elevated above the well head, a stufng box Surrounding the polish rod and a tubular supporting assembly for Ythe stui-ng lbox. comprising at least two-telescoping members attached at one end to the well head and at the other end to the stuffing box, whereby the stung box may be fof the polish rod when the members are in bly 39 is unscrewed from the member 38 and ,Y

the latter is telescoped downwardly Yinto the tube 36 and the stufng box lifted upwardly against the cylinder head 20.

attachedand extended position, and the lower end of the. polish rod may be exposed above the The slipskmay Athen be l placed on the top of the tubel 3B' and the jointv Well head for connection or disconnection from the suckervrodrwhen said supporting assembly is detached'at'one end and the members telescoped together.


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