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Publication numberUS2604999 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 29, 1952
Filing dateNov 9, 1949
Priority dateNov 9, 1949
Publication numberUS 2604999 A, US 2604999A, US-A-2604999, US2604999 A, US2604999A
InventorsSutton Agnes W
Original AssigneeSutton Agnes W
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Clothes hanger holder
US 2604999 A
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i 14952 A. w. SUTTON 2,604,999

CLOTHES HANGER HOLDER Filed Nov. 9, 1949 Inventor Agnes W. Suflan w wm Patented July 29, 1952 UNITED STATES F'E'ENT OFFICE 2,604,999 CLOTHES HANGER notions Agnes W. Sutton, Blair, Nebr.

Application November 9, 1949, Serial No. 126,361

2 Claims.

This invention relates to novel and useful improvements in attachments for supporting clothes hangers.

An object of this invention is to releasably support a number of coat hangers or simply one coat hanger, on a clothes-line by means of an intermediate structure which holds the clothes hanger in place on the line without having the clotheshangers slide towards each other due to the bending of the clothesline by concentrated load which would normally be present by placing the clotheshangers directly on the line, and which prevents the hangers and clothes from being blown from the line by wind.

Another object of this invention is to releasably hold a bracket on a clothesline by an improved structure which presses the bracket firmly against the clothesline at spaced points on the clothesline and on the bracket.

Ancillary objects and features will become apparent to those skilled in the art, in following the description of the illustrated form of the invention.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device showing a clothesline and the attachment;

Figure 2 is a transverse sectional view taken substantially on the line 2--2 of Figure 1 and in the direction of the arrows;

The instant invention deals with attachments for supporting clothes and other analogous objects, particularly articles of laundry.

As shown in Figure 1 there is a fragmentary part of a clothesline to illustrate the use of the device. The clothesline is purely conventional in nature and may be any type. The hangers l2 are also illustrative of any suitable type of hanger however, it is suggested that hangers be employed which have conventional hooks I6 extending therefrom.

A substantially U-shaped bracket generally indicated at It is supplied. This bracket is an elongated longitudinal member consisting of a web 20 together with legs 22 and 24. The leg 24 is longer than the leg 22 and is provided with a series of apertures or openings 26 to accommodate the hooks is of the conventional hangers. Any number of apertures may be employed, largely depending upon the size of the article of invention.

A pair of spaced openings (unnumbered) are provided in the web 20 of the bracket and two locking devices are individually passed therethrough. Each locking device consists of a shank 39 and has a curved lower end 34 which embraces the clothesline l pulling it upwardly and against the web 20 and the side of leg 24. To reverse the hook or curved end portion 34 would cause the clothesline In to be clamped against the web 20 and against the leg 22. In either event the fastening devices which are identical in structure, clamp the clothesline firmly within and against the bracket at two spaced points,

releasably maintaining it on the clothesline I0.

By employment of the single locking device at each end of the bracket, it is necessary only to loosen the wing nut 32 and remove the clothesline from within the bracket. The locking devices are not ordinarily removed from the bracket so that they can not become inadvertently lost.

In operation it is only necessary to apply the device on a clothesline or other elongated object such as a wire. Then, the apertures 20 are used to receive the hooks 16 of coat hangers, maintaining them in an orderly spaced arrangement.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A clotheshanger holder for a clothesline comprising an elongated bracket which is substantially U-shaped in cross sections and including a web with a pair of parallel legs extending therefrom, one of said legs having at least one aperture to accommodate the hook of a clotheshanger, means passed through the web of said bracket for releasably securing said bracket to a clothesline, said means including a threaded shank with a nut engaging the outer surface of said web, and a curved end on said shank terminating near the inside surface of one of said legs of said bracket to press the line against the inside surface of said web and against one of said legs.

2. An attachment for a clothesline, said attachment comprising a substantially U-shaped bracket having a web and a pair of legs, one of said legs being longer than the other and having openings therein to accommodate coat hanger hooks, said web having an aperture, a shank having a threaded portion, said shank being disposed in said aperture, a hookat the opposite end of said shank and located between said legs, said hook being arranged so that a plane passed therethrough is located transversely of said bracket, the end of said hook being located adjacent to one of said legs so that a clothesline disposed in the hook is pressed toward said web and said one of said legs, and means disposed on the threaded portion of said shank for pulling said shank, thereby pulling the hook thereof tightly in clamping relationship with the clothes line.


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U.S. Classification211/113, 211/123, D06/328
International ClassificationA47G25/14, A47G25/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G25/1478
European ClassificationA47G25/14C