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Publication numberUS2605000 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 29, 1952
Filing dateAug 27, 1946
Priority dateAug 27, 1946
Publication numberUS 2605000 A, US 2605000A, US-A-2605000, US2605000 A, US2605000A
InventorsHarry A Tomarin
Original AssigneeLoroco Ind Inc
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Tie holder
US 2605000 A
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July 29, 1952 H. A. TOMARIN TIE HOLDER Filed Aug. 27, 1946 IN VEN TOR.

' HARRY A. TOMARIN Patented July 29, 1952 umrsoa PATENT OFFICE I Imnroco =Industries-Inco a-corp oration-of Dhio rporated, Reading, Ohio Applicatipn Augustfil, 1946,..Serial No. 693,246

' r -claims; (or. 211-413) This invention ,relates to .a holder, and more particularlymo a holder for neckties.)

An objector the invention .-is ,to- ,providelan inexpensive, yet .highly efficient tie holder foriuse witha standard .garment hanger.

Another object .of the-invention is to provide preformed sheets of material which maybe delivered -to drycleaning establishments, and; the like, in flat condition, to-be folded and attached to a standard garment hanger by the-cleaner at the time of use.

Another object of the invention istoprovide an inexpensive tieholder attachment forgarment hangers which isadapted to, hold-from one .to twenty-four ties'in such .a-manner as to preclude their accidental or unintentional removal from the holder:

Still a.further-object of-- the invention is to providea tie holder, for attachment to a garment hanger, and which is characterized by the ease with -whichties are secured to and removed from said holder.

Another object of'the invention is to provide a tie holder for attachment toa standard garment hanger, for providing a device for holding ties incident to the cleaning operations to which they are subjected in dry-cleaning establishments, and on which they may be delivered by the cleaner to their customers, and which may be used by the customers as a convenient, easytogusetie rack.

A fnrtherobjectof the invention is to .provide a. tie: holder having the hereinabove described characteristics andwhich'may be inexpensively manufacturedin gre t quantities usingmodern massrproduction methods.

These and other objects are attained by'the means described herein and'aszdisclosed in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig: '1 is -.a top plan view-of an extendedyblank comprising a detail of the invention, and from which the tie holder is formed.

Fig. 2 is a front elevation showing the blank of Fig. 1 folded and attached to a standard garment hanger, andwith a necktie supported therefrom in position of use.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view on line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 3, but differing therefrom in that a tie is associated with each of the registering slots in flaps 26 and 28, whereas in Fig. 3 the necktie is supported by both of the registered slots of said flaps.

With reference now to Fig. 1, it will be observed that body member ll) of the han er is substantially rectangular in shape, is defined by a pair 2 P of'laterally spaced; substantially parallel side edges l l a pair of end-edges l2 and "has a median score line I3 extending transversely thereof between, end edges l2 and intermediate and parallel with side edges ll.

Body member ID maybe fabricated from sheet material such as cardboard'metal, plastic, fabric,

andgthe, like, it being understood that the particular material'selected will be determined by "the particular usage to which the tie holder will be put. That is, for one time delivery use by dry cleaners, it may-be desirable to fabricate the holder from cardboard, however, for home use it may be more desirable to fabricate it from metal, fabric, or of "plastic.

A pluralityof pairs of laterally aligned T slots, denoted generallyby the -numeral1 I 5 are provided in body member ID, wherein each T slot includes an elongated horizontal portion l6 of suflicient extent to receivethe neck band 20 ofa necktie 22, and a throat portion 25 which is disposed at substantial right anglesrelative to horizontal portion Ifi, The lower endof said throats terminateatancl formanopeningin side edges ll forfacilitating the introduction ,of the neck band of anecktieintohorizontal portion, 1 5;of the slots.

Inthe preferred embodiment of the invention, the adjacentihorizontal onbodyportionslfi of the T slotsare alternately spaced atdifierentielevations relativeto side/"edges v H, thereby providing a. compact, yet, sturdy: jholder which will accommodat from, one to. twenty-four. ti insuch l manner. that ,a considerable, "portion of each tie is always'visible.

The ,tie hjolder blanks may be delivered to the users thereof in the fiat, extended condition shown in Fig. 1, it being.und,erstood,that body portion l0 willbe folded, on itself about .median I 3. Iorprbviding. repair of downwardly. extending fiapslzt and 28; It. willebe, observedthatwhen thus folded to the position illustrated in Figs. 2 and 3 the slots comprising each pair will be in registry with one another, for providing a double thickness of supporting material for the neckband of a necktie, as illustrated in Fig. 3. If desired, and in order to increase the carrying capacity of a tie holder, a tie may be associated with each of the T slots com rising a pair of flaps 25 and 28, as disclosed in Fig. 4.

Neckwear, and the like. may be easily mounted in the slots by introducing the neckband portion upwardly thru throat portion 24 then into horizontal portion It. Once a tie has been mounted in a slot, or pair of slots, as disclosed in Figs. 2 and 3, it will be noted that it cannot be accidentally or unintentionally removed from the holder, since the horizontal slot portion engages the neckband of the tie at its narrowest portion. The relationship between the width of throat portion 24 to the length of horizontal portion i6 is such as to preclude removal of the tie from portion Iii-except in response toan intentional and deliberate aotionitli'e part of theu'se'r: of. thesevice. The outward taper of the ends of a tie effectively precludes the tie from being pulled; thru portion I6, wherefore it will be observed, that the ties will be positively, though removably;--

secured to the tie holder. Y I

The folded holder is adapted V the lower horizontal leg 30 of a standard triangular shaped garment hanger,,denotedgener ally by the numeral 32, in suchamanneras to locate flaps 26 and 28 on opposite sidespf-said ii' as c li rl m mly des ne u pteuro hemp-s ps var sent nyenti n ay 1 end edges tendin 4 substantially parallel side edges, and a pair of end edges, a median score line disposed intermediate said side edges and extending between said end edges, a pair of opposed laterally aligned T slots provided in said material with the indi vidual slots comprising the pair located on up- ,positejsidesof said median score line and with thet owerend Q1: jrtie m nat a d in open communication with a side edge.

3. A tie holder for attachment to the lower horizontal leg of a standard triangular garment hanger, which holder comprises a sheet of flexiblernaterialdefined by a pair of laterally spaced "upst tially 'parallel side edges, and a pair of p I u edian score line disposed interrnediate said s edges and extending between saia enaeoees;span of opposed laterally aligned T-slot s provided in said material with the individual slots comprising the pair located on opposi e s d s of a d m dian s re line a d w the lower end each Tterrninatingffiat andin agre s irframe; ;aaaaed to e has" 'ir a saidflower -ha ge legf-with'corresponding" orz t leesfi a arms ih a h i depending on opposite sides thereof; a earty p o'vided'inone of'sa-id flaps' xwh 'th'e lower en reac terminatifi gat an in communication with thlower q .7 arf renninneat 1 929 D -0;. 939

fiQ'iatgeza; 1 i Ap l .14 1 3 eal r FOREIGN Mayan i928

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