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Publication numberUS2605387 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 29, 1952
Filing dateSep 23, 1948
Priority dateSep 23, 1948
Publication numberUS 2605387 A, US 2605387A, US-A-2605387, US2605387 A, US2605387A
InventorsGeorge M Brodie
Original AssigneeGeorge M Brodie
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Safety guard for fluorescent lamps
US 2605387 A
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y 1952 G. M. BRODIE I SAFETY GUARD FOR FLUORESCENT LAMPS Filed Sept. 23, 1948 Patented July 29, 1952 UNITE or STAT-fies?" .o FFicEj v SAFETYiGUKBD FOR FLnoR soE rn AMrs.

v GeorgerMiiBrodie, Ridgefi'eldjN.-"Ji

Kpplication September-.23, 1948,: S.erial No1a-50;678;

invention relates to" fluorescent lighting fixtures and more particularlieto safety;- guards" forsuch'fixtures; 4

W-h'enfluorescent lighting:fixtures-araused in factories and othe r buildingswhere there -is' 'considerable vibration; it is not uncommon for the fluorescentlamp tubes to 'b'ecomedisengaged"- lightlngtfixtureswith' aminimumlof labor; i

,iWith'. theiiabove and other objects in.view; .a's willl'hereinafter" appear; the invention comprises theidevices; combinations; andflarrangements'lof parts hereinafter set'forth and -illustrated .inthe accompanying drawings of apreierred .embodie merit of. the: invention; from which the several featureso'f "theinvention and the advantages-ate tainedltherebwwill be readily 'understoodlby those skilled. in" the'art.

Iiilthe drawings, Fi'g. lis'a transverse sectional view'of' a two lamp" fluorescent lighting fixture showing one of my improved lamp guards attached thereto.

Fig. 2 is a vertical section, substantially on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 1 but showing another embodiment of my invention applied to a three lamp fixture.

Fig. 4 is a vertical section, substantially on the line 4-4 of Fig. 3, but showing the lamp-supporting guard in elevation.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged section, substantially on the line 55 of Fig. 4, showing particularly certain detent notches hereinafter referred to.

Referring more specifically to the drawings and first to Figs. 1 and 2, the invention is disclosed as embodied in a two lamp fluorescent lighting fixture comprising a top housing I, a reflector 2 supported thereby, lamp-supporting socket elements 3 and fluorescent lamp tubes 4 secured'in the socket elements. Between the socket elements 3, the reflector 2 is provided with a hole 5 2"; throughlwhichis.passedtheuppenend of'aig'uard; supporting rodtfi; A. nut'l. threaded .on.tlie.-.rod.l6 ,1. a, meta1' washer;8 .and. an insulatihgwasher. 9.-sur..-

.rounding.. the rod; 6.: are arranged beneath. .the. reflector'..2.-. and...a simil'aninsulating, washer. l0,

metalwasher I l,.v andnut-J 2 .are mounted. on.the. rod fi above -the.r1'8flQOtO1'.-. 2'. screwing clown.;of;. thenutv ,l'2Lclamps. therefiectorbetween the.waslu ers..9l.-and ln and supports .tharo d. vertical... position.) A. cotter. pin. 13' passing through-the. uppenende-of. therodvfi ginsu-res. againstaccidental removal-. of.. the;nut. l 2; Slidmgly mounted onthe. pin..6, beneath .thenut J isiam collar. l 4.from...the..

, opposite sides of which. project.arms l5nhavingfv curved.portions...l5a whichmndcrlie and;yieldingly engage the fluorescent-lamp tubes 4-. The curved portions l5? of. thQgarms. terminate. in: straight horizontally disposed rportionsr l 5 which bear K 'against.--tlf1e. sides'of.theJamp,tubesl-tosprevent the arms, [5n andlcollar. 1.4 from. tending to rotate.-

ab outl-theaxis.ofwtherod-zfiv At itslowerend-theirod..6 carries-ahead. 6% upon which rests asheet metal-cup, l B.-. A. coil spr-ing.--'l-l-, surrounding :the:

23 pin fi and' rinterposed between.the. cup I 6. and the.

collan. l4; normally; urges the-collar I 4' and-arms l5- .upward-ly -.-to .thepositiomshown .in Fig. ,1- in which thecurved-portions. I5 ofathearmseng ec andbean. lightly. against the.. under sides of. the

.lamp tubes 45!. should either. of.the=lamp.tubes-y 'beqomc, disengaged..from...its. socket 3, it.w.i.llbe-v supported by..the..arm. I 5; andprevented. from; falling; Itlis.;,understood,. of..course, that one;of"ithese.guarddevices. isJocatedat. each end. of'the lighting fixture.

When it is desired to remove a lamp tube 4 from its socket, the collar I4 is grasped and the collar and the arms l5 are drawn downwardly, in opposition to the spring II, to the position illustrated in dotted lines in Fig. 1, and then turned ninety degrees about the axis of the rod 6 or until the arms are arranged substantially parallel to the lamp tubes. Either or both of the lamp tubes may then be removed in the usual manner. After the lamp tubes have been replaced the guard device is again shifted to the position shown in full lines in Fig. 1 and again serves to prevent falling of the lamp tubes.

In Figs. 3, 4 and 5, the invention is shown as embodied in-a similar guard for a three lamp fluorescent lighting fixture. Insofar as the parts are similar to those shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the

gether to permit easy grasping of the collar M to draw the guard device downwardly to permit removal of the lamp tubes. Therefore, in guard devices for lighting fixtures having three or more 7 toform a fingergrip 1 9-. When one or more of,

the lamp tubes shown in Fig. 3 areto be removed, the finger grip is is grasped and the collar [4 and guard wire i5 are drawn downwardly to the J position illustrated in dotted lines, after which the guard is turned ninety degrees about the'ax'is Figs, 1 and 2.

AS shown i Fi s- 4, 5; the rod a- 1% formed at its lower end with a head 6 the under. a

surface of which is formedwith two sets of trans- Versely arranged detent notches 6 and 6 into which the wires of the tapered lowerfendf o the loop iii are adapted to be'seated to hol guarddevice in either of two predetermine sitions. Whenthelirnbs oij'the loop lg are m ne notches 65e s shown in Figs.- 3 and 4,

enjd 'of the fluorescentflampftubesi 7 V Havirlgthus setv forth the natureof the 1neachfendjofthe lighting fixture to support each vention, what rclaim herein is l. 'A safety guard for, a fluorescent lighting ture having a reflector and carrying a plurality of: lamp tubes, comprising ;a suppor ting* rod adapted to be secured at one"endjtdthereflec tor,a head on the opposite end oi? said rod, tran sversely arranged detent notches formed in said head; a collar rotatably'and slidablymoi nted on said rod, a pair of oppositely'extendin'g arifrrs car of lamp tube guarding position and said detent portion cooperating with said detent notches to lock said arms in lamp tube guarding position.

2. The combination with a fluorescent lighting fixture having a reflector, a plurality of lamp sockets and a plurality of lamp tubes removably supported in said sockets with the tubes spaced 7 apart not materially greater than the diameter of the tubes, of a afety guard for the lamp tubes comprising a verticallydisposed" supporting rod carried by= and depending fromsaid reflector between two of said tubes, a head formed at the lower end of said'supporting rod and having provided therein transversely arranged detent 1'5" '7 of the rod 6 as above described with respect to ;1

notches, a collar 'slidably and rotatably mounted .on'said rod, a pair of oppositely extending lampengaging arms carried by said collar and each ried'by said collar and adapted when: said rod i'sf secured to the" reflector to be" disposed in lamp tube guardihg 'position so'as toengagethe lamp tubes carried by the' fixture a' coil spring surrounding said rod intermediate said head andf said collar, and; a hand grasp carried-by said col lar and having a.detent pgrt ion engagin 'saidi detent notches, said hand "graspbeing'rotated with said collar'to'move said arms into and out Q underlying oneof'said lamp tubes, a coil spring F'jSUIIOllIldiIlg said supportin rod and acting between said head and collar to maintain said arms in lamp-engagin position, and a; hand grasp carriedb and depending from said comm t -ra cilitate the withdrawal of said arms :ff ro msaid;

a p tubes andi eiurnin qie app x q .n' e' t d re to n m ati ition; n: -W 1 l%hey ar rran ed betwe n n l n th-7. wise ofsaid lamp tubes to permit removal orthe,

lamp tubes from said socketssaidhand grasp being provided with a detent' portion adapted;-

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