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Publication numberUS2605896 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1952
Filing dateAug 9, 1949
Priority dateAug 9, 1949
Publication numberUS 2605896 A, US 2605896A, US-A-2605896, US2605896 A, US2605896A
InventorsRohdin Howard A
Original AssigneeRohdin Howard A
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Bag with coloring capsule
US 2605896 A
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Aug. 5, 1952 ROI-[DIN 2,605,896

I BAG WITH COLORING CAPSULE Filed Aug. 9, 1949 2 SHEETS-SHEET l 62 INVENTOR r. Hon/0R0 H. Pane/N fig 176 ATTORNEY 1952 H. A. ROHDIN 2,605,896

BAG WITH COLORING CAPSULE Filed Aug. 9, 1949 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 INVENTOR flown/a0 l7. Faun/1v BY J ATTORNEY 1 out the oleomargarine.

F re 1 v the form illustrated in Figure l; I

Fi ure 3 is aplanv cw. ad nt app i tlOIlj'Of the invention; a

Patented Aug. 5, 1952 ome ' 71 claim. (01; cad- 47) e tion-mirr rin an improved bag for oleomargarine in which the -It' is an object of this i mixing of coloring matter with the margarine is facilitated and which will be easy and cheap tomanufacture. z I v Itis a further object of this inventionto pro ,vide a bag as aioresaidwhich greatly expedites the distribution of the coloring matter through- It is a further object of this invention to'provide a method oi using the bag as aforesaid which will greatly shorten the time and reduce the effort incident to mixing coloring with margarine. l

The above and other objects will be made clear from the following detaileddescription taken in connection-with the annexed drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a plan view of one form of the implan View oita modification of Figure 4 is a modific nao the rmfll trated in Figure 3;

Figure 5 is a further modification of the form illustrated in Figure 3;

Figure 6 illustrates an essential step in the improved method of using the bag;

Figure 7 is a plan view of a different type of bag; and

Figure 8 is a section on the line 8-8 of Figure 7.

In my Patent ,No. 2,469,521 I showed a package in which a capsule of coloring matter is secured in a triangular ear which is formed incident to closing the package. The package disclosed in that patent is excellent where the package is formed on machines of the general type illustrated in Patent No. 2,469,521 and where in general the oleomargarine packer is willing to broaden his packaging steps. The present invention is directed toward making it possible to assemble and secure a capsule of coloring matter in a bag without the necessity of resorting to re design of the filling machinery.

Figure 1 shows a bag l having an open mouth l2. For the sake of simplicity of illustration this is shown as a seamless tube but obviously any of the conventional single or double seam tubes could be used. A heat seal seam M is formed across one end of the bag. A capsule of coloring matter It is dropped into one corner of the bag and a diagonal seam I8 is formed which at one end merges with the transverse seam I4 and at the other end closely approaches oneeeg :iuof ag. Hi husfdefining a narrow; channel 22 the througli which the coloringmatterma i'pas qn rupturing "or: tuei a'psui'e l6? which 1760 narrow tii'permit passage ofthe capsule'fits'elf. Wfienthe bag isfill'd and brought'to rectangular position the triangular; portion.Zilidfihdf'by transverse seamflfaiuieseam' 'lsanu'tne edge remains. as' a flat protruding ear; Upon rupture OfftKeca PS fiIe the coloring matter tends Cl 1 'iongitudinauy'pawn the lfi'gth df the 15 Ifafcilitatesduick' and" even "distributionlpf the icoiorthroughouttuefl argarme.

' vIn]Figiirel'i.thereisshown a bag 30 having, an Yopen mouth32.":It'isiclosed attheothei fidby fa 'uansversesamtt; A caps ieofjeolon g inatterl "s'sis'pubeuan one corner "or 'the' bagT and is goalies away by an miyin'g' seal '38 which" with th dge llliof'thebagdefinesa passagewayt z. s e feffseais- Mare provided closely adjacent the edge 140 and sisa ri'rapart :t'o define openings 46 along that edge." This'positivly guides the coloring matter passin'g'throught nianheraz V down the length of tl'ie'bag.. ff? In Fi ure 3 I -shot a bag 5%! Eating an'bp en mouth 52 and having at the opposite end a transverse heat seal seam 54. A capsule of coloring matter 56 is placed in one corner of the bag and an arcuate heat seal 58 is provided which at one end merges with the transverse seam 54 and at the other end defines with the edge 60 of the bag a channel 62. This construction reduces the volume of the sealed-01f corner and assures minimum Waste of coloring matter in the corner.

in Figure 4 I show a bag it having an open mouth 12 and being closed at its opposite end by a heat seal seam M. A capsule or coloring matter 16 is placed in the corner and secured there by an arcuate seam 18 similar to the arcuate seam 58 in Figure 3. A series of heat seals 80 are formed adjacent the edge 82 of the bag 70 and are spaced apart to provide passageways 84. This construction as described with reference to Figure 2 facilitates distribution of the coloring matter down the length of the bag.

In Figure 5 I show a bag 90 having an open vmouth 92 and being closed at its opposite end by a transverse heat seal seam 95. A capsule of coloring matter 96 is placed in the corner of the bag'and. secured there by an arcuate heat seal comprising a series of relatively short:v seals 98 which are spaced to provide a plurality of channels I00. These facilitate distribution of the margarine not only toward the edge )2 of the 55 bag but into its upper surface.

cent said corner has been closed by a heat seal seam 206. A further seam 208 runs across the corner and completely blocks the corner from the body of the bag. The seal is applied, however, undera lighterdegree of heat and pressure than is used for either the top or bottom closure and will part when the corner is manipulated manually. This arrangement has several important advantages. In the first place thereis no problem of disposal of the capsule. In the second place the entire volume of the bag is made 5.-. V p

flexiblematerial and having one end closed by a i transverse heat seal seam, a capsule of coloring available for manipulating the margarineand, in the third place, due to the'l'ack'of capsule the coloring matter can be kept quite fiat, andthe space occupied by the corner, thereforeis greats2 m n s ed-,.,

ciibed; there willhe at thej n cgntainili'fig the V n tra o ube ante h heg pra s iqlen p e will be cl s d-seine: the 9I i 1lm ni ul'ate he' a kae 'unt l he, c ri mat is thoroughly nd,..even mslwfihthfiflersaripe. I. have foundthat l if, when Qthepack age ,jis: re o d rom; he. reir e o g t placed lith @Ps leli hena u iure e q' i e eni i ii gth to nge matter a ral .w lj sh in i Qweesihels s fthe ckaseand b t t me'th packag is so t me ent maininulai i e olqring 1P a. a an u r an lli si ig mane iah ja li ec' 'ssa y to r p ure, he c s e and then. t

willbe so ,far distributed that complete riiixing Number 4 filled and up-ended to bring the car 24 and the capsule 16 into the upper left corner. With the oleomargarine in a hard, solid condition the capsule I6 is ruptured and the bag replaced in its original carton which permits the capillary action between the wall of the bag and the oleo- V margarine to draw the coloring matter down the full length of the bag while the margarine softens to a point suitable for manipulation. In case the form of Figures 7 and 8 'is' used the corners would be manipulated to open the frangible seal 208 1 and permit the coloring matter E00 similarly to traverse the bag. I'c'laim: A bag comprising a flattened tube formed of matter in one corner of the bag adjacent said transverse seam, said capsule being secured in said corner by a supplementary heat seal seam "which terminates 'just' short of the edge of'said flattened tube tquenne a channel for 'the'passa e of' coloring inatten' which channel 'is sumcientlysmall not to passthe capsuleits'elffthere being a plurality of spaced heatsalsfbirh'd 1' pjarallelto thebag edge; Eandin alignment with the "free "ndpf said supplementary seal 'to pr0- and a series of passageways dram -saidchannel to*the interior'of the bag V HOWARD'APROHDIN.

"REFERENCES CITED .mpfightwiththe pmtnbemnt m: f pjhj g The following references are of record in the file of patent: I v


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