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Publication numberUS2606708 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1952
Filing dateAug 13, 1948
Priority dateAug 13, 1948
Publication numberUS 2606708 A, US 2606708A, US-A-2606708, US2606708 A, US2606708A
InventorsIrvan Karl W
Original AssigneeOrchard Ind Inc
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Plastic molded box
US 2606708 A
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Aug. l2, 1952 K. w. lRvAN PLASTIC MOLDED BOX Filed Aug. 13, 1948 Patented Aug. 12,T 1952 i;UN1I;-TED STATES PATENT 1 l omet; f Vernslrro' MoLl'JE'n 'Box f y Karl W. Iwan, Damit', Michaassignbr to orchard' l Industries; Inc., iDetroityMiecli., 'a v`corporation of Michigan Application August 13, 194e, serial No.' i i z claims. (otras- 2.5)

1 This invention relates to receptacles and, in particular, refers to receptacles of thetype comprising separable box and cover portions. It isan object of the invention to provide integralbox and cover portionsA 'formed of molded plastic which unite to forma receptacle of pleasing and streamlined appearance.

Another object of the invention is to provide a receptacle of the type referred to in whicl'rthe y,

cover portion may be snugly seated on lthe exterior bottom section of the box, when it is desired to expose the interior of the box for an extended period of time. without increasing the maximum overall dimensions of the box.

Receptacles constructed in accordance with the principles of this invention are useful in a wide variety of applications. They are particularly desirable in cases Where a plurality of boxes are needed which must be neatly and efficiently stored in a small space and which are used in such a manner that it is convenient to have the covers removed for extended periods of time. A typical application in which such conditions are found is in the storage of fish baits in a tackle box. Here it is desired to box the baits separately and to arrange a plurality of bait containing receptacles in an orderly manner within the tackle `box. The streamlined construction of the receptacles herein disclosed permits such a neat and compact arrangement. During the period when the baits are being used it is convenient to have the covers removed from the bait receptacles so that the baits may be easily replaced or withdrawn therefrom. In using receptacles constructed in accordance with this invention, the covers may be iitted on the undersides of the boxes so that they will not be misplaced while at the same time they do not increase the bulk of the receptacles or interfere with the original orderly arrangement thereof. A further desirable feature of the receptacle herein disclosed is that it is adapted to be formed of plastic and, in the case of the fish baits, may be attractively constructed of a transparent plastic, such as clear polystyrene, so that the contents thereof may be observed with the cover in place.

A preferred embodiment of the invention illustrating the principles and the means whereby the foregoing and other objects and features of the invention are accomplished is shown in the drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a closed receptacle constructed in accordance with the principles of the invention;

' Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing the receptacle of Fig. 1 in opened position;' y'

Fig.' 3 is an enlarged lateralcross section through the receptacle; and f' Fig.' 4 is an enlarged view ofthe structure-ineluded within the confines of the line 4 4 of Fig.3.

Asindicated in Figs. 1 and 2, the receptaclev I comprises separable cover and box portions-2 and 3, respectively, which though shown as rectangular, may be of any desiredV shape.v Both the cover and'box are'of'one-piece or integral construction with zrounded Iedges and corners such asmay be obtained by injection of a molding of a suitable plastic material, clear polystyrene, for example. Thus, the cover 2 comprises a top 4 and a side wall 5 extending entirely around the top, the top and side wall being of uniform thickness, and the box 3 comprises a bottom 6 and a side wall 1 extending entirely around the bottom. The side Walls 5 and 1 are preferably tapered outwardly a slight amount to provide the usual draft for molding.

For the sake of appearance and compactness, it is desirable that the cover 2 t on the box 3 so that the exteriors of the side walls 5 and 1 are flush or streamlined. For this purpose, the top of the side Wall 'I of the box is provided with a recess 8 having an upwardly extending surface 9 and a shoulder I0, which, when molding the box, lies in the parting plane. 'Ihe shoulder I0 has a lateral dimension substantially equal to the thickness of the cover side wall 5 so that the cover 2 seats on the shoulder and is flush with the exterior of the box 3. The surface 9 is tapered upwardly in an upward direction at the same angle as the outward taper of the cover side wall 5 so as to fit the cover snugly in the manner shown in Fig. 3.

As hereinbefore indicated, the underside of the box 3 is adapted to receive the cover 2. For this purpose the exterior surface of the box sides 1 are tapered inwardly in a downward direction to a slightly greater degree than the draft angle of the inner surfaces, this taper extending from the shoulder I0 to the bottom 6 of the box. This taper is preferably the same as the taper of Wall 9, though in a reverse direction. The box is preferably of such depth in relation to the exterior taper that the bottom section ll thereof has overall or cross box dimensions which are substantially identical to those of wall 9. It will be recognized that these dimensions are substantially equal to the interior dimensions of the cover 2. Thus, when the cover is placed on the underside of the box 3, the maximum overall dimensions of the box will not be increased as will be recognized from Figure 2 and the dotted lines in Fig. 3, and the cover will t snugly on the bottom of the box.

It will be understood that the invention is not limited specically to the details described above but comprehends various modifications such as will appear to those skilled in the art.

Whatis claimed is.:

1. A molded plastic receptacle comprising a box and a cover, each of said box and cover hav-v 1` ing side walls inclined slightly outwardly to provvide a draft for molding, the upper exterior portion of said box wall havinga recess,y adapted to.

snugly receive said cover and dening a shoulder having awidth substantially equal to the thickness of the cover side wall whereby the side walls of the cover and box are substantially flush in assembly, the exterior of said box side wall b e- Mieten O f the box so that the outer surface of A the side wall tapers at an angle slightly greater than, the 1131.161? Slllfae. 12h@ Upper eXtelOI DOIT tQnSOfthe side Wall having a cover receiving recess providing an inwardly extending shoulder and an upwardly extending wall portion of decreasing thickness tapering at substantially the angle of taper of the side sections but in a reverse direction and having substantially the same cross box exterior dimensions as those of the bottom exterior portion of the box, and a cover having integral :top and side wal1s,.the side wall of the cover being inclined slightly outwardly `and the same portions thereof being adapted to fit the recess wall and the bottom portions of the box andto seat on the shoulder, the side wall of the cover 'being of substantially the same width as said shoulder whereby the outer surfaces of the box and cover side walls are substantially iiush in assembly.


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