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Publication numberUS2606738 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1952
Filing dateOct 11, 1946
Priority dateMar 22, 1946
Publication numberUS 2606738 A, US 2606738A, US-A-2606738, US2606738 A, US2606738A
InventorsMckinnon Glen Lauchlan
Original AssigneeMckinnon Glen Lauchlan
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Spherical plug with renewable ring seat
US 2606738 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

A g- 12, 1952 L. M K. GLEN ,606,738

SPHERICAL PLUG WITH RENEWABLE RING SEAT Filed 00 11, 1946 INVENTOR Jaye/25012 7/2. @2627,



Union of South Application October 11, 1946*,Serial No.

Africa In the Union of South Africa March 22,1946 2 Claims. (01. 251- 113) 'Ihlsinvention relatesto COCkS for controlling fluids having a plugof spherical shape seating between-rings of rubber-like material.

accompanythe cock shown in vided Witha standard sized hexagon 6 to cook when screwing it in place.

hold the of the plu ID the assemblage will have a length approximately equal to the distance from the inside surface of 4 to the shoulder 8. Into part 9 of the cylinder 2 is screwed a plug I 6 having a-bore l1 equal to 5, and carries a union nut l8 engaging the inside of a flange I 9. The outside or opposite end of plug l6 plus the flange I9 provides the surfaces 2|! to support the between face 20 and a cooperating face of apipe line or the like. The bore I! of plugformed to provide a surface which may be gripped by a convenient tool. As-shown in Fig. 1 two ribs 2| diagonally opposite one another are cast in the enlarged bore l1 allowing for the blade-of any convenient tool to be inserted to rotate plug It. With the plug l6 in place and screwed-unto shoulder 8 the rings l2 and the'sphere ID are sandwiched together with the proper pressure. While removal of plug Hi from cylinder 2 allows the rings l2 and the sphere Hi to be withdrawn.

Externally the body I has a pap 22 accommodating a spindle 23. In the sphere ID at right angles to the bore H a recess 24 is cut to accommodate the end 25 of the spindle 23.- Said end 25 is'shaped to engage the similarly shaped recess 24. Preferably the spindle end 25 has segments cut from opposite sides of its circular end to fit into the recess 24 shown in Fig. 5. At 26 the'wall of the cylinder 2 is holed to allow the end 25 ofthe spindle 23 to project into the recess 24 in the sphere l5. 2! is a collar'on spindle:23 which fits into a recess 28 and prevents thespindle 23 passing toofar into the cylinder 2, 29 ispacking for the spindle 23, 30 a washerwhich prevents the packing 29 from squeezinginto the cylinder 2, and 3| a gland screwed into'the'end of pap 22 to form a bearing for' spindle 23 and to compress and keep the packing 29 in place. 32 is a handle for turning the spindle 23 the end of the latter is shaped somewhat similar to its end 25'- and ontothis theboss of the handle'3'2 fits.

Fig. 2 shows an alternative and often preferred way of connecting the cock into the pipe line. Instead of the union-nut l8"-and flange I sr-th'e plug 18 takes the form of a ferrule 33- (Figid) screwed externally to fit the internal thread 9.

Internally the ferrule 33 is* threaded at 34 similar to the opposite end ofcy1inder-2-to fit-the normal piping into which the cock iscon'necte'd. The inside face 35 of the ferrule 33 butts'aga inst it-is screwed up into place and this end face is bored to the same diameter as 5. Inside and at the bottom of ferrule 33 two ribs 35 are cast not high enough to in erfere with the threaded portion 34 nor wide enough to interfere with the bore 5. These ribs 36 are useshaped tool to audits cuplik-e face =45 of gland 3|. into the bore of pap to engage the recess washer '30 suitable Y 'serted and the gland 3i screwed upto' compress projecting end of spindle of rlng l2as shown in 'i's 'riow ready for fac'e similar so wrongly in cylinder 2.

'proturberance where form a unionjoint in'a pipe line is often of very great convenience when replaceful for allowing a chisel or other conveniently be used for unscrewing or screwing up ferrule 33. Alternately or in addition, the opposite end of ferrule 33 may have its face 31 nicked with grooves 38 to accommodate a suitable tool to carry out the screwing operation.

The resilient rings l2 maybe reinforced with and are flush therewith. To ensure a good abutting contact of the rings l2 their end faces 40 are adapted to be easily flattened against the face they are pressed against. To assemble the cook the cylinder 2, stripped of every fitting, has the first resilient washer H pushed up until it beds flat against the part 4 so that it bore I4 coincides with bore 5 of the cook. The plug I0 is now slipped into place so that its bore H coincides with the bore 14 of washer 12. The edges 42 of bore l I in plugare rounded off to prevent them cuttingthe washer 12. The recess 24 in plug 10 'coincides with the opening 26'for the end 25 of the spindle 23. in place in cylinder 2 against the plug Next the second ring 12 is put Ill. The I0 sandwiched between to'the shoulder is now threaded with washer 30 its flat face 43 resting against the collar 21 44 towards the cuplike face The spindle 23 is now threaded 22 and its end 25 entered 24 in the sphere l0. Above packing material 29 is inl2 with the plug it'and hold spindle 23 rotatably and centrally in pap22. The handle 32 is now placed on the v p 23. The plug 19 may be rotated to check that the assembly is in order.

Tn-en plug I6 is screwed up so that its end face butts against the shoulder 8 and the exposed face Figs. 1 or 2: 1'1'he cock use and to be inserted into the pipeline or other desired position. It should be notedthat rings 12 are interchangeable and each that they cannot be assembled I-Ieretofore designs of cocks of this description-the rubber rings l2 have been unsupported over large portions of their'surfaces resulting in 'the resilient rubber pressure, into'the unsupported areas. sult was unequal wear of the rings '12 resulting tending to flow, when under The rein the cock leaking. Again the plug Ill in previous designs was not spherical in that it had a the spindle 23 engaged'it and the rubber-rings I2 would on occasions make contact'therewith and be deformed.

Inthis invention, as already pointed out, the rings l2are well supported so that they cannot be deformed under pressure, the only unsupported part being the portion of the front face out of contact with the plug 10. Said part is very small in area, in fact it is just a ring between the surface of the contacting plug '10 and the wall of the cylinder 2. At the same time the parts are of' simple form, therefore'easy to manufacture .on a mass production basis.

The invention provides a cock which itself may Such provision ments have to be made. On the other hand as l, a gland shown in Fig. 2 it may be connected into the pipe line in the usual way with the pressure of the fluid carried in the pipe line acting in either direction. The cock itself is made from the assemblage of parts all of which can be produced by mass production methods and are interchangeable. The properes'sembly of the parts provides a cock with the plug) properly seated and ready for use. In use there is practically no deformation of the rubber seats and consequently little, if any, wear.

It should be noted that the depth of the packing 29 may be limited to something less than the depth of the recess 24 so that the end 25 of the spindle 23 will be retained therein even if the packing 29 is removed. The recess 24 may have itslong axis in any direction to the bore H.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A fluid-controlling valve comprising a cylinder having means for attaching itto a pipe line, a pair of resilient interchangeable rings disposed in separate relation to each other within said cylinder thereby to form between them a valveseating space, said cylinder having an inwardly extending flange against which One of said rings abuts, a tubular plug threaded into one' end of the cylinder and having an inwardly extending fiange' abutting against the other resilientring, a spherical ball plug disposed'between' said rings, the diameter of said ball plug and of'the' resilient rings beingsubstantially equal to the internal diameter of the cylinder,-said ball plug having a bore formed therethrough whereby 'when'theball is turned to bring said bore into 'alinement with the cylinder a continuous passage-way is formed through said cylinder, resilient rings and ball plug, and a rotatable spindle projecting radially through the wall of the cylinder and removably keyed to said ball plug for rotating said plug into valve opening and closing positions. Y

2. A fluid-controlling valve as se forth in claim mounting being provided in the wall of the cylinder for the passage of said rotatable spindle. v


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U.S. Classification251/315.14
International ClassificationF16K5/20, F16K5/00
Cooperative ClassificationF16K5/201
European ClassificationF16K5/20B