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Publication numberUS2606755 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1952
Filing dateDec 10, 1949
Priority dateDec 10, 1949
Publication numberUS 2606755 A, US 2606755A, US-A-2606755, US2606755 A, US2606755A
InventorsSamuels Samuel
Original AssigneeSamuels Samuel
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Safety wall cushion
US 2606755 A
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g. 12, 1952 v s. sAMUELs 2,606,755

SAFETY WALL. CUSHION Filed Dec. lO, 1949 Afm/"my i *l 4 ---..--------......J

Patented Aug. 12, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE SAFETY WALL CUSHION Samuel Samuels, Philadelphia, Pa.

Application December 10, 1949, Serial No. 132,318

2 Claims. (Cl. 267-1) My invention relates to protective pads or cushions, and relates particularly to a wall cushion for use in ball parks, handball courts and similar walled structures used for sports.

Heretofore, baseball and handball players have suffered numerous injuries in colliding with the walls while field far-ranging balls. Usually the player is so intent on catching or returning the ball, that he fails to notice the walls, and there are frequent violent collisions with more or less disastrous results. Since the loss of a valuable player may jeojardize the teams Winning of a league championship, some sort of protection for the players is extremely desirable. Moreover, if the players are unafraid of bodily injury, they will attempt to field seemingly impossible balls, and any success they may enjoy enlivens the game considerably.

Accordingly, an object of my invention is to provide a wall cushion to protect ball players.

Another object of my invention is to provide detachable supporting means for the aforementioned wall cushion to enable the pads to be easily detached from the walls for storage, at the end of the playing season.

Other objects of my invention are to provide an improved device of the character described, that is easily and economically produced, which is sturdy in construction, and which is highly efficient in operation.

With the above and related objects in view, my invention consists in the details of construction and combination of parts, as will be more fully understood from the following description, when read in conjunction with the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig.- 1 is a fragmentary perspective View of a wall carrying cushion of my invention, seen from the front,

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective of my cushion together with the supporting pole, seen from the rear.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken along the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Referring now to the drawing wherein similar reference characters designate similar parts, I show a protective wall cushion generally designated as A, composing a waterproof, fireproof, mothproof and vermin-proof and mildew-proof casing, generally designated as B, and a foam or sponge rubber ller pad, designated as C. Each cushion is hung from a pair of J-hooks which are bolted or otherwise attached to the wall.

The ller pad C is a substantially rectangular pad of foam or sponge rubber approximately four and one-half inches thick. The pads may be of any desired size, however for ease of handling,

I prefer to proportion the pads approximately four feet wide and six feet long.

The casing B is a rectangular cover formed by 6 sewing together panels of fibre-glass, cloth or plastic material or other waterproof, reproof or mothproof material. All the seams l0 are turned inwardly, and should be made with nylon or similar rot-proof line. Alternatively, the seams may be made by heat sealing, if the panel material is adaptable to this method. The rear panel I2 carries a loop nap, generally designated as D, which is shorter than the container, and preferably an additional thickness I4 of material is attached to the rear panel for reinforcement.

The wall supports are of the type commonly known as J-hooks, having a protruding ledge 20. A pole 22 is passed through the rear flap and the pole ends protruding from the rear loop flap are placed upon the ledge 20.

The pads are not cumbersome to install and to remove; it actually is a. very simple matter. Each cushion may be hung by two men in a matter of i-ive minutes or less. The cushions having poles inserted therein are placed on a truck having a low bed, and as the truck moves along, the cushions are removed from the truck and are rapidly hung on the Wall side by side. An entire ball park may be covered in several hours, and the regular maintenance crew of the park is able to handle the work.

Generally, the cushions may be used in the infield and the outfield portions of the park.

My invention is also applicable to gymnasiums, penal institutions, insane asylums, homes for feeble-minded, roller-skating rinks, auto race tracks, basketball arenas and also, may be used in industrial plants where workers are liable to injury.

Although my invention has been described in considerable detail, such description is intended as being illustrative rather than limiting, since the invention may be variously embodied, and the scope of the invention is to be determined as claimed.

I claim as my invention:

1. A protective cushion for walls comprising a rectangular casing, a resilient ller pad contained within said casing, a supporting loop ap attached to the rear wall of said casing, a supporting pole within said flap and extending beyond said loop fiap, and a plurality of wall hooks for detachably carrying said supporting pole.

2. The invention of claim 1 wherein a plurality of cushions are located adjacent one another to form a protective covering for walls surrounding a ball field.


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Cooperative ClassificationE04H3/14, Y10S52/12
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