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Publication numberUS2607368 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1952
Filing dateJul 1, 1949
Priority dateJul 1, 1949
Publication numberUS 2607368 A, US 2607368A, US-A-2607368, US2607368 A, US2607368A
InventorsMayer Charles M
Original AssigneeTappan Stove Co
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Solenoid operated valve
US 2607368 A
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A 19, 1952 c. M. MAYER 2,607,368

SOLENOID OPERATED VALVE Filed July 1, 1949 INVENTCRQ CHHRLES M MAJ 6R- Patented'Aug. 19, 1952 I 7 7 v v I Q .raeomssf;

. "Se i-om.b AiEDvA i1i:* Charles M. Mayer, Mansfield, hio,i.'assignor.- to The Tappan Stove Company,.Ma nsfie di Ohio,

acorporationof Ohiov v Application Ju'iyi; 1949,f$eriall\lo.102,533

2 Claims. o1l3i729 f This inventionrelates to a solenoid operated through central apertures-in the closure discszfi valve which is especially adapted 'for automatiand and'into annular grooves H and [2 formed 'cally controlling the flow of a small'stream of gas in the inner .face. of caps 13 and. ,-l4-respectively. to a pilot burner or the-like The caps l3 and. I4 are'securedto the flanged.

Theyalve and the solenoid are constructedasa 5 endsr4 and 5. of the casing3 by screws l5 which single unit which is interposeddn a gas conduit extend inwardly through apertures in thecaps inja; vertical position. The valve-which isopened l3 and I4 andintozthreaded apertures in the by the energization of the solenoid will remain closurediscs. 6' and l; 'Gaskets l5 provide gasopen as long as the solenoid is energized-and will tight joints between, the ends of the spool l and close by gravity as soon as the solenoid is de-ener- 10 the caps l3 and l io, The caps l3 and iii are pro? gized. e v vided with .couplings l1 and 18 respectively, by The principal object of the invention is to'prowhich the mechanism is removably secured to vide a very simple efficient and inexpensive device and between vertically aligned pipes or tubes I 9 by which the flow of a small stream of gas can be andZD; A centralbore 2! in the cap [3 provides electrically controlled. i v connnunieationzbetweenthe pipeor tube l9 and 'Otherobjects of the invention will be apparent Y the upper end ,-of the spool I; and a central bore from the following specification and the accom- 22 in the cap l lprovidescommunication between panying' drawings forming a part thereof the, pipe or tube and the lowerend of thespool whereinz. I. Inoperation gas is adapted to flow from the Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a solenoid operated 20 tube I9 down through the spool I, around the valve, constructed according tomy invention, plunger Ill, and into the tube 20. In order to interposed in a small gas conduit; assure the 'free passage of gas through the spool Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section taken on i the diameter of the plunger I0 is made sli y the line 22 of Fig. 1; and less than the internal diameter of the spool I. Figs. 3 and 4 are horizontal sections taken on 25 o. if esired, the plung in y be Vertically the lines 3-3 and 4-4 respectively of Fig. 2. grooved as indicated at 23, to further facilitate The device comprises generally a tubular spool the flow o a through e poo of non-magnetic material whose bore defines a In order to control the flow of gas from the gas passageway. The spool is adapted to be p p I d into the p p 20 I prov de a tap interposed in a gas conduit so that it forms a part valve plungerlii which is secured to, or formed thereof. Asolenoid coil is wound about the spool inte With, the lower end of the Solenoid and a solenoid plunger is mounted in the bore plunger l0 and extends downwardly therefrom. of the spool. A valve, which is secured to the The valve plunger 24 is adapted to engage a valve lower end of the solenoid plunger, is adapted to seat 25 about the upp end of the b e 22 in e seat by gravity in a valve seat disposed therebecan l4 and shut off the flow of gas into the pipe low in the spool bore, and to cut ofif the flow of lly t Valve p r 2 Seats by a gas through the conduit. When the coil is eneri y in he Valv Se t 25 d rin he time the coil gized the solenoid plunger will center itself in the 2 is not ener t When t co 2 is ne coil and raise the valve from its seat, opening sized e S e p ger ID will center itself the passageway. The plunger will float in the 0 with respect to the coil 2 and will float within spool bore as long as the coil is energized, but the Spool This raises the Valve Plunger 24 will immediately drop by gravity and seat the m the Valve Seat 5 permitting the ee pas-v valve as soon as the coil is again lie-energized. sage of gas from the pipe 19 through the spool I Referring now to the drawings by reference and into the pip Then, as $0011 as the Coil characters the numeral l indicates an open- 5 2 is again de-energized thersolenoid p n I ended tubular spool of non-magnetic material will immediately p y gravity until the V ve about which a solenoid coil 2 is disposed. The plunger 24 engages t Valve a 25 t Shutting coil 2 may be wound for any desired voltage and off the flow of gas. For best results the device wattage, and s encl sed within a cylindrical should be mounted in a substantially vertical metal casing 3. The ends of the casing 3 are po ti alt o it W ll p r w n po d flanged inwardly as indicated at 4 and 5 about at a considerable a metallic closure discs 6 and 1. Discs 8 and 9 of m e foregoing t Will e app t to t ose insulating material are interposed between the skilled in this art that I have prov a y closure discs 6 and 1 and the coil 2'. A solenoid s mpl a d ffi i t m an s f a plis in plunger In is mounted within the spool I. '55 the objects of my invention.

The ends of the tubular spool I extend out It is to be understood that I am not restricted to the specific construction shown anddescribed as various modifications can be made thereto within the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. In a device of the character described the combination of an open-ended tubular spool of non-magnetic -'m'ate rial defining a fluid passage way, a solenoid coilwound about said spool, a cylindrical casing enclosingsaid coil, said casing having an inturned annular flange about each end thereof, a closure disc disposed in each-end of said casing between said coil and said inturned flanges, each of said closure discs having a cenpassageways fornr an integral part thereof, a solenoid" plunger disposed within said tubular "spool, and a valve plunger which is adapted to "engage the inner end of one of said fluid passagetral aperture therethrough throughwhich said I tubular spool extends, a cap removably secured to each of said closure discs with said flanges interposed between said caps and said discs, an annular groove in the inner face of each of said caps into which the ends of said tubular spool extend, "coupling means by which said device is interposed in a conduit so that said spool forms .ai-part thereof, .a solenoid plunger mounted within said spool,'-a;-valve plunger secured to said. solenoid plunger, and a valve seat formed in one of said caps in which said valve plunger is adapted to-seat to close said fluid passageway.

"2, Inadevice of the character described the combination of a solenoid coil having'an axial bore therethrough, a cylindrical easing having an inturned annular flange at each end thereof surrounding said coil, "a pair of identical closure 'discsf-each having a: central aperture there through, one of said discs-being disposed in each end of said casing between said coil and the adjacent inturned flange with the central aperture thereof in alignment with the axial bore in said coil, a pair of identical caps each having a central fluid passageway therethrough, one of said caps being removably secured to each of said closure discs with the adjacent inturned flange securely clamped between the cap and closure disc, an open-ended tubular spool removably v mounted in said axial bore with the ends thereof extending out through the apertures in said discs :and 'intorgas-tight engagen'ientgwith said caps around said-fluid passageways-coupling means by which said device is removably interposed in a fluid conduit so that said spools and said fluid ways and cut o'if the flow of fluid through said spool carried said solenoid plunger.


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U.S. Classification251/129.21
International ClassificationF16K31/06
Cooperative ClassificationF16K31/0655, F16K31/0651
European ClassificationF16K31/06C6, F16K31/06C4