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Publication numberUS2607929 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1952
Filing dateNov 23, 1948
Priority dateNov 23, 1948
Publication numberUS 2607929 A, US 2607929A, US-A-2607929, US2607929 A, US2607929A
InventorsRuth E Balluff
Original AssigneeRuth E Balluff
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Combination wheel chair and bed
US 2607929 A
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Aug. 26, 1952 R. E. BALLUFF COMBINATION WHEEL CHAIR AND BED 2 SHEETS- SHEET 1 Filed NOV. 23, 1948 1| wa w. ..4 ,I Mw IMMHH Z l .Q. m MW .w /v\ Q 7 id /VVCX S N\ /V\V\` N\ s www, 6\ h. INF W5 v n u b xxxxwnmlxxx S z IIIIIMM. Q I x www m ---M Xx www Xwmm @32. x vx @...Wuwxx w df v .X vn X n Q Aug. 26, 1952A R. E. BALLUFF COMBINATION WHEEL CHAEE AND BED 2 SHEETS- SHEET 2 Filed NOV. 23, 1948 n 'INI/ENTOR. aZZu//f azz-gy.

l UWM HH R l MH HH Patented Aug. 26, 1952 l"Thisiinve'ntion'f-is:a bed-:designediorfthefaccomunoiation*sand:comforttoiinvalids,aamciafseelzsztlfie {combinati-on ioffan especia-limdesignedbed ywithra Aiconventional:whelfnhaininasuclmnannenthatfthe tchairnnaytbeasscciated" withlthe 'bed :to'rrpro'vide -fsl'eepingfacconnnodationszfoiathespatientporz'may beremoue'dffromzthe"bedstructurefandzutilizednin ziitsfcapacityeas ,ra wheel chair;

An objectief the .linventionistoLprovidethe scombinedstructures `referred :to na-suchimanner :sas .to 'fnobviate the :necessity -uf. :removing r`the apatient from zapbed :to fazawheelmhair :whennit :is ',zdesired thatthe l:patient :be wheele'd cabout, :fas

"swell 'ea-sito nobviate the :,.usual pmcedurefoffxliiting zisieritirely-rovercome.

' tirez-foregoing )objects :1in fview, together @with :others .which will appearf as :the fdescription qcroceeds, 'fthe invention uconsists of .the :novel fnonstruction, 1 combination fand arrangement .of parts, all as will be describedrmorefullyhereinaitergillustraltedthe drawings, and particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawingz rliig. .ilffis sa vtop planaview:,offsafzcombined 4wheel chair and bed in assembled positionfori'sleeping purposes. v

Fig. 2 is a. perspective view o'i'thebed structure by itself,

Y Figf-lafis an-enlarged dtailview showingv the 'jllatchstructure used in lconnection with "the ffoot #piece cfthe 4bed frame,

- Figu''isfa sectionals'idelelevation of -a'conventional form .ofvwheehchair zusedA in connection with the bed structure, and

Figkgi is a similar view-'showing .the wheelchairl with `its "parts in lelevated positi'on as for-Y use as mabed.

The bed structure includes a head piece indicated at 5, to which is permanently attached the horizontal frame 6 having legs 1 supporting the forward end of the frame and acting as a foot piece. 'I'he bed frame includes parallel horizontally disposed bars 8 arranged in pairs at each side of the bed and providing a space indicated at S between the pairs. 'I'his space is closed at the head end of the bed by a transverse bar I firmly secured to the main bed frame by bars I I. The inner longitudinal bar 8 of each o1' the pairs is secured rmly in the frame at the foot of the bed,

filaims. (ELE-6) fandaswinging'bar lIf-zfpivotdasfaltataitoonesitde fof the bed iframe vinay-"be 'utilized -filose :nine fopen end offthefspacefsatithefootrof the-bed. vAny jdesireditypefdf latchvorf'secuingnneansunay 5 Irbefused fforfmaintainingltheibar VE'1|2.' in-.uclosedxor 'thorizontalfposition Infthefpresentinstancefor VIpurposesLfof*illustration1 merely-.i the :ifi-ee fendlfzf the bar I2 is provided with ame'ducedeprojection ililfhavinglafl-lead il 51 at its A' outer kendito :seatfand I0 firmly rest "in Ta fs'imilarly 1 shaped c opening .116 Eat the foppositefside o'f fthe ybe'dframe.

` u; v'vided `with `=be`d 3spring :fabric lrepresented at fl'f1, -and #an elongated ='U-=shaped finattress IIB-irests V#upon vvtheseportions `oi ltheffl-iorizontalbed.' frame. 'Thismattress-corresponds in s'ize'andfshape with the'bed-springofthefbed'ffrarne. l

-The wheel-*chair#for use rinfconnection-'f-withthe *bed *ir-ame vabove"ispeciiiirally described Aiis shown V'more lpartici'ilarly'" in' AAFigs." 31 and v- 4 f off the-fdrawings. This -f'chair' includes the-usual'fchasi'sfsup- `)ported'fby the smain Awi-ieels |19 andav casterwhel n `2|). The :seat `portion 142-`| #ofthe v'hairf'is usonarranged upon the chassis as to be capable of being raised ori-lowered, "and to this'lendfffand i'forpur- :poses cf `illustration "only, l the sseat is equipped lwith lspaced 'dependingposts-ZZ foperatingin" upstanding hollow yposts Aor #sock-'et members T23 `rigidly secured `"to the --chassis. -fspring-"con itrolle'd latch .member '-21' carried "-by Iul'ias'sis *has-fa detent 25 xatfo'nefend to-engage"withinfi-"eficesses "26 arranged- -in i"spaced relation lupon-fone 'ofthe-#posts 22 "to "maintainth'e"seat-member'i| *firmly "in -either raised or lowered position. Whenfinraised positionptheseatwithlitscusiiion "21 will be 1 in` ftruehorizontl alignment withthe l"bedTrame-Iiandfthe'mattress llsupport'e'd'thererest so as to be capable of being swung rearwardly upon and across the back 29.

The foot and leg support for the chair is indicated at 32 and is hingedly connected as at 33 to the forward end of the seat 2|. This leg rest is provided at its lower end with a foot rest 3l,

and is also equipped with a cushion indicated at 35. The back rest, similarly, is provided with a cushion 36.

The swinging back 29 is provided with a. rearwardly and downwardly extending arm 31, to the free end of which is pivotally secured a link frame.

` assume the position shown in Fig. 3.

Y' 38 extending forwardly and beneath the seat and pivotally connected as at 39 to toggle linksy 40. One of the links 40 is pivoted to the chair chassis while the other is pivoted to the seat 2|.

The arm 31 also has pivotally secured thereto a link 4|, extending forwardly beneath the seat and pivotally connected as at 42 at its forward end to an arm 43 secured to the pivoted leg rest 32. l

The construction and arrangement of parts is such that the arm rests 30 may be swung rearwardly and folded upon the rear face of the head rest 2S in an out of the way position when it is desired. Upon releasing the latch 24 and pulling;

rearwardly upon the back rest 29, the toggle and to combine in the two elements a bed which will prove most comfortable and practical, at the same time affording wheel chair service without the necessityV of lifting the patient. The wheel chair here disclosed is but one type of chair possible for use in connection with the specic bed frame described, as it will be understood that other mechanisms for bringing about the coaction of the seat, head and leg rests may be employed if desired;

l. In a bed structure, the combination with a structure 38-40 will cause the seat 2| to be raised f and at the same time the link structure 4|-42-43 will cause the leg and foot rest to swing upwardly to horizontal position. Thev construction and arrangement of the linkage or toggle structureis such that when the back 29 is horizontally aligned with the seat 2|, the leg rest 32 will be similarly aligned and the entire supporting structure will be elevated to the same horizontal plane as Ythe horizontal bed frame.

VWhen inthis position, the back 29 will rest upon the cross bar 50 connecting the innermost bars 8 of the bed frame. u

lIn use, the `wheel chair, in horizontal position,

'is accommodated Vwithin rthe space S with its body supporting parts in horizontal position and elevated to the same plane as the bed frame. The arms will have been moved rearwardly upon the f back 29 in an out of the way position, and the back willbe supported by the cross bar 5|).r The chair parts in extended position will be substantially equal to the length-of the space S, and the `bar |2 is dropped to horizontal position to hold the chair and the bed frame against relative movement. The-latch 24 will maintain the parts Virmly in position. The chair and bed frame thus assembled provide a bed surface upon which the patient may comfortably, rest, and the patient 4may he turned from side to side when required to adjust the draw sheet or other mattress protectors or covers. l

- Should it be desired to remove the patient .from the bed in horizontal position, it is but necessary to adjust the'bed clothing accordingly, raise the bar |2Hand wheel the chair from withinthe U .When it is desired to wheel the patient from Vthebed in sitting or semi-inclined position,

yitis but necessary to properly locate the patient Vuponthe cushions of the wheel chair, after first having properly cared for the bed clothing, and elevate the back 29, whereupon the parts will After `lifting the retaining bar `I2 the patient maybe removed from the bed frame to secure the benefits of the Wheel chair.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that I have constructed a bed frame in such manner that a wheel chair may be readily associated therewith extending inwardly from one end thereof, of a chair chassis disposed within said opening, seat, back rest and leg supporting sections mounted on said chassis in interconnected relationship, means on said chassis for moving said sections into horizontal alignment with one another and ntowtheysame horizontal plane with said bed frame7 the length and breadth of said sections when in horizontal position being substantially equal to the length'andbreadth of said opening so asto snugly intert therein, means carried by said bed frame-and disposed within said opening ito support saidback restV when the latter is in horizontal position, and means on said bed frame holding said chassis within the latter.

2. In abed structure, the combination with a vbed frame mounted in horizontal position and saidr chair is incapable of movement with respect to the bed frame when the chair sections are in horizontal positions. i


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