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Publication numberUS2608190 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1952
Filing dateFeb 13, 1950
Priority dateFeb 13, 1950
Publication numberUS 2608190 A, US 2608190A, US-A-2608190, US2608190 A, US2608190A
InventorsTrotter John F, Winning Blair N
Original AssigneeTrotter John F, Winning Blair N
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Portable broiler
US 2608190 A
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Aug. 2%, 1952 B. N. WINNING ETAL 2,608,190

I PORTABLE BRbILER Filed Feb. 15, 1950 I 2 SHEETSSHEET 1 /6a 652%? /6a 24 20 ATZEORNEK A g 6, 1952 B. N. WINNING EIAL 8,


Patented Aug. 26, 1952 i.xc

, PORTABLE BitoILEn Blair N.

' "This invention relates to stoves and refers more particularly toa portable stove suitable for indoor and outdoor broiling, barbecuing and sirnilar cooking operations.

The principal object of our invention is to provide for sportsmen, campers, or for use in outdoor cooking or indoorcooking over a hearth, aportable stove unit suitable for 'broiling, barbe'c uing} smoking, baking and similar purposes, which possesses the desirable advantage of simplicity'of operation combined with well regulated heat control: To this'end an important feature "of our invention resides in the provision in a portable stove of selective levels over the heating unit to 'which thefood may be easily moved during the cooking-process. In this connection it-is an'additional feature of the invention that the heating unit comprise a fire box or trough having displaceable ends whereby-the fuel bed may be'concentrated,"dispersed or changed in sizeasdesired." V 1 "i {Another object of our invention i s .'to provide *for the purpose describeda portable-knock-down stove which maybe easily moved i n .either the assembled or disassembled condition and used as-an integral, self-sustaining unit, or separately, in connection with an interchangeable hood or oven. Therefore, a salient feature of theinvenvtion resides in the assembly of the stove as a combination of demountable, separate heating and cooking units on a wheeled carriage. r

a An additional obiect at our invention is'to provide in 'a portable stoveof the character described a unit-which is highly versatile; economical to produce, attractive in appearance andfeasily packed for storage.

Other and further-obiectsof our-invention, to-

gether with the features of novelty, will appear Iinth'e course of thefollowing description. j 1:."In .the accom-pany-ing drawings, which form a part of the instant' specification and are to'be read in conjunction therewith, and in which like reference numeralsare employed to identify like parts of the various'views: 4 ."Figll is a perspective view of aportable stove suitable for. barbecuing, broiling and similar purposes, with a fragmentary portion of the'frame cut away to reveal the socket assembly'features, Fig. 2 is ahorizontal crosssectiontaken along the lines 2.2 of Fig.1 inthe direction of the arrows,- 1 i r Fig; 3 is a perspective view of'a bafiie designed for use in the fire box of the stove f Fig. 4 is a vertical cross section'taken along the .lines, 4.4, of Fig.1 in the-direction -of the arrows,

open top grill box having vertical side andend walls 20 and 2 l, respectively. Located in .each

Winning and John F. Trotter, 'Kansas City, Mo.

Application February 13, 1950, ,seriai'No. 143,938 '1 Claim. (01. 126'25) Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a spit for use in the grill box of the'stove.

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of 'a modification of the invention wherein an oven replaces thehood of the modification shown in Fig. 1, with a corner portion of the grill box cut away to reveal assembly features at that point, i V n Fig. '7 is a vertical cross section taken along the lines 1-1 of Fig. 6 in the direction'of thearrows,

Fig. 8 is a horizontal cross section taken along the lines 8-3 of Fig. '7 in the direction of the arrows.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, in the embodiment of our invention shown in Fig. 1 the reference numeral 9 denotes a wheeled carriage having vertically extended :legs It, in the upper ends of which are formed sockets II. Joining the legs at the sockets and near the bottom are pairs of parallel angle bars 12 and 12a respectively, and disposed in the top of the framework thus formed is a receptacle or ash tray [3 having its out-turned upper edges resting upon the horizontal surface of the bars 12. A looped hand bar 14, demountably attached by means of the wing nuts Ila to the sockets at one end of the frame, as indicated, and a single pair of wheels 15, attached to the lower ends of the legs at the opposite end of the unit, provide a means for moving the carriage from placeto place as desired.

In the sockets ll reside grill support bars"? in the upper ends of which are located pins 16a. Resting upon the upper ends of these bars, with "holes therein'in register with the pins lfia, are

the out-turned upper edges of an open-end, open-top trough forming a firebox I! having its downwardly converging side ,walls and floor perforated by a plurality of draft holes, Ho, The open ends of the firebox are'closed by displaceable wedge-shaped bafiles 18, indicated in Fig'. 3, which may be moved inwardly along the floor of the box to change the size of the fuel bed or to concentrate the source of heat at any desired point. A convenient utility shelf I9 is located on the outside of the wheeled end of the carriage, being joined to the lower ends of the supporting rods I6 below the end of the firebox as indicated.

Resting upon the upper edges ,ofjthe firebox, with its in-turned lower edgeshaving holes in register Withthe pins lfia of the bars I6, is an of the end walls 2| are three'laterally spaced, vertically elongated slots 22 having in one side thereof longitudinally spaced, downwardly inclined notches 23, and over the notches of the center slot are located pins 23a whose function will be described in more detail presently. Easy access to the grill and fire boxes is provided by means of a hinged downwardly opening door 24 located in one of the side walls 20.

In connection with the grill box, there is provided with the stove a grill 25, or wire mesh or other "suit-able'material, having supports :26 to which ra'redtt'ached removable handles 21. When the grill is placed in the grill box the supports 26 reside in the oppositely disposed notches 23 lot the outer slots 22), as indicated in Figs. Land with the grill handles 21 aifixed to the ends .01 the supports on the outside of the box as that the pins 23a over-the notches willeengage the holes in the plate v.25 preventing turning of ,the Spit when .the plate is .flush against the end wall of .the box.

.As can best-beappreciated from Fig. 4, the spit can be used alone or in conjunction with theggrill, and .-both may be adjusted by means of the riotchesin various positions over the firebox, proa greater orless intense .cooking .heat as. ;desired. this arrangement, however, it .can

ibeseen that an additional position, .or fourth .-level of .heat, is provided .for :the .grill :when I it is used without thespitsince the grill .supports may thenbe rested in any-of the threeavailable rnotohesras well asdropped to the lower ends of ..the.-slots directlyover the firebox.

For ithe'purposeof retaining theheat .and protecting the food being cooked, in the embodiment of our invention -,presented .in Fig. 1 there rests upon the top -of thegrill box ademountable hood 30 having its lower edges :grooved to receive the upper edges of :the grill vbox. However, the stove is operable -withoutwthe hood, and it is contemplated that a hot plate, additional -grillboxyoi :other auxiliary attachments may .be employed with .the

-.In the modification of our invention shown .in Rigs. .16 and 7., there isprovided :in'plaee of .the :hooda double doored, Qpen-bottomoven 31.. .The

Referring to Fig. 5, there is also provided .aspit:

cated, the water pan prevents direct contact of the cooking food with the radiant heat of the fire unit, deflects the smoke and heat around the grill into the oven, and enables baking with the resultant water vapor providing the proper humidity necessary to cause meats to retain their juices.

Whether the stove is being used for roasting, broiling, or baking, the desired heat for the oper- -ationmay beattainedmreveml WAYS. It is possible, "by'moving the bellies II toward the center of the firebox, to change the size of the heat source or to concentrate the heat at any desired point. ,Lowering or raisin the spit or grill in the notches makes it possible to uniformly sear meatin miintense heat at a low level or to slowly simmer it with less heat at a higher level. Reguoven demountablyattached to .the grill box by means .of inset grooves along the bottom edges which areadapted to receive the upper: edges .of 'theagrlll box. The end .walls .32, -top 33, andside wall 34 opposite-the oven doors .are lined with .asbestosorother suitableinsulatingsmaterialover .whichis .-fastened a thin metal innerlining -'35. Centrally disposed in .the .top .of the oven is .a .fiueji with a-damper .3 1- .which, together with the manipulation .of .the firebox balfles, provides .a

.further .means of heat control. .Secured to the $09 .01. the oven area .plurality of hooks -38 from which. meatmay Lbe suspendedfor smoking, .bakvlingorroasting.

In connectionwith this .modiflcationof the .in- :vention, a water pan 39,, resting upon asupportframe Ml which has .removable fha-ndles kl, .similario .those of the grill, is placed in thegrill .boxibetwnen -the fire unit andthe'grill, vin the manner indicated in .Figs.-.6 q and .8. 'l'hus .-lo the invention.

-is .tobe interpreted-ms illustrative lation of the damper in the flue of the oven provides further heat-control for baking purposes.

.At.all times one has easy access to the cooking units. The handles of the grill and water pan ex- .tendingon theoutside .of the grill .boxallowad- .J'ustment to the desiredlevels without .intermptthe .cooking process. Bymeansofthecralk the spit may be continuouslyturned, oritmayrbe ,pushed'inwardly so that theplate 2.9 is engaged by the ..pins .23a to hold .thespit in .any one of .fourcookingpositions.

.In addition .to having thesedadvantweswtm .stovehasthe further advantageofbeing and easily disassembled. It maybe readilymovod by onepersonbymeans of the hand .bar on the wheeled .frame. 1T disassemble the :unitnnedms .but tolift the hood .or-oven .from the top of the grill .box, lift the grill .box .from .its ,positionrouer the .firebox, remove the .firehox .from the upper ends of the support bars, .and remove. the dbplaceable .ash tray andsupporthars from their sockets. The firebox, ashitray sand supportsom be easilystored in the ,grill box when it ladesired to transport the-stove as .a compact The wheeled frame and hood can hemovedaewrately, but the :stove can be used without .the frame-either indoors .or outdoors, .in oonnectim with any other typeotheating .unit over which the grill box-maybemlaced. .Forexample, the .grill .box and hoodhnovenmayhe overall outdoor pit .or hearth-and-usedmepamtelymr the grill box-alone may-hemmed inanindoor hearth logizver the burner .01? astove or Thus it canbe seen stint we have provided! stovefor barbecuing, roasting-orsimilarpumoses whichhas the-advantages on; portable nnitdisvingefiective.heahcontrobselective levels-for cook- 5 ing..and .versatility,.-in.that itmay be converted.

by the use of the oven and Waterman, ito'rbakizg or othercookingoperations.

eEromwthe --foregoing :it will :be .aeen'rtlnt imr inventionv is well adapted to attain "the mmds' and objects hereinbe e-set forth-together with other advantages which are obvious and which mrerin- It will be understood that certain'ieatmumid subcombinations are or. utility-and may :be Imployed without reference to iother Jeatura' =and suhcombinations. is contemplated .is-wi-thimthe scope of Inasmuch-ms :mmygpoWEIBnMdM may be made act the invention mithnutsdepartmghom .thEz-SCODC ethereof. Titris to .bemmie'rstood that ml] matter herein set forth or shown in the and not limiting sense. .1 m a Havmg thusdemribedmm-finventton, we .InTa ,porflfllfie knock-bum stave, the combina- 5 tion of a grill box open at the top and bottom, each opposite end of the grill box containing a pair of laterally spaced vertically elongated slots each having along one side a series of vertically spaced notches extending diagonally downward from the slot, a substantially horizontal grid between said walls with stems projecting outwardly through said slots and seatable in said notches to hold the grid at selectable levels within the grill box, a separable trough-shaped open-ended firebox under the grill box, and a pair of closure members for the open ends of said trough-shaped firebox, said members resting on the trough and movable axially thereof to adjust the size and position of the space in the firebox between the closure members, each of the closure members having a vertical outside face and a sloping inside faceboth disposed crosswise of the trough and conforming in contour with the cross-sectional contour of the trough, said inside faces confronting one another and forming downwardly converging end walls for the firebox.



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