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Publication numberUS2608695 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1952
Filing dateMar 24, 1949
Priority dateMar 24, 1949
Publication numberUS 2608695 A, US 2608695A, US-A-2608695, US2608695 A, US2608695A
InventorsSkibowski George B
Original AssigneeSkibowski George B
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Plunger for clearing waste pipes and drains
US 2608695 A
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INVENTOR. 650/?6! 61 5/r/aowsx/ AI'I'OAAA'Y Z I a m a, v u ifi a m Filed March 24, 1949 G B SKIBOWSKI PLUNGER FOR CLEARING WASTE PIPES AND DRAINS Sept. 2, 1952 Patented Sept. 2, 19.52

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:fromndomee Also; im WDded.-:8 ITC61S19-p dentszin. particnlarzsquirrelsahavetentered vent r'staclr leadingifromctheerocfiot-ithezdwellin i tocitherdrain'anmafterzhating,meachedzitherrlatteri 1 have lodgedithereimandicompletelyiiblockedritw V f .Theiprincipaluobiectzofanmimrentiondsatoprov vidae'aunanuallyzoperablaplungerthat.wiilnuicl;

and .efleetirelyzclearrdrain .nassagessotmastezaes amputations 1'sandnothemobstruetions: whichrclosz SIIQIILQESSfl-EfiS-Q i Another object of my invention is to provide a plungerrofsfilight,.,durab1e;;;simple and economic construction for quickly and effectively clearing drain passagessi i Another-.object orthe. invention is; to. provide a plunger for insertion in drairrpassageszawhere; upon reciprocationof theplungertherein, a maximum amount of'pressure wane minimum amount merit onelem'ents. H l v finottievrobject-of fith'eain ,entioxr' is toep'rovide tfie-tplunger with.aediskirshapedepistomslidably mounted between stops or abutments for limiting of efifort is built up to act zuponthe cloggingeleeithe back and forth travel of the disk, whereby upon reciprocation of the plunger the disk may be more effectively urged into and out of the drain pipe. This slidable disk, hereinafter described, has a decided advantage over one rigidly fixed to the rod in that the aforesaid abutments,

upon reciprocation of the rod, act like hammers directly upon the disk either to dislodge it, should it become stuck in the pipe, or to force the disk deeper into the passage to further compress the air therein and thus start the lodgment to move out of the pipe.

Another object of the invention is to provide the plunger with a disk composed of at least two sheets or plates of metal with a flexible insert therebetween of greater diameter than the plates and somewhat greater than the inside diameter of the drain passage. This construction, when inserted in a drain passage, provides substantially air tight contact with the drain pipe wall, thus increasing the eflicient operation of the plunger.

Othersubjects andradvantages.

H 23 308,695 rlzunsnmnonicnmnmd-wesmusmsse Y Y v ANRDRAINSf-z V r l stmicture10fltherdeviceianditheiformandirelationr of: thezpartsi thereofrxwillxmore readilyziappearr from ztliezfollowing;:descriptiom; taken win connect tion with the accompanying drawingrimwhichig t Eig: liislazvertica-llviewaofi theinluneermflrtially insectionnshcwn inroperatiomin aiibrok n-awam sectionofaidraimpipe: t w Rig. assasbDItOmJlODieIJfii .viemonctheeplungem shnwmimFig-zla l i Fig.1;3ei aziragmentaryzyenlargediverticai view: partially: 1n. .;cross:.-section; on, the. lowea; endf: ofi thezplungera. i Eigisrlsis aaperspectvesmew ofitheipiungerzinnser inz-azdrainzpipeishown in'iverticalisectionn i As dllustrated imttheadrawlingn .l flirepresentsz-ztfies upper:portionzofzazmetalirodaprefenablyzofialnmie 1mm; hayingsahaindlaorzknob .l i mounted rtheeeacm... A: lowerzraluminumxrodi portion :1 2.;zotiiessera lengthgthan thezzupper. portion; isiprovidedmt one-:-

end thereof-within,aprotuberanceorrenlargedtiheadif li -land iis itlireadedat itspppositfiendztozrebeite nuttl'lt; The irespectiveaopposedsfend sfaceszrl liziofrtliemiemb'ersral 3 andrJ flcsenveiasistopsfiorzrzmpumposashortlwtom d-escribedn l9 (Eigelfl mountedzionusaidurodxhetweenaseidii.


A pairzonnircularsmetaltdisksi'fl andflflis having centrally disposed apertures 2|, are provided for snug fitting engagement about the sleeve l9, and intermediate said disks I dispose a flexible disk 22, preferably of leather, which extends beyond the outer edges of the metal disks for a purpose hereinafter to be described.

The opposed ends 23 and 23' of sleeve l9 are threaded to receive jam nuts 24 and 25. These nuts, when securely tightened against metal disks 20-20 serve to hold said disks and intermediate disk 22 compactly together as a rigid unit upon the sleeve l9, so that the said disks and slzeeve will slide as a unit on the slideway of rod It will be observed; by referring more particularly to Figs. 1 and 3, that I have provided a. plunger for insertion and use in the drain pipes proper. Further, the plunger consists of relatively few parts that can be readily assembled and disassembled and also quickly and easily cleaned of 4 moving and dislodging obstructions in drain pipes, comprising a rod, a handle on one end of said rod, a pair of abutment stops on the other end of said rod arranged in spaced apart relation, a sleeve slidably mounted on said rod between said stops and of a length less than the spacing between said stops, a flat flexible pressure and suction disk mounted on said sleeve of a diameter slightly, greater than the drain pipe, alpa'ir of metal disks on said sleeve arranged one on each I side of said flexible disk having a, diameter slight- The upper rod portion 10 is'threadedly secured in the bore I! of the head l3 carried by the lower 7 rod portion 12, so as to form therewith a unitary rod structure. The piston member, generally indicated (Fig. 4) by the numeral 26 (but consisting of sleeve l9, metal disks -20, flexible disk 22, and nuts 24 and 25) having previously been assembled as a unit, is slid onto the rod l2, with which sleeve l 9 has a sliding fit. Finally nut ll4 is threadedly secured to the lower end-of rod I2. Thus piston 26, disposed about rod l2, is limited in use to a reciprocating movement defined-by the stops |5 and l6. j r i i In operation; when' the plunger. is inserted :m a drain'orwaste pipe,-as shown in Figs. 1 and 4, the lip of flexible strip 22, extending beyond the outer circular limits of metal disks 20-40, provides a substantially air-tight contact with the inter-ior .wall of said pipe. Upon reciprocation of the rod Ill-4 2 the slidable mounting of the diskpiston 26 thereon permits easy ingress and egress and operation of the piston in the pipe. .This because .the end stops l5 and I6, upon reciprocation of the aforesaid rod, provide means whereby the piston can be given additional blows to move it in the desired up and down direction, and particue larly,-to urge the piston to greater depths within the pipe so as' to exert a maximum amount of pressure against a clogging obstruction.

' It is now obvious that I have produced a suc-' tion-pressure plunger which is simple in construction and highly eflicient in operation and which may be readily assembled or disassembled, and also may be easily and quickly maintained in a clean condition. Although I have shown and particularly described the preferred embodiment of this invention, I-do not'wish to be limited to the exact construction shown, as various changes in the formand relation of the parts thereof may be made without departing from the spirit of. this invention, as set forth in the appended claims.

I claim:

' ;.-:1. A portable pressure suction V plunger for rely smaller than the diameter of said flexible disk, and retaining nuts threaded on the opposite ends of said sleeve for clampingly engaging said metal disks and urging them into contactual engagement with the flexible disk.

' f 2. A portable pressure suction plunger for removing, and dislodging obstructions in drain pipes by impact pressure forces, comprising a. rod, a handle on one end of said rod, a pair of spaced apart abutment stops on the other'end of said rod, an impact plunger movably mounted between said abutment stops comprising an externally threaded sleeve having a central bore of suflicient size-to permit the same to slide'freely on said rod in longitudinal to and fro directions between said abutment stops, said sleeve being of a length smaller than the spacing distance between said stopsj a flat flexible plunger disk mounted on said sleeve having a diameter slightly greater than the internal diameter of the drain pipe, a pair of metal disks smaller indiameter than the flexible disk mounted on said sleeve and arranged one on each side of said flexi= ble disk, and a pair of clamping nuts mounted on the opposite ends of said sleeve for locking said disks thereon, whereby reciprocating movement of said handle will cause said stops to alternately engage said sleeve and exert impact forces on the plunger which are transmitted to'the obstruction in the pipe through the column of fluid therein.


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International ClassificationE03C1/308, E03C1/12
Cooperative ClassificationE03C1/308
European ClassificationE03C1/308