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Publication numberUS2608771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1952
Filing dateOct 6, 1950
Priority dateSep 7, 1949
Publication numberUS 2608771 A, US 2608771A, US-A-2608771, US2608771 A, US2608771A
InventorsErnest Sparks
Original AssigneeErnest Sparks
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Writing pad
US 2608771 A
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E. SPARKS WRITING PAD Sept. 2, 1952 Filed Oct. 6, 1950 Attorny Patented Sept. 2, 1952 WRITING PAD Ernest Sparks, Edgware, England Application October 6 1950, Serial No. 188,773

In Great Britain September 7, 1949 2 Claims. 1

This invention relates to writing pads of the type in which a protective transparent sheet and a semi-transparent sheet are superimposed over a plate furnished with an adhesive layer of wax or like material.

The object of the present invention is to provide improved means for supporting the several sheets and in the separation of the semi-transparent sheet from the adhesive layer so as to obliterate any writing or other matter that may have been marked on the writing surface and to this end the pad according to this invention is composed of two unitary structures one of which comprises a sheet of metal or other suitable material furnished with a covering or layer of adhesive material such as wax and the other comprises an apertured frame formed of a relatively flexible and resilient material as compared with the first named structure, said frame being provided with a sheet of semi-transparent material and a superimposed sheet of transparent material, the two structures being so held together in permanent association with each other and with the semi-transparent sheet normally in contact with the adhesive layer that when the sides of the pad. are pressed towards each other one of said structures bows outwardly thereby separating the semi-transparent sheet from the adhesive layer.

In the accompanying drawing which illustrates an embodiment of this invention:

Figure 1 is a front elevation with parts broken away to show hidden parts.

Figure 2 is a part transverse section on line II-II of Figure l, drawn to an enlarged scale, to illustrate the arrangement of the two units, and,

Figure 3 is a transverse section through the pad illustrating the position of the parts when pressure is applied in the direction of the arrows as shown in Figure 1.

In the embodiment illustrated, one unitary structure of the pad comprises a metal backing plate I provided with a layer 2 of adhesive material such as wax; the second structure comprises an apertured metal frame 3 to the inner surface of which is attached, by any suitable adhesive, a transparent sheet of cellophane or the like 4 and asemi-transparent sheet 5.

The two structures are held together in permanent association by turning over the dges 6 of the frame 3 under and against the back of the plate I so as to leave a space to permit the frame 3 to slide relatively to the plate I thereby enabling said frame and the sheets 4 and 5 to bow outwardly when pressure is applied to the side edges of the frame and thus eifect the separation of the semi-transparent sheet 5 from the adhesive layer 2 which results in the obliteration of all markings on the semi-transparent sheet.

When pressure is removed from the sides of the pad the parts will resume their normal position.

It will be appreciated that if desired the plate I may be formed wider than the frame 3 the two elements being secured together by bending the side edges of the plate I over onto the frame 3, so that the plate I is caused to bow when pressure is applied to the side edges thereof.

I claim:

1. A writing pad comprising an apertured frame a semi-transparent sheet and a superimposed protective transparent sheet assembled as and forming a resilient and unitary structure with said semi-transparent sheet and said frame. a backing plate having a coating layer of adhesive material constituting a secondary and relatively stiff unitary structure the adhesive layer of which is adapted to unite said semi-transparent sheet with the backing plate on the application of pressure by a writing instrument, and dual functional means for slidably connecting and maintaining the separate unitary structures in permanent association along their side edges, and for enabling one structure to bow outwardly as a unit relatively to the other on the application of pressure in opposite directions inwardly of their side edges.

2. A writing pad as claimed in claim 1. wherein said association maintenance means are constituted by outer side edges of said resilient and flexible apertured frame which are turned over and enclose the outer side edges of said backing plate and coating layer of the other structure.


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U.S. Classification434/410
International ClassificationB43L1/12, B43L1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB43L1/126
European ClassificationB43L1/12A2