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Publication numberUS2610326 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1952
Filing dateApr 17, 1950
Priority dateApr 17, 1950
Publication numberUS 2610326 A, US 2610326A, US-A-2610326, US2610326 A, US2610326A
InventorsSabin Irene E
Original AssigneeSabin Company Gloves
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Welder's glove
US 2610326 A
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` Patented Sept. 1.6, "1952 patterns for theYA formation `of welclers i: glovesVV cessi-1115150 `shieldr:attached1'at the sides-of theygloye. and.

overlying theffhack otgtliefhandandangev rpor-1 .1.

tionspfithelelove andslooselyepaeedwithmespeqt to thesefportonsfof ftherelove a cumbersome;glove-structurerestrictlng thems "corporatinofOliiou" 7 f Aepimtioampritmf-isso, sentarmeiscifif 'ff-acume; (c1. fea-161)v i @augmentst@-ett/egale@were ticuvla` K* .tof .a' .glove particularly... adapted.. forv Welderls` use Mtj isfwellknownthat a yvelder-v-.corrimonly'holds`i a We1iing. torch in the righ-t hand. and performs- 5' a Welding operationfholdingpn guiding. the work- 4 piece with the left handeanqas aresult yof. s'uchaction2 thefeparks and `invitermateriallfrqnfll the l welding operation endangers the leftharid.C AItfis therefore necessary to' provide protectiontforthe. 10 welders hand..

The principal objectn o f `the"invention the-.-

proyisionfgof awfwelgels glove for-...protecting la prvsioniofga welderssgloue incorporatingv-la. l

design-enabling the readyamanipulation. ofv the f` Welderisleft hand including ,the ngers .thereof Aistill `further.object ofthe-.invention isuthe Y.

prcivision` of awelderjs eloveicorporating means ,fonjshieldin-g-Wall. `ott-theVexposed. seams .on .the .l

glovejto eliminate burningiof said- 'seamsand uthe resulting destructionof thefgloye. .l

weide l seatiqverlliuhemeelreseareis 1e-tbe. u stf l assigner... to Q.: A'

P.v hetobjections.stothebgloyes.heretoforellre With` thelf'orfegoing-and .other-ohjects in yijew which.' -.Wi11 appearras .,th'e description' .procee'dsw the-invention resides?. n ,.the. eornbnationiangilz. arrangement: of parts;and` .in.;the- .de`tails' of @conf struction hereinatteradescripedand.clairried,l,it being-.understood thatchangesfintheprecise .em bodimeiglt` ,of .the `in uventiorirlierein. @discloslefdtca beimade 1..YWith-in,. the scopeofl wha is claimed. Without fdeparting. from the; spirit-,ef...thefinveriv tion'. l l The Iinvention is illustrateddn.thefaccompany l' ngfdraWing-lfwherein l Fig-urelfis aeideview ofythe.Meldepsaglevem. 1 Figure ,2, is ,aback1=view L hei?Weldersiglgie't., ShowninEigureri: 1

Figurey 3- .saf longitudinal),crossffsectiomtaken@ g on line 3-3,ofligiireffLg..` V l Fig-ureA is awverticalgsection taken ion-f line-4f;4 y ofligurefl': Figure :5f iszi-:composite.alleenv illustrating thea. patterny tot 1 .the dinger?. baeks' .usedfrinwthe. glove shown .in.ligureslfanda2m y 31 1 By; .referring-e tothel drawings :l-andeEigure ./Lg' in f i particular it Vwill ,befseemthat a Welder-s glovefhas .t been disclosedswhich :includessa cuff .A 0, sectionji :andtaflplurality of finger .backzsections i 2.-

The` nger back-e sections 4l 2 f,are--.sec ured to one. another. .by aplurality of longitudinally. exia tendingf-inturnegtseams :t3-. t3. to form the. .-loack',r ofthe gloove. The back of the glove-thusfiorred `aswe11 as the .longitudinally-v:extending seams" 13e-I3 are coverecl` bnywa .rectangular.}back.lguard. sectional 4 which. is secured by i'nturnedfseamlslat its edges lto the. glove` and'. more .particularly 2te... longitudinal"` side'r seams. ...l5-.L15 andtransverfse seamvjs iii-TIG sor-lthat'thefrectangula'r b'afck'f'gjrd.. section -..l 4 foverlies alll/lefthe longitudinallylex. .5 tending seams` llt-I3betweenetheerhac 4. sections ige-:l2 .l .The actualqbck of f th'e glove is.; j therefore. corereibythe' baekguard section. I4 so, that sparksor particles. vof-`molten.metal..directed thereagainst `Vwill ,not harm .the glve as :the YMul-.1 nerable'lsearns.aelcovered. l J

in Figure 4 of the drawings wherein one of the Y fingers is shown in transverse cross section and it will be observed that the seams I3-I3 are located Well around on the front of the iingers with the back of the iinger sections I2 covering the back and the end portions of the side of the iingers.

The finger"v backufsections I2 are also shown f in a patternlike arrangement in Figure 5 of the drawings and it will be observed by referring thereto that the longitudinal seams joining their edges I2A-I2A to one another are those covered. 1

by the back guard l section III heretofore referred to, while the increased width of the end portions of the iinger back Vsections I2 enables the seams I3-I3 joining the same to be located Well around the front of the glove and away.

from the vulnerable back portion.

The palm section I I of the glove has finger-#like extensions IIA-vIIAextending outwardly and joined; by the rseams I3--I3 tothe nger back I2. The construction is particularly desirable as the inturned longitudinally extending seams form ridges, as best shown in Figure 3 of the drawings, which serve to position the back of the glove above the welders hand so that heating or burning of the hand is impossible.

Thenovelty inthe' present disclosure therefore resides in the'formationiof the linger back sections I2, the positioning ofthe longitudinal seams yI3--I3 joining the same to one another and to the narrow palm extensions IIA-I IA and in ...the provision of the back guard section I4 forming a loosely positioned protective element of Qalsoftyiiexible nature over the entire back of sections I2 so as to complete the'glove structure.Y 7 The back I'I of the thumb portion of the glove Y is formed as a separate section attached vto the palm'fwhile the front of the thumb is formed as an-integral piecevof thepalm II. A reinforc- 1 ing'strip I 8kis positioned `on the palmgII andV covers the seam joining the back I 'Ir Vof-vthe"4 thumb portion and the palm` I I. An additional reinforcing section I9 is positioned on the inside portion of the'cui vIII and overlies the same, as.

best shown in- Figure 1 of the drawings'. It will'4 beiore's'etfforth. A Having thus described my invention,' 'what vthe-'glcvn'vesV to` protect the seams which would otherwise be exposed in a glove formed on the pattern of that herein disclosed.

It will occur to those skilled in the art that the back guard section I4, while illustrated and hereinbefore described as being positioned on the'backorfthe left k,hand glove, may alternately be positioned'on Athebaol: of "thefrighthand gloveoronkboth gloves of a pair if 'desir ed; `Theb'acl: guard'sectio'n I is cutand anixed' in exactly'the samemanner sov as to berinter-v changeable'fronileftto right hand rglovejiat the time of `manufactureif desired. y f

It Ywilljthus beseen that the several'objcts of the invention vare claimis: A A Y, l. In a welders glove comprising theA usual back, palm and cuil" portions, narrow-iinge'r'lexfu `tensions on the palm portion and a-plurality of relatively' ywide nger 'back sections portions ofwhich areY secured to -one another Vand `to the- Y sides oi' the palm vportion by'ilongitudinal seams,1 y inturned seams securing the remainingportionsqgof the flngerbacl; sections'to the narrow vnger extensions, aback guard VsectionA comprising 'a' piece of material secured on the outer side-of4 the back portion of the glove byv inturnedv seams back sections I2 so "as to cover the longitudinalseams I3, the seams positioning'and 'locating the back guard section I4 being the inturned transverse seams Iii-I6 and the inturned longi tudi'nally extending side seams I5-I5. f i Y It will thus'be'se'en that a welders glove has beendisclosed which has-al1 the desirable iiexible characteristics'of'an ordinary workmans glove and possesses the desirable protective'features of a -welders glove.

torch striking` the back of the glove -as disclosedv herein-will in no way lharm the same asrnone It :will occur to those skilledin thev arty that sparks or particles of metal from a welders l.

of the seams are Aexposed andtherefore none"- can beburned'and opened. Additionally, theVv several portions of the glove are llined Vwith a suitableiabric whichv is cemented to the Vinner y several portions of the glove *and particularly end sections thereof.' f 'I'he lining material is indicated by the numeral 20 and is sewed to the several portions of'the glove by the seams 13A-'I3 and thev seams I5-I5.' This construction places insulation on the sides and back of each of the iingers and the back of the hand and thus protects` the workmanis hand. It willV vthe finger back sections I 2 and the enlarged Y forms,"in eifectja third heat insulating layer betweenthevbackV of the 'welders hand and the workpiece,v the other two being the' layer ofiinsulating" material mld-'17h12y fingerv baok Section at both sides of Vtheglove and transverse seams at bothY ends of ,the guard and loverlying the first mentioned vlongitudinal seams between the finger back sections Yandfwith said loosely overlying'the glove back. v 2. In a welders glovewcomprising th'eusual baok,"palm'and cuiA portions., means'formin'g'i' ngers comprising narrow linger extensions Von material.

the'palm portion and anplurality ofrelatifv'elyY wide Jlinger backsections'portions of which`are secured -to onefanotherby longitudinal inturned vseams and to-'lthe sidesgof lthe palm portionby y longitudinalv linturned seams, inturned "sea'ins"r securingV the remaining portions -of the linger?" back sections to the' narrow` n'ger' extensions,

the said intuined'seams'lying on the front loir the iingers of the glove, a backguard section comprising afpiece of'mate'rial `'secured onfthe. outer side of theV back portion'lof'the glove by inturned seams at' both sides ofthe glove and transverse seams at both ends of the back guard *l and overlying the longitudinal seams between the iinger back portions and with said material loosely overlying "the back portion, said Vback. guard section extending from thesaidfcui poi-v4 tion :to a point' onzthe .iingerbackisection'sa distance equal to `that of the longitudinaliseams 'Ll joiningj'thesaid! linger ibackxsectionszito ione-g., another so as to overlie the same throughout gjy their length. y

3;" Inl la Y welders gloye comprising 75 palm andfcuii= tportiofns'l ,and having: a: baQksif formed of a plurality of longitudinally positioned finger back sections secured to one another by longitudinally extending inturned seams therebetween and to said cui portion by a transverse seam, the improvement comprising a back guard section formed oi' a piece of flexible material and secured on the outer side of the finger back sections of the glove by inturned seams at both sides of the glove and secondary transportion for the glove formed of a plurality ci' ringer back sections, each of the said finger back sections being narrow throughout a` portion of its length and relatively wider near its outermost end portion. the wider, outermost end portions of the iinger back sections being secured to the iinger extensions of the said palm section to form ngers in the glove and the narrow finger back sections being secured to oneanother by longitudinal seams, and a rectangular back guard section positioned on the back of the glove over the said longitudinal seams, the edges of the said rectangular back guard section being secured to the glove by inturned seams whereby the said longitudinal seams of the back iinger sections are covered and the seams between the enlarged ends of the finger back sections and the palm section extensions are on the front of the glove.

5. In a welders glove having a back section, a palm section, iinger stalls and a cuff portion; elongated strips disposed in side by side relation to each other and having side edge portions stitched together for a portion of their length and forming inturned seams, the seamed-together portions ofthe strips forming the back section of the glove, said strips having front portions projecting forwardly from the back section of the glove and forming back portions of the finger stalls, tongues extending forwardly from the palm section of the glove and having side edge portions stitched to side portions of companion forwardly extending portions of the rst mentioned strips by inturned seams and completing the finger stalls, lining strips ad- `herngly mounted against inner surfaces of the first strips and having side edge portions secured by the stitches forming the inturned seams, and a, guard for the back section corresponding in length and width to the said back section and having its side edges and front and rear edges turned inwardly and sewed to the back section and for the remainder of its area being free and spaced outwardly from the back section.


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