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Publication numberUS2610336 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1952
Filing dateSep 27, 1949
Priority dateSep 27, 1949
Publication numberUS 2610336 A, US 2610336A, US-A-2610336, US2610336 A, US2610336A
InventorsSchworm Jr Louis
Original AssigneeSwormco Inc
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Mattress protector
US 2610336 A
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sept. lr6, 1952y Filed Sept. 27, 1949 L. scHwoRM, JR 2,610,336


Sept. 16, 1952 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 Arr'aRA/EY provide van article position upon the Patented Sept. 16, 1952 U-NiT-so f STATES PATENT OFFICE MATTRESS PROTECTOR Louis Schworm, Jr., Washington, D. C., assignor g v @to Swormco, Inc., a corporation of Delaware Application 2 Claims.

This invention relates toV protective pads for mattresses and it is an object-of the inventionto of. this. kind lhavin'g'.- means whereby. itis effectivelyiimaintained in applied It is also an object of the invention to provide an article of this kind comprising an absorbent lamination and a lamination impervious to moisture together with means for detachably holding the laminations in overlying relation and wherein one of the laminations is provided with means for maintaining the same in applied position, said maintaining means offering no hindrance or obstruction to the application or removal of the second lamination.

The invention consists in the details of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts of my improved protective pads for mattresses whereby certain advantages are attained, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

In order that my invention may be better understood, I will now proceed to describe the same with reference to the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a View in top plan with portions broken and parts indicated by broken lines illustrating a protective pad constructed in accordance with an embodiment of the invention;

Figure 2 is a side elevational view of Figure l;

Figure 3 is an enlarged detail sectional view taken substantially on the line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a fragmentary view in perspective of the pad as herein comprised in applied position;

Figure 5- is a fragmentary view in bottom plan of the impervious lamination as herein comprised and its associated end aprons in separated relation;

Figure 6 is a fragmentary view in perspective of an end portion of the absorbent lamination herein comprised; and

Figure 7 is a fragmentary view in perspective of an end portion of the sheet as herein oomprised.

In the embodiment of the invention as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, the pad comprises two laminations A and B adapted to overlie. The lamination A is of a material impervious to moisture while the second lamination B is absorbent.

The lamination A is of dimensions closely approaching those of the mattress M. Extending across and securely and detachably fastened to the end portions of the laminations A are the under the associated end september 27, 1949,seria1N0. y118,066

elongated aprons I of textile or non-stretchable material which are adapted to be tucked back portions of the mattress and between' a `bed spring or the like and the mattress M. By this means the pad is effectively held in applied position.

The outer end portions of the aprons I have secured thereto the outwardly laterally disposed elongated straps 2. These straps 2 are each of such a length after the apron has been tucked back under the mattress M to extend down and under the adjacent corner portion of the mattress M.

The free extremity of the strap 2 is provided with two transversely spaced snap fastener elements 3 which are engaged with the elements 4 at a rear corner portion of the apron.

The inner .corner portions of each of the aprons I have secured thereto the outwardly and laterally disposed straps 5 having at their outer or free extremities -the transversely spaced snap fastening elements. These straps 5 are adapted to be disposed upwardly and over the side marginal portions of the lamination B closely adjacent to the apron and the elements 5 engaged with the elements 6 carried by the lamination B.

In the present embodiment of the invention, the lamination A has each end portion provided thereacross with the spaced and alined snap fastening elements 1. This end portion overlies the inner end portion of an apron I and is received between the apron I and the ilap 8 disposed substantially entirely across the inner portion of the apron I. This flap 8 is provided with the snap fastening elements 9 for engagement with the elements 1 whereby the apron I is effectively secured to the lamination A.

By this means it iS believed obvious that the apron I can be easily applied or removed. The separation of the apron l allows the same to be laundered. Relative to the lamination A it is only necessary that the same be wiped with a damp cloth to maintain the same in a sanitary condition.

The central portion of each of the aprons I on mit the elements I2 to engage the elements Il to hold the sheet I4 on the mattress in a smoother condition.

From the foregoing description it is thought to be obvious that protective pads for mattresses constructed in accordance with my invention are particularly Well adapted for use by reason of the convenience and facility with which they may be assembled and used.

I claim:

l. In a mattress protector, a sheet of a moisture-proof material overlaying a major length of the mattress, aprons detachably connected'with the end portions of said sheet and extending about the ends of the mattress forhtuckingbeneath-the same, a pad of an absorbent materialoverlaying said sheet and the connectedend portions of said aprons, a sheeting overlaying said pad and having its end portions extending beyond the ends of the same and depending along with the downwardlysdirectedlportions ofV the: aprons over the ends of-the mattresspand separable fastenings lconnectingthe:edges ofthe end ,portions of'said A.sheeting .to;y the outerisides of the ylatter v portions lof said-aprons.

2. The invention as defined in claim 1, with pairs of spaced straps extending about the opposite sides of the mattress adjacent the ends thereof, the lower ends of said Straps being permanently secured to the opposite side edges of the tucked under portions of said aprons, separable fastenings connecting the upper ends of the inner pair or said straps with the opposite side edges ofthe upper portions of said aprons adjacent the lines `of connection of the latter with said sheeting, and other separable fastenings connecting the upper ends of the outer pair of said straps with the opposite side edges of said pad.

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