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Publication numberUS2610733 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1952
Filing dateMar 3, 1950
Priority dateMar 3, 1950
Publication numberUS 2610733 A, US 2610733A, US-A-2610733, US2610733 A, US2610733A
InventorsBalasevich John J
Original AssigneeScovill Manufacturing Co
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Lipstick container
US 2610733 A
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P 16, 1952 J. J. BALASEVICH 2,610,733

LIPSTICK CONTAINER Filed March 5, 1950 INVENTOR. John J. Bulusevlqzh Attorneg This invention relates Patented Sept. 16, 1952 LIPSTICK CONTAINER John J. Balasevich, Woodbury,-. Conn., assignor to Scovill Manufacturing Company, Waterbury, Conn., a corporation of Connecticut Application March 3, 1950, Serial No. 147,487

(Cl. 20 6- -56) I 1 Claim.

to a holder or container for a lipstick, eyebrow pencil or the like, and particularly to the so-called swivel type of lipstick container well known to the trade.

This invention is a continuation-in-part of my previous application, Serial No. 124,164, filed October 28, 1949.

In the conventional swivel type of lipstick container it is the general practice to provide a relatively long cover cap that engages over substantially the entire length of the body except for an exposed operating head. Itis good practice to either frictionally engage the cap to the body member or to some part of the operating head. In the latter construction, this type of container is generally known in the trade as a free wheelin container, the purpose being to preclude the possibility of the carrier cup from being accidentally raised within the container and jamming the cosmetic material against the cover end.

In these conventional constructions it is necessary for the operator to use both hands in manipulating the container to project and retract the cosmetic stick, and to either find a place to deposit the cover cap or hold it in ones hand during the handlin of the container. It is the principal object of this invention to provide an operating head to which the cover cap'maybe frictionally attached to cover the container and in spaced relationship to said container and also to have another section on said head to frictionally receive the open end of said cap after it has been removed from said container end, inverted and then received upon said other head section so as to permit the cover cap to be used in operating the container and also to serve as a convenient extended handle in applying the cosmetic material.

In applying this invention to the so-called free wheeling type of container, an added length is provided upon the operating head of the container. It is a further object of this invention in making use of this added length by providing a hollow recess therein,into-which other articles used in the cosmetic line may be conveniently stored or assembled.

The full nature of this invention, along with other objects and various advantages thereof will be more apparent from a consideration of the following description when read in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which,

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a lipstick container showing the cover in partially ofi position and portions of the container broken away to show the interior construction.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary elevation view of the container showing the cap in section and applied to the operating head.

Fig. 3 is an end view of the operating head of the container, and e I Fig; 4 is a perspective view of the container with the cap in position to hold and operate the container byonehand.

Referring nowto the drawing in which like numerals denote like parts, numeral lo designates an outside casing shell within which is rotatably fitted an inside shell I I with an interposed helical member [2 therebetween. The helical member is frictionally carried by the outside casing shell .I 0 in the usual manner or may be formed as an integral part of said casing shell Ill. Slidably operated within the inside shell II is a carrier cup l3 for projecting and retracting a stick of cosmeticmaterial l3a within the con tainer. M f I The mechanism for operating the swivel type lipstickis not shown as it is 'a well known art having been disclosed long ago inthe old Coryell Patent No. 1,504,217, dated August 12, 1924.

In the recent types of lipstick containers now appearing on the market and incorporatin the free wheeling device, these containers employ a relatively long cover cap l4 that telescopes over the entire length of the casing'shell l0 and may be either frictionally held or swivelly connected to the operating head I6 of the container.

As shown in Fig. 1 theoperating head 16 is preferably formed as an integral part of the inside shell II and is enlarged to a diameter substantiallycomparable to the outside diameter of the outside shell to. The operating head 16 is provided with outwardly formed friction ribs il over which the cover is adapted to telescope and to be held frictionally in place. The frictional contact that is made between the cover cap l4 and the frictional ribs ll on the operating head It is such that the cover cap has no engagement whatsoever with the'outside shell 10 when assembled upon the operating head I6.

'In making use of the cover cap to operate the container by the use of only one hand, the operating head I6 is provided with an added length [8 with an intermediate outwardly circumferential bead l9 therebetween. The added length I8 is also provided with a plurality of outwardly formed friction ribs 20 comparable to the ribs I! to also receive the open end of the cover cap to be more fully explained later.

In view of the added length 18 that is incorporated into the operating head IS, a considerable amount of waste space is provided within the operating head [6. To make use of this waste space I propose to provide an opening in the closed end of the additional length 18 of the operating head 16 as at 2| and to telescope within this waste space an inverted cup 22 having its open end secured to the cut-out 2| by a forming or soldering operation. The closed end 23 of the inverted cup 22 will serve'as'abase or closure wall for the interior of the container to prevent any foreign matter entering into said container.

Various types of cosmetic material may be assembled or stored within this inverted cuppsuch as a perfume bottle, an applicator. ;or the like. 7

As shown here it is my intention tosuggestthe use of a p rfume dispenser to be placed within the inverted cup 22. To this end provision is made of a container shell 24 having a 'beaded base 25 provided with -a plurality of apertures 26. The container;sheltmayrbeiformed with one or more outwardlyformed ribszfl'soz as torbe frictionally retained within the inverted cup. The container shell 24maybe:-filled. with a :wadof cotton batting 28 that may bezsaturatedwith a perfume that can volatilizetand discharge through the apertures 26 to scentivupzthe container or pocket book in which the :lipstickxcontamerr may be carried or 'to produce a: pleasing ,odorzin'athe neighborhood of thelipstick container.

In the operation'of the. device the long :cover cap will normally 1 be assembled :and: frictionally held .upon v the. 'ribs I.1r.of':the the operating-head t6. Inorder .to .use :;the lipstick -materia1 Tithe coverccap M will be removedirom.the:operating head, inverted andzthesopen aend .ofithercap i6 telescoped.overthenadded length l8:'OIf'Ithe operating head ll 6 up tolhecircumferential: bead. I 9 and be frictionallyiheldfiniplace .by: thexibs 20.

It is to be noted that the diameter of themper- .atinghead l6 and itsaddedlength lais'substantially the same diameteraasr thenCaSing. shell: I 0. However, the ribs l-l-andrlo .arerformed outwardly thereof and. preferably ;are., constructed. soitthat theirs-crest "diameteris. greater, than --the1--interior diameterof .the covercapld. ;-.By;so.dimensioning these parts. thecover; .cap' will havera relatively firm telescopic engagement with both the 'operating'. head I 6 and; thezaddedalength; l.8,-.-;and. by reason of the fact pthatatheiribs*fluiandflmare equally spaced: about'dzheir; respective apartscthe cover capgwall .adjacentjvits open end. will-ibez'allowed vto :distort inwardly toward ithe sections of the head 16 andradded length l8 between'ithe crest portion of-saidribs; l'|:;.and-20. jiBy-o-sozdis- 4 torting the cover cap, [4: relativezztoi the added length H3 or the covericapnthe cap 1+. will-beheld relatively secure against relative-rotation upon said operating head inaddition to the i'rtctionaI engagement mentioned above. -.-When thecover .cap I4 is thus assembledliipon;thegaddedglength I 8 of the operating head] 6. ;the;cover;c ap :I 4. may be grasped 'by the operator's. hand whilettheqentire length of the containenzcasingshell1|flrzisyeapable of being grasped by the thumb :anddndex finger for operating the container in projecting and retracting the cosmetic stick. Also by this arrangement the overall length of the container and assembled cap is increased two-fold so as to provide a relatively long unit for convenience in applying the stick material.

While this invention is illustrated as being embodied in a cylindrical-or round type of lipstick container, it is to be understood that the novel features of the invention can equally as -well be used in connection with the same general "type of container that may be of polygonal or other irregular shape in cross section.

'It'is considered that the invention and many of its attendant advantages will be understood from-the foregoing description and it will be apparent-that various changes may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the appended claim.

What I claim is:

A lipstick container of theiswivel typecomprising an exterior; casing and can interior shell 10- tatably mounted in .saidncasing. .an operating head. formed as .an integral. part ofsaid interior shell and located entirely outside of said casing, said head being divided into upper-and .lower sections by an intermediate circumferential raised- ;rib, the upper .and lower .section v having a,.plurality. of elongated ribs arranged longitudinally icnsand. equally positionedabout said sections, .an-elongated cover. capiimperforate except for:;its open end and of .a length to cover the casing. as well as the upper section ofsaid head, saidribs of :said xupperssection having .a crest diameter ,sufficiently greater than the interior diameterof said cap so as to frictionally :hold saidcap onsaid uppersection inwspacedrelation to said casing,.and the ribsonsaid lower section having a crest diameter throughout 7 their length sufliciently greater than the :interiondiameteroi said capso as to distort the open end of said cap when. assembled onsaidlower section and create sufiicient friction-between'said ribs and-said cap so. as .to firmly, non-rotatably and non-tiltably maintain said cap on said' lowersection inany position vthatthe cap may beeassembled thereup on 1JOHN JJIBALASEVIQH.

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