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Publication numberUS2610735 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1952
Filing dateJul 26, 1949
Priority dateJul 26, 1949
Publication numberUS 2610735 A, US 2610735A, US-A-2610735, US2610735 A, US2610735A
InventorsFerguson Kenneth C
Original AssigneeInland Container Corp
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Multiple centering support
US 2610735 A
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Sept. 16, 1952 K. C. FERGUSON MULTIPLE CENTERING SUPPORT Filed July 26. 1949 fir wwvirs,

Patented Sept. 16, 1952 I J l :Kenneth C.Ferguson,Indianapolis,Ind.',assignor i 1 to Inland Container Corporation, Indianapolis,

1 -Ind., a corporation gapplicationluly 2s, 194afsenaiivo;165.876 sounds. (chaos-65) 4 4 This invention relates to a multiple centering support comprising a spacer, locator and support structure, particularly applicable for use in mounting yarn or thread bearing cones in a con tainer, and wherein said cones are mounted in superimposed laterally spaced relation with the said support or locator serving as a centering support fortheupper end of a lower cone and the; lower end of the aligned superimposed cone, this application being avcontinuation in part of application Serial No. 56,945,,flled October 28 1948, and entitled Thread Cone Container."

The principal object of the invention is to provides. centering support or locator of this char; acter which, 1' as a single unit, will'enga'ge, center and support adjacent ends of aligned cones separated by a partition in which the locator is mounted to extend from opposite sides thereof.

A feature of the invention resides in the structure of the centering support or locator formed with an intermediate laterally-extending flange embedded within the partition for anchoring and securing the locator rigidly in cone-engaging position.

A further feature of the invention resides in the bullet shaped projection formed on the centering support or locator, such as to provide spaced relation and in superposed relationa plurality of articles such as thread or yarnfilled cones which include the tubular cone 23jwith a lower larger open-end 25 and an upper smaller return bend defined open end '24. -There'onis disposed the-yarn or thread 50; v

A top cover and spacer member [6 of paper board is provided and'includes' spaced'open'ings l1 therein. Immediately therebeneath. is a multi-ply partition of similar material. One: ply l6 has spaced openings [1 therein. The; other ply II has smaller openings I'Q-therein. .Stapling 2| secures both plies together and traps therebetween the severallocators, the top cover a bearing projection to readily guide and permit slippage of the upper end of the cone thereover. Still a further feature of the invention resides in the cross sectional wedge shaped form of the upper exposed end of the locator for reinforcing it against lateral displacement or deformation when in centering engagement with the lower end of a cone.

The full nature of the invention will be understood from the accompanying drawings and the following description and claims:

In the drawings Fig. l is a perspective view of a container with portions broken away to show a plurality of thread filled cones or articles in superposed and laterally spaced relation and several of the locators embodying the present invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view through a thread or yarn filled cone or article with superposed partitions and locators.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of one form of cone support and locator.

Fig. 4 is a similar view of a second form of cone support locator. I

Fig. 5 is a central sectional view of the locator shown in Fig. 4.

In Fig. l of the drawings, ll indicates a portion of a container adapted to nest in laterally and spacer member .beingidentical to the tcp ply of the partition. ,1,

Bottom spacing means, if employed in the container, may be identical to bottom ply l8 and comprise one or more, there being preferably at the top and bottom as many plies as are necessary to prevent locator contact with or puncturing of the top and bottom interiors of the container. To facilitate partition removal and air ventilating, notches 20 may be provided therein for hand or finger grip purposes. Each partition is substantially of the same area as the area of the container.

The locator, as shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3 includes an outwardly directed intermediate flange 26 and a reversely bent portion 21-28 disposed coaxially therewith and upon one side thereof adapted to nest in the larger end 25 of cone 23.

in the inturned smaller end 24 of cone 23. The

flange 26, therefore, is the only spacer portion between boards [6 and I8 when they are stitched together.

Reference will now behad to Figs. 4 and 5 wherein a modified form. of locator is illustrated. Herein 33 indicates an I'outer intermediate peripheral flange, 34-35 the outer and inner surfaces of cylindrical portion 36 projecting from one side of flange 33.

from and coaxial with portion 36 is tubular portion 38 having conoidal or somewhat hemispheri- The latter is continued I inwardly as at 31 and projecting oppositely therea molded structure it is preferred to have inner' and outer flanges 3331 coplanan. If desired, they need not be so but could be disposed as shown in Fig. 2. Also the structure-shown Lin;,Fig.:.2. may have flanges 2629 disposedgtincoplanar relation.

While the invention has been'illustrated and.

described in great detail in the drawings and foregoing description, the same is to be con sidered as illustrative andnot restrictive in char- The several modifications described herein as Weill-as others; which, :WilljiBfldilY suggest themseivesto. persons skilledlin this art, all are considered to be. within the'broad scope or the invention, reference being had to. theyappended claims. .Thezinvention claimedis:

1. Amultiple centering support comprising: a pair, of rigid;partition boards. secured together havingaxially related openings therein, the. lowermbst-opening being of less diameter :than the uppermost opening, av locator, having a laterally extending .flange; vembedded between said rigid boardsirto they-gripped and anchored thereby; an upwardly extending annular centeringprojection 'a'rounded bullet shaped head.

3 A..multiple centering support as defined in claim '1, characterized in that said projection protruding through the larger 01 the openings is reiniorcedad'jacent its Junction with said flange by an inwardly sloping wall portion tapering downwardly andinwardly from the upper exposed edge of said projection.



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