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Publication numberUS2611573 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1952
Filing dateJan 17, 1946
Priority dateJan 17, 1946
Publication numberUS 2611573 A, US 2611573A, US-A-2611573, US2611573 A, US2611573A
InventorsYoung John C
Original AssigneeYoung John C
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Light supporting means
US 2611573 A
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Sept. 23, 1952 J. c. YOUNG I 2,611,573

LIGHT SUPPORTING MEANS Filed Jan. 17, 1946 Patented Sept. 23, 1952 v 2.,e11,57e1f,

LIGHT sn m maMeeh-s;

101mb. ung, ritt sufirgmleal I pnq gi 1942s, "seiia1 m. 641mg claims. (01.2583-133-5? 1 fThis, intention r late o a 1i.ehtine x ;ean. to: the interior qf hand ke s o li s'e'hnorteh e eqnk min rs-j obieet f t es nt n zen en .ieto 1 Yide mean ml l m nat on of the in erio Qt hand bee and similar p rtab e art c e 991'}:

ra ing case's.-

t eir o je t at the inve ti n- QS QS UhQ n'revleiqn of a. n w xt o m ac e in h nature Q1 illum.ine inem ans wh e can be readily built into a hand bag suitease or other portable article carrying receptgaeleor container wine-la te: ar an fac ur d l hieh a an aetiele log-m nu actut l c a if e n al d i an &7 such reqeQtac es-a rheir; manufac ure b 1 i g nn r i object "is; to pro iae or "the am a e ee tien r. an il u in i g mea eee-o: a, han a or he ke so tha ini g e z qi alz n n pat ie la on entsofthe I aniq has: en ihe e! my e r ily l e e 'za n emu-s art cles ometim s r e n s eh er? ,tiele' arnyin c ntainers or reeeptagelesg W th hese and her' bi f w; h mr rltiojm' on s s 'infiie' cp stmcti a novel.

combination and arr gem n ef i s n:

- V fB eferring how elte ' e the reference A' indicates .elu i giehe r h .11 3.35 ende. fie d:

teiti l 'ane ihevin ihe ueuel flex -re. H fi he isi e'walls endjthe l l nQ t ns-e t fid wallsambottem Q heb ,.r. h nlik -l, y a

' Rela ively na rqwn mme memb s 1mm amisew i fii uitab e m nner 'th uphe d edges'of the sidewalle, ll. and i ree eetively:

pivotedfibrlhineed; a he r ftee ens jsle 'eb I The e rame. A H t'e dingje' de I and 18, es ect ly; w ie sjaic ire ne'membersi s f ning theju j er .pe i e bf th'e'hnd bag d. n eq idine. a, loseb; e .epeni in 10 o the ,b g f n i h. e n y be peni g.

"iaste' ed aeainstl aecidenta e re ea 7 y an ,ell'kne n je uitab manner.

aim :1 my esc bed, "musea ea in the I eeemi EiggreB is .a transverse sectional View through thefliandba 01; F gure 1:; V H ve 41$ 2, tramvei se sectional view on the lineal-5470f Flgure zg a T Figure 5 15. a trans verse sectional viewon the jee 5. 5 0. EiEureZ;

,ofaa I I iehmeh d e a ba i ery hotehown), a ut-i 1m: 1s. a fr mentary v ffbh wel f ai-heaqibag: il ustr t n a, mo ified form 9i the nven ion; v

F u e "1 s a transvers ect nal vi w en h ine. o gF eu 6:

Figure 8 iea similar"view-illustrating; another modification of the invention; and Figure 915 a sectional viewcm the line B -9 or Figure 8;

t loeinet require intricate wiring or comp lh ar swi eh heligh ng mean n he r sent. invent on is y e m and: o i s e se OfeWiIfiBg extended over an area of the ime "oi? e he he d bag" o' a emp ish my pmp s'es, Lemplby a small 'selfee ontai-ned, flashli ht B iteb e kindl Qw n t m k t and honor-switch operating member 22 of a charaotei to .i' lash the light; through the bulb 23min l known ma e and ema s tufo l ligh ngpurposes until the-buttonf orswitch ope ingmembeg-H- is manuall-yshifited. t0. 301 6 23 e s t enes iniw l n n *u e1-way=;

.- :F e r s; 1 e 5 .i-. r u i e. a co m n. hee 1 eht:B ise-de ach ble m unt in th han bag. i he -new or o fieema u e ur the ee- Oneemanne efh i meet ge flas ie-ht B inwthe hand fbae: cens sisvof' a sa e y in 4 V ommonidesien endi'of: tab e. siz h mz the-lining adiaoentifihe side; wall +9.

A plate 23 of metal or other; suitable is slidablsmmounted on. th z t do erm 241 ,ofyihe Safety-pin C, said plate v23' havingkibs; upper, edge bentor foldedloosely about the harm 2439f: th safetyupimas'a-t 25', whereby to suspende thel said plate swinginglyfrom'the safety pm. This plate 2'3grhas one 'endiprovidedi withvfhinge knuckles 26 adapted for pivotal .I or hingeconnection-with. the hinge-knuckle 2 of -almetal or vother?armc28;

there-being a'hinge pint'le 279' 'efiective'ly swingingly connectingsaid hinge knuckles together to provide "fora swinging movement of said ar 2v8f across the inter ior 'of1the hand bag. The arm 28i'car-ries depending rings or' loops and 3| are preferably resilient or bendable so as to provide for a tight gripping of the flash light and yet,'wlien .desire,d, "as whena'jnew batteryis needed for the" flash light, the lattermay be removed and replaced. A new battery can be inserted in the flash light casing without removing the flash light from the rings or loops 30 and 3| by removing the detachable end cap 32 from the flash light casing, if necessary sliding the flash light slightly away from inner end a of the arm 28;

It will thus be seen that by virtue of :the slid; j

able mounting of the plate 23 on the arm 24 of the safety pin and the hinged connection 26 2 1 29 between theasaidjplaiie and the'I arm 28; that theflash light canbesl'iifted in the hand bag: lengthwise threqf'anu also) crosswise, of

the-bag and also iirtedjui wardly orjoutw'ardl'y on t he arm '28 of the safetylpin by reason of the loose sliding connectionbetween the'plate 23 and the safety pin arm. 24, therebyprovidingfor illumination over various' 'portions of the interior of the hand bag and providingfor the use at times; or if desired; of the flash light for lighting purposes outside of thebag by opening the latter ands winging'the flash light nearer to the open mouth'of the bag, enabling the user in a time of darkness to locate a desired key on a key ring usually 'carried-iin' a hand bag; as well as aiding in. locatingajkey hole. "j a ,In Figures 6 and "7 there is illustrated .a medi fied' form of the invention inwhich the flashlight the enlarged supporting means differs from 'thatillustrated inFi'gures '1 to 5, inclusive, "and in' which the arm 28' is hingedly connected as atZBaj This arm at its outer end has a laterally directed ex tension 28" to which is securedin' any suitable manner, as soldering or riveting, {the usual screw threaded'cap a at theinner end of-the ordinary flash light and into the socket of i cap it the flash light casing canbe screwed and unscrewed; In other'words, the usual cap at theinner end of the flash light can 'be'removed from the fiash light'casing and be secured by riveting; soldering or in any suitable manner, to' the lateral extenframe.

sion 28" of the arm is and: the :fl'ash light-pas ing then screwed into saidfcap whereby to sup- D0rt theflashlight- I f H In' the modified'f'orm of the invention illus-' hangers 40 at the lower ends of the inner plates 36. A plate 4| has its upper edge 42 folded loosely over and around said rod 39, as in Figs. 1 to 5, inclusive, to provide for a sliding movement of said plate 4| longitudinally along said rod.

The short arm 43 has a hinged connection 26" with the plate 4| and the short arm 43 is provided withashort lateral extension 3'5'; "as in Figures 6 and 7, to which the-usual flashlight casing cap 35" is secured, as in Figures 6 and '7 to receive exteriorly threaded inner end of the flash light casing B" as in the modified form illustrated in Figures 6 and 7.

. Thus,vin the form of the invention illustrated in Figures 8 and 9, the flash light can be swung upwardly in a vertical plane toward the mouth of the hand bag and it also has longitudinal movement along the rod 33 as well as a horizontal swinging movement by reason of the hingedconnection between theplate ll' an the, short arm 43which carries the'flash'li'ght;

From the foregoing it will be seenthatfth'e use of intricate wiringin the handbag or other portable container is ojbviatedby the use of the common small sized" flash light and that the in vention is thereby simplified and economicalof manufactureeither asan originalpart of ajmanufactured container oras an article of ma ufac ture for detachable associatiohwith are or worn portable container.

What-is claimed is'i' I 1f 7 1. Light supportingmeansfor hand bags, and

: the like comprising a substantially'i lat' rectaii gularly shaped "plate-like frame and aconven tional safety pin, the latter having opposed sub"- stantially parallel" arms; the said framejhaving a turned-over portion at its; top edgeintheiforin ofja'sleeve within which one of the, arms .ot'the' safety pin is'dispo'sed so as to slidably andswlng ably mount the frame onthe pin, the frame being dependingly supported by the pinandfhavr ing a hinge connection at one side edge-thereof with an elongated flashlight-supporting arm, and

trated in-Figure's'dandd, the flas'h light has both n vertical and horizontal swingin'g movement in the hand bag-as in the first formdescribedrIIn anothermodificaticn .of the invention, shown in Figures 8 -andr9,;the flash .lightTB-f -:has a Ion;

gitudinal sliding movementland also has aztranse erse swinging movement and a; vertical 1 swing ing movement inthe hand :bagziFor instance; as illustrated in Figures 8 and 9; there are spaced sets of inner and outer plates'36 and 31' riveted at 38 to opposite-sidesof the lining-.-|4(. A relatively longfrod. 3,9 isfixed? at it's'zends in the a a the varm of the. pin arid the flashlight s'up'po mg arm be moved in an'arc relative to said frame.

the said arm having at least "one ring thereon adapted to surrounda portion of a flash light to detachably secure the same thereongwhereby 'the frame may be swingablyand slidablyimoved'on 2. Lighting means as defined in'and'by claim 1 wherein the other of saidarms of the conven{ tional safety pin is secured to theinterior of a; hand bag or the like and thus allowing" asjwinging movement in a fixed plane of theSafetyLpin and the sliding and swinging movement foLthe frame on thejotherarm of; the safety pinfand the swinging movementin a-n arc of; the flashlight supporting arm relative to the pin aridthe one side edge thereof the hinge structurehcoop crating with the hinge structureofjanf elongated flashlight supporting arm, and atleasft one-ring means depending .from. said flashlight-supporting -armandadapted to extend about a fflashlight to secure the same thereto, whereby,

the said light supportingmeans is pinned within a hand bag or the like the pin may swing about the arm that secures the same to the hand bag and the frame can be both slidably and swingably manipulated on the arm of the pin that carries the same, and the hinged flashlight-supporting arm can be swung on a vertical axis relative to the frame and the pin so that the interior area of the hand bag or the like can be effectively illuminated throughout.


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