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Publication numberUS2611856 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1952
Filing dateAug 13, 1947
Priority dateAug 13, 1947
Publication numberUS 2611856 A, US 2611856A, US-A-2611856, US2611856 A, US2611856A
InventorsFredin John E
Original AssigneeFredin John E
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Illuminated support with liquid-holding pan
US 2611856 A
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Patentecl Sept. 23, 1952 NI D STATES ILLUMINATED SUPPORT wrrn LIQUID-HOLDING PAN John E. Fredin, Los Angles, Calif-f Application August 13, 1947, Serial No. 768,401

3 Claims. (01.. sic-Eel I .bowl support or stand having means for illuminating a supported article, for example a punch bowl or the like, as well as for collecting any water or liquid that may drip from said article.

Other aims and advantages of the invention will be apparent from a consideration of the accompanying drawings and annexed specification illustrating and describing a preferred construction embodying the invention.

In the drawings- Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the stand or support illustrated as supporting a punch bowl or the like which is shown partly broken away;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the stand or support;

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the cover plate for the pan; and

Fig. 4 is a detail transverse sectional view taken on the line 44 of Fig. 3.

Referring to the drawings, the invention comprises a fluid holding pan III of suitable material and shape, an illuminating article holder I5 and an apertured cover member 39 for the pan surrounding the article holder.

In the illustrated form, the pan l may be of cylindrical shape and of metal having a bottom H and sides I2 terminating in an outwardly beaded rim I 3. The bottom is preferably formed with a central upstanding article holder support I4 and is preferably cylindrical and of a size to snugly receive an article holder I and support it securely and centrally in the pan I0.

The article holder I5 may advantageously be in the form of a cylindrical metal sleeve having outwardly turned rims I6 and I1 at its upper and lower ends, respectively. These beaded rims l6I'I may be and preferably are turned around reinforcing wires I8 to reinforce the edges and prevent distortion thereof. The sleeve l5 may be provided with an inwardly pressed annular bead I9 to provide a support for an annular shelf 20 soldered thereto, as at 2|, and which provides a support for a lens 22 disposed over the opening 20 of the shelf 20. The lens 22 may be sesured to the shelf 20 in any suitable manner as by cement or putty 23 adjoining an annular flange 24 secured to the shelf 20.

The side wall of the sleeve I5 is provided with an opening 25 and an electrical fitting 26 ineluding a light bulb socket for removably supporting a, light bulb 21 centrally of the sleeve I5 and below the lens 22 for illuminating the article supported by the sleeve I5. The sleeve I5 is further-provided with'a series of ventilating openings 28 below the bead and drainage opening 29 immediately above the shelf 20.

A covermember 30 is provided for the pan and preferably consists-of'a circular disc of suitable material'having a central aperture 3| to receive the sleeve i5 and a radial elongation 320i said aperture to receive the electrical fitting 26. The cover member 30 is provided with a plurality of perforations or apertures 33 and the underside thereof has secured thereto a plurality of supporting feet 34, advantageously in the form of U-shaped straps for supporting the cover above thepan bottom ll.

The stand or support of the present invention is particularly suited for supporting punch bowls and the like, a portion of which is indicated in broken lines in Fig. 1, and which are usually formed with an annular base B. This base is fitted within the upper end of the article supporting sleeve I5.

One type of punch bowl now in popular use consists of a bowl of molded ice, which of course, melts when subjected to normal room or other temperatures above 32 F.

When the stand is used to support such punch bowls and like articles made of ice, any dripping caused by melting ice will drain to the pan If! either along the outer wall of the sleeve I5 or through the apertures 33 in the cover 30. Any dripping from the base B to the interior of the sleeve I5 will drain out through the drainage opening 29 in the sleeve I5 above the shelf 23.

This construction coupled with the fact that the bottom of the sleeve [5 tightly fits the raised support I4 of the pan bottom II insures a dry compartment below the shelf 20 and lens 22 in which is housed the illuminating means and electrical connections therefor. The raised article support l4 also serves to securely position the sleeve I5 centrally of the pan.

The stand is not limited in use to supporting bowls or like articles made of ice. For example, a glass bowl or other article may be supported in the sleeve I5, and the cover 30 may serve as a flower holder byfilling the liquid compartment of the pan with water and inserting stemmed flowers through the apertures 33 of the cover 30.- Many other uses will be apparent to the decorator and housewife. 1

While I have illustrated and described a pre- 3 ferred construction embodying the invention, I do not intend to be limited to the details thereof as the scope of the invention is best defined in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. An ornamental stand comprising a liquidholding pan member formed with a central raised portion, an open-ended sleeve member having one end removably fitting; the edges-of said central raisedportion and extending up;- wardly therefrom in spaced relation to the walls of said pan member, said sleeve member forminga liquid tight joint with said pan member, to di vide the pan member into an annular liquid.

holding compartment and a central compartment, means at the upper portion-of saldsleeve member providing an artioleholding, member apartition mounted in said sleeve member below said article holding member and havinga light.

transmitting portion, a drainage opening in said sleeve member above said :partition 'fordraining liquid collectedthereabove into saidipanmem.- r am nlluminat n meansmounted in said sleeve-member below said partition,

2, An ornamental stand, andsupport for a meltable body comprising a: liquid. holding open topped pan member having-a bottom formedrwith a central raised portion, an" open endedsleeve having one endremovably fittingsaid central raised portion diyidingsaid. pan into aeentral watertight compartmentrandlan annular liquid.- hold nsg mpa tm nt surround n said central compartment, said sl ve member providedwitn n intermediate fi ht-transmitting. artition, ,illuminating meansmonnted in said, sleeve ;mem ber; below said partition, the: portion of said sleeve above saidpartition providin 5 open topped cupped supporting memberior-a meltable body, and an annular cover disposed in said pan supported between the bottom and upper open end thereof and surrounding said sleeve, said cover member and cup-shaped supporting member being provided with drainage openings for draining liquids from the meltable body into said pan and outside the watertight compartment within said sleeve.

3. An ornamental stand as defined claim 2 further, characterized in that: the light transmitting partition comprises an annular shelf secured to the inner Wall of said sleeve and a light transmitting lens secured to said shelf.


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