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Publication numberUS2612199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1952
Filing dateDec 28, 1948
Priority dateDec 28, 1948
Publication numberUS 2612199 A, US 2612199A, US-A-2612199, US2612199 A, US2612199A
InventorsAbrham Schocket
Original AssigneeAbrham Schocket
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Snap front handbag
US 2612199 A
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Sept. 30, 1952 SCHQCKET 2,612,199

SNAP FRONTHANDBAG Filed Dec. 28, 1948 2 SHEETS-Si-IEET 1 .IN V EN TOR. ABRAHAM Sguocxm Ana/2m Sept. 30, 1952 A. SCHOCKET SNAP FRONT HANDBAG Filed new. 28 1948 2 Si-iEETS-ShEET 2 INVENTOR ABRAHAM Scuocxsrr Patented Sept. 30, 1952 UNITED PATENT OFF sNAP FRONT ANDBAG H y A Ahrahamschocket; BronmN; application December 28, 1948, Serial No. 67,629 I 1 This invention relates new anduseful improvements in handbags, and, moreparticularly, the aim is to provide a novel and valuable handbag, as for ladies use, incorporating among other advantages, a swingably mounted structure for carrying one or 'more'remo'v'able articles, as articles falling in'the class typified by: cosmetics, combs, nail files, coin purses, mirrors, memorandumpads and booklets, pens, pencils, etc., etc.

The new handbag may have {a 'handle constituting' an; over-theshoulder-"strap, or any other typeof handle, and the new'h'a'ndbag may be of the envelope type. a pouchbagf'with a closing frame, or; otherwise; and theswingably mounted structure above-mentionedjmay been the inside or outside of the bag. While 'varioushandbags are herein shown having variously included single swinging structures;fwithin' the invention there maybe a plurality'of" such'structures; with eitheror both on the inside orthe outside' of A further feature of the invention involves the provision of a snap-frontbag-with end gussets, this bag preferably of the" envelope; type, and with snap-fastener type securing" means some of the elements of which are carried by inturne'd front terminal portions of said gussets and some others of which are carriedjby th'e inner sideof a-swingably mounted structure whichv is atthe outside ofthe bag. Thisfhandbag,preferably, has a top closing flap, with one or more fastening elements. on said flap and one or-more oomplementary fastening elements, on the outside of or extended through said swingably, mounted structure.

In a handbaghaving endgussets accordingito the invention, a further" feature is the provision of a partition dividing the bag to provide'atleast one main compartment, with a single gusset at eachend of the bag and with each or suchgussets connected at an intermediate line along its heightwise dimension to the oppositeends of said partition.

Thefitments inthe bag, to be detachably secured thereto or to be slidably pocketed therein, may vary widely, and the pockets and compartments'in the bag, as to number, size and arrangement (as, for'instance, on one or both sides of a swingably or non-swingably mounted wall structure) may also. vary widely.

For further comprehension. of the invention, and of-the objects and advantages thereof; reference will be had to the following description and accompanying drawings, and. to the appended claimsv in which the various novel fea- 4Claims'. (01. 150-34).

tures of the invention are'r'nore particularly" at forth.

' In theaccompanyingdrawings forming a" material part of-thisdisclosu'rer "f:- v Fig. 1 is aperspectiveview; showing onenow favored embodiment of the 'inventiori, c1osed, anddisposed as though suspended -f'o'1'--- carrying from a handle fragmentarlly shown and which may be an over-the-shoulderstrap. I

2 is'also aview in perspective, but one drawn to an enlarged scale; this showing the bag of Fig. I opened up at its top flap andat -i-ts exterior'swinging structure. Fig. 3 is a further enlarged detail vie'w',this being a section taken on the line3-'3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 front elevationally fragmenta-rily-shows thebag as openedin Fi .2; but 'with the fitment next-mentioned assumed removed and hence here merely indicated in dot and" dash; lines.

' Fig. 5 1s an elevational view ofthe'fitment con stituting a coin purseas s'hownin full lines-in Fig. 2, but looking at the side of said purse which is remote from theobs'erver-of Fig. 2 Y I Fig. 6 is a viewfsimilar'to Fig. 2, but-"showing another now tion. v r

, Fig. '7 Ban enlarged vertical section, taken on theline 1- T-of Fig; 6. i

F'i g-. 8- i's'a perspective view,showing a modified fitment, ofcomposite utility, as for-removable storage, in and for combination with the handbag of Figs. Sand '7, and, for further exampleyas for having a'portion thereof-nested in the handbag in a manner analogous to. that illustrated in Fig. '7 in connection with a portion; ofthefitment' of Figs. 6 and"? constituting, a niemorandumbook with attached pencil. I

, Fig; 9 is a view similar t Figs. 2- and s, but showing still another now favored embodiment of the invention; this bag being exemplary of one having an interior .swingably mounted struc= ture".

Fig. 10 is a rear elevation of said structure, that is; looking toward the side thereof. remote'fromthe observer of Fig.9, and with'the main parts of the: pivotal mounts for. said structure also shown but out' of connection with the main body favored embodiment of] the inven 3- including wall structures providing a closing flap 2| (this incorporating a top panel portion 22 and a flap-proper portion 23), a back wall 24 and a bottom wall 25. Two like but reversely arranged a side gusset-s 26 and 21 are also included in the bag structure. A description in detail of the gusset 26, therefore, will suflice as a description of both.

Said gusset 26, longitudinally thereof, that is, in a direction height-wisely of the main bag body, is marginally secured, as by a stitching 28, to the back or rear wall 24; and also, as by a continuation 29 of the stitching 28, this gusset is at- 3 2 Forward f the 'troughing 30 and substantially parallel withthe latter the gusset 26 has another troughing 33, and a narrow panel-like terminal portion of said gusset forward of said troughing 33 is folded in to provide a two-ply structure which may aptlybe called aflexible post 35; the

a free edge of said terminal portion being sent into the troughing '33 and being there secured by -a stitching 34. The posts 35 thus established at thev forward ends of the gussets 2'6 and 27 may have their lower ends free, or said posts 35 may be suitably secured attheir bottom ends, as by cutting each gusset so that the lower end portion of-its said post may .be forwardly bent for tucking inbetween the main structure of a swingably mounted front wall '36 and an auxiliary inner wall element 31 stitched inplace as shown in Fig. 2 to-said front wall 36. i

At its front side; and near; its upper end each of saidposts carries the socket element 38 of a snap fastener the complementary element for each of which is a post snap fastener element 39 mounted on the inner sideof the front wall 38. Thus, after the flap 2| is'opened, the said Wall 36 may be readily swung open, and, preparatory to closing said flap andlocking or latching itin a manner to be explained, the said wall 36 may be closed and secured closed .by snapping togetherthe, fastener elements 38 and 39,

Reverting to said auxiliary wall element 31, the stitchings'connecting the same to the front wall 36 include "several stitchings 40 all extending laterally of this wall 31, thereby to provide a line of pockets adapted to be used,'as shown in Fig. 2, for. detachably holding a mirror4l, a comb 42, a lipstick 43, and anotherarticle'such-as indicatedat 44. s

A detachably included structural component of the handbag is a coin purse said purse carrying. atfitsrear side a post type snap fastener element 41. The complementary socket element 46 of said fastener is carried at the. forward side of the partition3 I. The purse can be readily detached; but normally it will be mounted on the partition 3| as shown in Fig. 2, for accommodation of the entirety orthe main portion of its thickness in the space provided between the posts at the front-ends of the gussets 26 and 21, and in a manner not to interfere with ready opening and closin'gjof the purse or with the ready withdrawalof part or all of its contents when desired;

Intermediate its width The opposite end of said Between the back wall 24 and the partition 3| is provided a main compartment 48 of an expanse substantially the same as that of the rear wall 24.

The means for locking or latching the flap 2| in bag closing position as in Fig. 1 is shown as including a grommetted or'suitably reinforced opening 50 through the flap proper 23 and a device 49 fixed on the front wall 36 which constitute in this form of the invention an example of a swing'ably mounted structure at-the exterior of the bag. Said device 49 is ota-familiar type incorporating a basal portion from which projects an elongate head associated with inbuilt impositive detent means whereby when the head is turned through a quarter revolution it snaps into retentioncf its thus reset position; and the opening 50 is alsoelognated, so that, as shown in Fig. 1, with said head arranged to extend at right angles to the length of said opening, the lock or latch desired is feffectuated.

The panellike portion 22 of the flap 2| has extended, from its opposite ends a pair of like loops 5|, 'eachof these connected to one of the two handle ends 52. 4 I

Referring to the embodiment illustrated in Figs. Sand '7, the parts here shown and to which have been applied reference numerals with primes added correspond, respectively, to the parts of Figs. l-5 to which have been applied the same reference numerals but without primes.

The: wall element is shown as somewhat wider than the wall element 31, and is stitched merely along three of; its four sides, to provide a compartment 53-having an open mouth adjacent to the swinging end of the front wall 36', Such compartment may be used, as here shown, for keeping in placein the bag, and betweenuses. such an articleas the loose-leaf memorandum or note book marked 54, aid book having a pro- J'ected loop 55, for detachably holding a pencil 56.

The partition 3| has secured thereto, asby the stitching indicated, a minor auxiliary partition 57, the latter. having a. central opening as shown and so-to provide a framing around a mirror 58 ins'ert able into andwithdrawable from the pocket provided between these two Partitions, such pocket 'being open at its top. As shown at 59, a comb orthe likemay be held in a pocket of downwardly diminishing thickness provided between the rear of such mirror and the front side of the partition3 l .The panel like portions 22' of the flap 2| has extended from its opposite ends a, pair of like loops 60, these having their bights extended parallel with the general plane of said panel like portion 22. Engaged with each such loop is a substantially square eye BI, and each such eye also is engaged with a looped end portion 62 of the handle.

a In Fig. 7, the head49' is shown in two of its positions, the delineation in full lines being its locking position, and the delineation in broken lines being its release position. Y

Referring to the showing of Fig. 8, this is illustrative of a detached or detachable yet basic component of the main structure of the handbag body, which may be used in combination with the bag of Fig. 2, and, with particular facility, in con-'- nection with the bag of-Fig. 6. Thestructure of Fig. 8 may aptly be called an insert component of the handbag. This insert as a whole is designated 63, and the same includes an inner Wall (53 and an outer wall 64, Each .of these walls when cutis substantially an elongated rectangle, and they are stitohedtogether as indicated alon their opposite aeiarao f: sides.-- Aboutrhalflway along its-length; theiinsert 631s" folded along: alinefl, andistitched adjacent to-such-line: as indicated at. The portionwhi'ch in Fig. 8 is at. thenear: Sldeiof the insert'63 'is open mouthed acrosstheinsertatithe-end of said portion remote-frame saidfold line,'to provide a compartment closed at its bottom as well" as" at both sides: w

The-walls 63. and atitheir ends remote from said mouth are pouched as at 68, and there provided with theconventional. opening and closing frame and. snap. closure. indicated atv 33; thereby providing a coin purse. Inside, said purse-.isa minor partition 10, the top limit of which is indicated by the broken line- 11, said partition 10 being suitably secured all; around the sameeto the: wall. 63*. the; partition, 10, is..slotted',- and here the'relis pro- This. wall 63.i',:just: below

vided a slide fastener 12. The portion oftheiwall 64' which provides. th lastrnamed. compartment is: cutaway tov present; an: openin framed all around, and for exposing therethrough. aimirror 13' detachably contained in saidFcompartmnt The wall; 63- at. thepurse portion of theinsert 63 carries a socket type-element of a snap fastener, and said wall 63* at the'mir'ror carrying portion of said insert carries; matchinglyplaced,

the--' complementary post typeelementofifsaid fastener. The portion of the wall 63 hidden in Fig. 8 may be slitted or otherwise equipped or constructed as will be explained in connection with Figs. 9-11 and with particular reference to Fig. 10, to adapt said portion of said wall 63- to carry additional articles even with the insert 63 folded and with its snap fastener coupled to "said insert slid into the compartment 53, where such insert is desired to be carried in lieu of the book 54. Or, said insert 63 or an equivalent could be used, in an analogous manner, with such a bag as is shown in Figs. 9-11, in connection with the compartment provided below the wall element 31" of Fig. 9.

Referring to the embodiment illustrated in Figs. 9-11, the parts here shown and to which have been applied reference numerals with double primes added correspond, respectively, to the parts of Figs. 1-5 to which have been applied the same reference characters without primes or to the parts of Figs. 6 and '7 to which have been applied the same referenc characters without primes.

The last referred-to compartment, this designated 16, is provided between the front wall 36 and the inner wall element 31" for said front wall; it being noted that said wall element 31" is like the wall element 31' of Fig. 6, rather than like the wall element 31 of Fig. 2 stitched at '40 to provide a line of small compartments. In other words, a single large compartment 16 is present here; so that, as just above stated, the insert 63 of Fig. 8 may be used therewith as explained, or the memorandum book 54 or an equivalent may be so used.

In back of the partition 3|" is an extra partition 11, thereby to provide, in front of the main compartment 48", a second main compartment of substantially equal expanse; the latter closable no-provide a buffer medium for the swingingend of a-Lswingablymountedinterior structure to be mentioned in a moment. As said stripis shown, it also attached i-ntermediateits ends to the partition 31 by a cro-ss'stitching thereby" to provide-two-loops one alongside the other forthe reception of articles desired to'bedetachably there inserted. q j I s The embodiment. now 'beingdesc'ribed has not only air exterior swinga-bly mounted structure, thisthe front wall 36"; but also an interior swingably mounted structure, this the one-above men'- tioned' in describingthe bufferprovidedb'y the strip-13. I

' v This interior-swingably mounted structure, asr'a whole designated 8 I, incorporates a front wall 82 and a rear-wall 83, the former having-an opening 84' for framing; a mirror 85 in the compartment provid'edbetweenthe; two walls. The rear wall" has cut therethrough' a pair of slits 186 by the a-id'of whicha comb 81 maybe detachably'carrled' as shown. Said rear wall also has another pair. of slits 88, by the aid of which a nail file 83 may be detachably carried as shown.

Said swing structure 8| may be hingedly mounted in any suitable Way,.but as here shown the same is thus mounted on thefront wall 36 by two like pivotal supports; each of which comprises a main stamping having forkedly related extensions 91, and an auxiliary stamping 92; these stampings coupled by a rivet 93 going through the structure 8| adjacent to the bottom stretch of the stitching shown and which goes around three of the four sides of said, structure. These extensions or cars 9| are alignedly'apertured, for the reception of a rivet to constitute a pintle 94. Also apertured for receiving this pintle is the ball head 95 of a device 96. Each such device has a recess for having forced tight there-into the shank portion of a headed wedge pin 91,.

which shank is sent through an aperture in the front wall 36" after being sent through an interposed washer 98 as shown in Fig. 11.

While I have illustrated and described the preferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be understood that I do not limit myself to the precise constructions herein disclosed and the right is reserved to all changes and modifications com ing within the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

l. A handbag body comprising a sheet of relatively stiff material providing a rear wall and a front wall spaced by a bottom wall, said front and rear walls being integral with said bottom wall,

7 tivelynstilf "material providing a rear wallanda front,wall-ispacedby.abottom wall, said front and rear walls being integral with saidibottom wall, laterally spaced gussets secured along their rearJand' zbottomedges to the side edges of said rear andbottom walls,vertically extended pluralply post-likemembers continuing from-the front edges of ,said-gu'ssets and extended laterally in- Ward to have their. widthsv extend parallel to the plane of said rearyv allgand means releasablysecuring the topouteneorners of said front wallto the top ends of; s aid post-like members, said postlike member -being securedattheir bottom-ends to said sheet of, material at the junction of said front wall and said bottom wall.

3. A handbag body comprising a sheet of relatively stiff material providing arear wall and a front wall spaced-by a bottom wall, said front and rear walls being integraliwith said bottom wall, laterally-spaced gussetssecured along their rear and bottom; edges to theside edges of said rear and bottom walls, vertically extending plural-ply post-like, members continuing from the front edgesjof said gussets and extended laterally in- Ward'to havetheir Widths extend, parallel to the plane ofsaidrear wall,-, and means releasably seouring'.tlie top outer corners of said front wall to the top endsfof said-post-like members, said securing means, comprising snap fastener elements on the; inner face-of said front wall at the top corners thereof and complementary snap fastener elements :on the outerfaces of said post-lik membersat the top ends-thereof. 5 4. A. handbagbodmas set forth in claim 1; and including an auxiliary wall element stitched to the inner face of said front wall to form therewith a plurality of article-receiving pockets.

Y 1 v ABRAHAM SCHOCKETL 10 f: l .t'


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