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Publication numberUS2612989 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1952
Filing dateNov 16, 1946
Priority dateNov 16, 1946
Publication numberUS 2612989 A, US 2612989A, US-A-2612989, US2612989 A, US2612989A
InventorsGlenn Harrison
Original AssigneeGlenn Harrison
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Display package and mound therefor
US 2612989 A
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Oct. 7, 1952 G. HARRISON DISPLAY PACKAGE AND MOUND THEREFOR Filed Nv. 16, 194e .ng-.ennwuano INVENToR. GL E/v/v HA @mso/v ATTORNEV Y STAT- Patented Cet. 7, 1952 ES PATENT OFFICE; si.u-l.,`

. 11m 2,512,989 u u i u a l u Y j .l DISPLAYPACKAGE AND Moum)` 'rHEaEFoR Glenn, Ilarrison, Meafermoreg,

Applieetien November 16, 1946;'seriei No. 110,303

, 1 My invention relates to the merchandising of high quality, fresh, perishable fruits, vegetables and the like, and more particularly to a support therefor applicable in the handling of such items forsale, display and shipping purposes. u u

Among the objects of my invention are z'` `(V1) To provide a novel and improvedsupport forfruits, vegetables and the like; l

(.2) To provide a novel and improved support forfruits, vegetables or the like applicable in the handlingof such items for sale, display and shipping purposes; 1 i

- (3) `To provide a novel and improved support forrruits, `vegetables er the like applicable in the` packaging of such items for'shipment, which support will permit adequate ventilation of the aforementioned items, and thereby retard ripen` ing-or spoiling of such items in transit;

l 4) To provide a novel and improved package forthe shipping of high quality fruits, vegetables or' the like, which package also serves as a display or gift package available for direct sale to i the consumer;

ferred embodiment of the same, taken in con-l junction with the accompanying drawings wherein- Figure 1 illustrates a support in accordance with my invention, for fruits, vegetables or the like, applicable in the packaging of such items for sale, display and shipping purposes;

Figure 2 is a view in section taken in the plane 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a view in perspective of a mound constituting a component of the support of Figure 1;

Figure 4 illustrates the support of Figure 1 fixed up as a gift package of perishable items, such package being adapted for shipment, and capable of displaying its contents without exposure or injury thereto.

Referring to the drawing for details of one specific embodiment of my invention, the support for the fruit, vegetables or the like comprises, in general, a mound l and a holder 3 therefor. The mound hasv an open base and is preferably formed of such material as papier mache, molded to provide a plurality of preformed recesses 5 of differing size and shape for supporting such items as fruits, vegetables or the like over the outer surface of the mound.

i. The yholder may `take any one of many forms, but that'illustrated involves a tray-type basket having a-configuration generally conforming to the base rim configuration of the mound. Such basket is preferably formed with an overhanging ency, which permits of the display of thevpack-l aged contents without exposing the sameto lhandling or other disturbance. l l 1 i In utilizing the devicefor its intended purpose,A selected fruits or vegetables of high grade and `quality are placed in those recesses best adapted to. receive them, the backgroundbetween such items being preferably blocked out with tucked `in paper, artificial grass, fern leaves or the like, lfollowing which the holder'and mound, inassembled relationship, are wrappedin cellophane or similar material.

The wrapping material in sheet form is passed between the bail and the tems on theimound and then turned down over the sides and Yends of the loaded mound, the size of the sheet being sufcient to cause its lowered edges along the sides. to approach the lower or base rim of the basket. The corner folds thus formed at each end are brought out to either sideof the bail and twisted to tension the wrapping,v following which, the resulting twist Il is taped and trimmed oi. A narrow band or ribbon l2 about the basket serves to anchor the lower edges of the wrapping sheet, and due to the rim 6 or concavity of the side 1. additional tensioning of the wrapper will result and with a more secure anchoring of the wrapper about its lower edges.

Suitable ribbons or other decorative matter may be added. Included with the fruit, if desired, may be added a few delicacies such as jams, jellies, caviar, candies, nuts and other inclusions.

Aside from the aforementioned advantages of the wrapping, it also serves to hold the various items securely in their respective recesses whereby during shipment, the probability of any of the items being jarred from its respective posi tion is avoided.

The fact that the mound is hollow and formed with an open base permits of it being packed with fruits or vegetables prior to assembling mound in the holder and `loading the outside thereof as heretofore described.

As previously indicated, the items selected for and the top thereof, such vent openings being' located between recesses to preclude blockingy thereof by such items as may be positioned inthe recesses of thermound.y Such vent openings thus permit of circulation of air among such items as may be packed Within the mound'.

In this connection also, the cellophane wrap-` ping is perforated at its upper end to permit of escape of such gases as may be formed Within Y the package, there being sulcient openings about the'k lower portion of the cellophane wrappingy to permit entrance of suiicient air to satisfy such circulation'as well asv permit of adequate circulation ,over itemsrcarried on'the outersurface of the mound inthe aforementioned recesses.

Actual circultaion of. air through the package bylway` of the aforementioned vent openings is stimulated by differential temperature conditions existing, between the outside of the package and. the; inside asoccasioned by changes in environment during the handlingk and shipping, of the package. v

From the above descriptionV of a preferred embodiment of my invention, it will become apparentv that the same fulnlls all the objects previously setforth,` and while I have described butY one' embodiment in considerable detail, the same is subject. to alteration and modication without.

departing from the underlying principles of the invention,A and` I accordingly, do not desire to be limited inv my protection Vto the specific details illustrated and described, except as may be necessitated by the appended claim;

Iv claim:

:A5, package adapted lfor sale, display and. ship-V ping purposes, comprising a mound having a plurality of recesses therein to provide support for items over the outer surface of said mound, and a holder receiving said mound, said holder having bail type handle means and a conlguration generally conforming to the base rim configuration of said mound, a plurality of items on said mound, a transparent wrapping between said handle and said mound and enclosing said mound and items thereon, and means binding said wrapper under tension to said holder and in contact with such items to substantially immobilize said items, said means including corners of said wrapping brought out to either side of said bail type handle means and twisted together and held in such twisted relationship bya piece GLENN HARRISON.

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