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Publication numberUS2613027 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1952
Filing dateNov 5, 1948
Priority dateNov 5, 1948
Publication numberUS 2613027 A, US 2613027A, US-A-2613027, US2613027 A, US2613027A
InventorsElmer F Baumgart, George E Willard
Original AssigneeElmer F Baumgart, George E Willard
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Air compressor
US 2613027 A
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Oct. 7, 1952 AIR COMPRESSOR 2 SHEETS-SHEET 1 Filed Nov. 5, 1948 flrd e Z 74 1;

1 Z W m Z /Z at t a Ja 4 L J 11 .w 4 e 1| W II v l- Patented Oct. 7, 1952 Elmer F. Baumgart and Gedrge E. Willard,

Danville, Ill.

Application November 5, 1948, Serial No. 58,442,; 1 Claim. (01. 23q ss) Qun-invention relates to air compressors and more particularly to a demountable unit which can be readily attached to the power take-off shaft of a variety of tractors, or generally any source of power. I I

' Compressors of the type contemplated by this inventionare customarily used by farmers as a source of compressed air for the tractor tires whose pressure is desirably varied for maximum traction in accordance with the nature and condition of soil over which the tractor operates, and also'for spraying, and may also be used by contractors of various kinds, the military service, and industrial concerns. Ordinarily, such compressors areheld against rotation thereof due to therotative thrust of the power take-off shaft by chains or cables, but these holding features are objectionable in that they are awkward and capable of inflicting injury on the operator if they become unattached while the pump isworking. L

Cardinal requirements of such compressors are that they be rugged in construction while em-- bodying simplicity of design which is reflected in low manufacturing costs and, further, that they.

may be easily disassembled and assembled for purpose of repair and replacement. I

It is therefore one object of our invention to devise acompressor that may be rigidly clamped against rotation to a demountable part that is securelyfastened to the rear axle housing of a tractor, or generally any device having a power take-off shaft; thus eliminating all necessity for attaching chains and cables;

A further object is to provide a compressor that is constructed and arranged to avoid any necessity for a bearing for the hollow crankshaft which is merely slipped over the end of the power takeoff shaft.

A further object is to devise an adapter on which the compressor is supported and which is securely fastened to the rear axle housing in the location normally occupied by the safety cap that encloses the exposed end of the power take-off shaft.

A further object is to provide an air compressor of the character indicated which can be fabcrankshaft looking I 5 in Fig; 3.

In the drawings: I I Figs. 1 and 2 are side and end views, the latter partly in section, respectively, of our improved compressor inworkingrelation to the end of a power take-off shaft.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged, sectional elevation of'the I upper end of the compressor, the crank disk being displaced from the position shown in Fig. 2. Fig. 4 is a section along the-line 4 --4 in Fig. 3. Fig. 5 is a fragmentary, plan view of the hollow in the direction of the arrow and secured to the housing I is a tube I3 whicl-1 is spaced fromand is coaxial with the shaft I2 and maycarry a bearing I4 for the shaft. One end of the tube I 3 extends outwardly of the housing and is internally threaded at I to normally ricated from simply shaped parts and quickly assembledby unskilled labor.

These and further objects of my invention will be set forth in the following specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and the novel means by which said objects are efiectuated will be definitely pointed out in the claim.

pistonrod 25. 25 is pivotally connected to one end of a connectreceive a cap (not shown) which encloses the exposed end of theshaft I 2 as a safety factor.

So far as described, the construction is standard.

on manytractors and advantage thereof is taken in devising our improved rigid mounting for the compressor. It will be understood, however, that the compressor is not restricted to use witha tractorgsince it is capable of being demountably connected to any device having a power take-off shaft, or generallyany device having a driving shaft, one end of which is exposed.

One end of a sleeve I6 is threadedin the tube end I5 so that the former is concentric with the shaft I 2. The upper end of a frame I! is bored at I8 to slip over the exposed end of the sleeve IE and includes a pair of facing, semi-circular jaws I9--I9 formed by slitting the upper ex-,

tremity of the frame at 2!], as shown in Fig. 2.

Each of these jaws is provided with a boss 2i and threaded throughboth bosses is a screw 22'. By tightening the screw 22, it will be obvious that the frame I! will be anchored to the sleeve I8.

The oppositeor lower end of the frame I'! includes a laterally extending platform 23 having a bearing boss 24 through which is slidablea The upper end of the piston rod ing rod 26 whose opposite end is Journaled on a crankpin 2'! that is welded or otherwise secured to the outer face of a crank disk 28 at an appropriate radial distance from the center thereof. As indicated in Fig. 3, the opposite side of the 3 of the drawings, the nu from the shaft 12 is restrained by a pair of semicircular strips 32-32 which are fastened; to theframe I! with their opposed ends spaced sufficiently to permit the clamping action of the jaws I9i9 to which reference has been made. V The opposite or lower endof the piston rodis connected to a piston 33 comprising an inverted cup 34 whose base is clamped between disks- 35.

and 36 that are fastened to the rod 25. In accordance with well known practice in pistons of thistype, the; cup; 34: maybe made of leather, r-ubberor any leakproof: material having; sufficient flexibility toinsure that the annular wall of the cup will closely hug the wall of a cylinder shell 31 during compression strokes and will withdraw slightly .duringsuction strokes to permit airto flow into the compression chamber.

The upper end' ofthe shell 37! is recessed in the undert-sideof; the platform 23- and the lower end in aheader-BB, and tie rods 39 hold these parts in the positions shown. The header 38 includes anexhaust. port 48, which is closed during-suction strokesof; the piston 33 by a spring actuated valve 41, and when the latter is openeo during the compressionstroke, the compressed air isdischarged through the port 4.6 and a hosetz; tothe'partbeing serviced. During. suc tion; strokes of; the piston 33, air is admitted to the shell 31' through screened passages 43 provided in the platform '23.

Tog'mount the compressor; in operative relation to the take-off shaftl2; the safety cap- (not shown) that encloses the, exposed end of the shaft isremoved and replaced by the sleeve l6 which is-screwed tightly in the tube l3 .and functions, as an adapter-support to receive the upper end of theframe H'whilethe hollow crankshaft 25;is slipped over the end of the shaft l2. in driving relation thereto. The screw 22 is then tightened, thus firmly anchoring the compressor against; the rotative-thrust of the shaft, while any tendency of the-latter to axially throw the crankshaft 29 is prevented bythe restraining actionof thestrips; 32 which are carried by the frame [1.

The adapter sleeve I6 is an important feature of the invention since it may be quickly and easily secured to an existing part of many tractors to provide a support for the compressor which is clamped thereon, free of any necessity for attaching chains or cables, or an arm carried bythe compressor which engages a part of the tractor to prevent rotation. Further, the sleeve insures the positioning of the bored end of the frame in coaxial relation to the shaft l2 and when the crankshaft 29 is in driving engagement with the shaft 12, the crank disk 28 is similarly related to and is supported by the latter shaft so that it may freely rotate within the space included between the strips 32, and theadjacent portions of the frame I1 and the sleeve l6. Generally speaking, the stationary parts of the compressor are carried by the sleeve 16, while the working parts are supported by the shaft 12. It is accordingly unnecessary to provide bearings for either the crankshaft 29 or'the disk 28 with resultant: manufacturing economies. The piston. bearing 24 is adequate to prevent the transmission of any sidethr-usts to the piston 33 by the connecting rodv 26. y

We claim:

An air compressor comprising an adapter sleeve arranged; for detachable mounting; on, a device in coaxial relationto a splined' driving shaft thereof, a frame-detachably secured tothe sleeve, apump cylinder having a pistonv carried by the frame, av hollow crankshaft fon telescopically receiving v the 'driving shaft within the sleeve and beinginwardly, toothed for' driven engagement with the driving shaft, the crank shaft being freely insertable within and, spaced from the sleeve, and, driving connections be,- tween the crankshaftand piston including a-pisr tonrod slidable invtheframe.


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