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Publication numberUS2613843 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1952
Filing dateAug 15, 1946
Priority dateAug 15, 1946
Publication numberUS 2613843 A, US 2613843A, US-A-2613843, US2613843 A, US2613843A
InventorsSuda Charles R
Original AssigneeSuda Charles R
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Pivoted bucket closure
US 2613843 A
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Oct. 14, 1952 c. R. sUDA 2,613,843

PIVOTED BUCKET cLosURE Filed Aug. 15, 1946 CHA ,eL Es R. 6110A ATTORNEYS Patented Oct. 14, 1952 UNITED STATES `@EPAT'EiliIT OFFICE Y g u 'PIvorED BUCKET oLosUaE Charles R. Suda, Minneapolis, Minn. Appiicstien August l15, 194e, serial-N0. 690,727

(Guzzo- 35) 1 Claim.

This invention relates to newand useful irnprovements-in minnow buckets and more particularlyto such bucketsvembodying a oat for retaining the ,bucket afloat in the water.

An object of the present invention is to provide a minnow bucket having an opening in its .upper wall provided with a suitable cover or closure, and means being associated with said 'cover for constantly urging it into closing position, whereby the cover cannot be left open inadvertently.

A further object is to provide a minnow bucket f having an annular air chamber at its upper. end dened by inner and outer inclined walls and a top wall, and said topwall having an opening therein provided'with a hinged cover, and having a spring constantly urging it into closing position, and a suitable hook-like member having oneend pivoted to the cover whereby the cover may be conveniently opened by grasping vsaid member, and 'the opposite end of said member being adapted to engage a keeper thereby to retain the spring, when lit ls desired so to do.

VA further object is to provide a mnnow bucket comprising an outer containerV having an inner container removably supported therein, the inner container being provided'at its upper end with an annular air chamber dened by an inner inclined wallyand an outer wall inclined.l in the opposite'direction and having its upper edge terminating at an elevation below the upper edge of the innerwall and a top wall being secured to 'the upperedges ofv said inner and outer walls and having a-central opening through which access may be had to the interior of the inner bucket, and a spring-actuated cover being hinged to said topwall and normally closing the opening therein and having one endof al hook-like member pivoted thereto, said member serving as a handle for opening'the cover andalso as a means for retaining the cover in open position against the tension of its spring, and an annular outwardly directed flange Ybeing provided at the junction of the upper edge of the outer incline wall and the cover, said flangebeing adapted to engage the upper marginaledge of thefouter bucket thereby to retain Ythe innerl perforated bucket in proper position within the Aouter one.

Other objects of the invention reside in the provision of a highly efficient and practical minnow bucket ofthe floating type having a hinged cover which is so-mounted that it may readily and conveniently be opened or closed withv one hand, which, often-fis vhighlydesirable .in devices of this kind.

cover in open position against the tension of said Other objects of the vinvention will appear from the following descriptionand the `accompanying drawings and will be pointed out in the annexed claim. l y

In thefaccompanying drawings there has'been disclosed a structure designed to carry'outthe various objects of the invention, but itis to be understood that the invention isf-notv coniined to the exact features shown, as variousv changes may be made within the scope'- of' the claim which follows. I

for purposes of'disclosura an outer bucket or container 2 having an open top whereby an inner bucket, generally designated by 'the numeral 3,

may be readily inserted into the outer bucket or removed therefromv in 'the usual manner,"

An important feature of the present invention resides inthe construction of the upper portion of the innerrbucket. 3, wherebyk when the-inner lbucket is removed from the outer bucket or pail 2, the danger of losing live'bait contained there- Yin, such as, minnows, frogs, orvother live bait, is

greatly minimized.

As best shown in Figures 1 and 3, vthe bodyill of the inner bucket 3 is perforatedfto permit'free ilowof water therethrough, the bottom 5 preferably being imperforated, as is customaryv in buckets of this type, whereby a small portion of water may be retained therein.

'An` annular air `chamber 6 is'provldedat the upper end of the bucket 3 and is dened by an inner inclined wall 1, an outerl inclined. wall-8, and a top wall 9. The upper edge of thezouter inclined wall 8 is 'disposed at a location below the upper edge Il of the v.inner wall y"l, the top wall 9 is formed with a downwardly inclined wall portion I2 which terminates at its lower end in an outwardly turned annular flange l3,' seat upon the upper-edge or bead I4 of the .outer bucket 2, as best shown in Figure 1. The upper edge of the outer conical wall 8 .of theV airchamber 6 is suitably securedto the top walls at, the base of. the outwardly turned vflange-I3,

An'emarged centraropening: ls 1s providdn the top wall 9 and coincides in size substantially with the opening provided by the upper end of the inclined wall 1. The upper marginal edge of the wall 1 is suitably secured to the edge of the top wall 9 which denes the opening I5, by such means as soldering, thereby to provide a leakproof joint between said walls whereby the chamber 6 may be rendered air tight.

Because of forming the top wall 9 as above described, and as'shown in Figures 1 and 3, when the inner `bucket is inserted into the outer bucket, as shown in Figure l, the upper portion of the composite bucket will present a conical wall surface, as a result of the wall portion I2, which greatly enhances the appearance of the bucket and adds distinctiveness thereto.

Another important feature of the invention resides in the means provided for closing the opening I in the top wall 9 through which access may be had to the interior ogfthe inner bucket 3. As clearly illustratedinthe drawing, a suitable cover, generally designated by the numeral IB, is shown having a central concave wall portion II surrounded by an outwardly turning annular flange yI8 adapted to seat upon the top wall 9, as clearly illustrated in Figure 1. Suitable perforations I9 may be provided in the cover I6, if desired.

Asuitable hinge member 2I is secured to the -flange I8 of the cover I8 by such means as soldering or spot welding, aIldvis shown provided with tubular guides 22 adapted to receive a pivot pin 23, the opposed end portions of which are supportedin complemental bearing elements 24, suitably secured to the top` wall 8 spot welding.A a

A suitable spring 25 is coiled about the pivot pin 23 between the tubular hinge elements 22 of the hinge,l member 2I, and has its opposed terminals 2-6 extending laterally from the pivoted pin 23 and seated uponv the hinge member 2 I, as best shown in Figure 2. The spring 25 is shown wound from a single piece of wire and has a loop 21 formed intermediately of the ends thereof adapted to seat directly on the top wall 9 of the air chamberr.

. By thus mounting the coverV upon the top wall -El-of vthe bucket, the cover will normally be retained in `closed position by the action of the spring 25,- as will readily be understood. The spring has suicient tension to retain the cover in closed position against any resistance offered by live bait within the bucket, but is such that an individual may readily grasp the cover and swing it to an open position with one hand, when it is desired to remove a minnow or other live bait from the bucket, or insert live bait therein.

However, to. .facilitate opening the cover, a suitable combination hook and handle member .28 is shown having one end pivoted to the cover I 6,:-as indicated at 29 in Figure 1, and is provided at its opposite end with a hook-like element 3| adapted to yengage a keeper or ring-like elementl 32, shown. pivotally mounted on the downwardly sloping portion I2 of the top wall 9. 1 When the cover is in closed position, as shown in full lines in Figure l, the handle member 28 will be positioned as shown in said figure. whereby the `intermediate portion ofthe handle member 28 may readily be 'grasped by the ngers of one hand vandthe cover swung upwardly to the dotted line position shown in Figure 1. When the cover is so positioned the hook 3| of the handle may be engagedvwiththe ring-like keeper 32, as shown in'dotted'lines in Figure 1 and full lines in Figwe, l3whe,rebyathenc verjmay be retainedin open as by soldering or.

position until the hook 3I is disengaged from the keeper 32.

From the foregoing it will be noted that the cover I6 of the inner bucket 3 may readily and conveniently be opened and closed with one hand, which is a highly desirable feature in buckets of this type. It will also be noted that the conical wall portion I2 of the top wall 9 elevates the uppermost portion of the inner container a substantial distance above the upper rim of the outer bucket 2, thereby making it possible to enlarge 1 the air chamber 6, and also materially adding to the general appearance of the bucket, as a whole. The outer bucket 2 is shown provided with the usual bail 33 whereby the bucket or pail may be conventionally carried about from place to place in the usual manner.

It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that I have accomplished at least the principal objects of my invention, and it Vwill also be ap- .parent to those skilled in the art that the embodments herein described may be variously changed and modified without departing from the spirit of the invention, and that the invention is capable of uses and has advantages not herein specifically described; hence it will be appreciated that the herein disclosed embodiments are illustrative only, and that my invention is `not limited thereto.

I claim asmy invention;

In combination in a minnow bucket 0f the type which includes a foraminousvcontainer, an annular shell secured to the top of said container, said shell having a top wall consisting of'ay horizontal portion and a downwardly and outwardly inclined portion terminating at its lower portion in an Aoutwardly extending peripherial ange, said top wall horizontal portion having an opening to permit' access to said container, a closure for said opening in the top wall horizontal portion, a horizontally disposed hinge connected to said closure and said top wall portion of the annular shell, spring means mounted on said hinge for constantly urging said closure toward said opening in the top wall portion, said closure being adapted to be pivoted upwardly from said opening and. beyond a Vvertical dead center position immediately above Vsaid hinge,.a handle-rod having one endfpivoted to theclosure adjacent an edge thereof diametri- .cally opposite from said hinge and provided at its opposite end with an inturned hook, and a link in alignment with said closure hinge and -said handle-rod, said link being pivotally secured to said downwardly and outwardly inclined wall portion adjacent said outwardly c extending .peripherial mange whereby said link when pivoted to a downwardly and outwardly extending position'rests on said peripherial ange and a p0rtion thereof extends outwardly beyond said peripherial flange permitting said-hook on the handle to be readily engaged in said link extending portion thereby to pivot said link to an upward position in engagement with said handle hook and to secure the closure in open vertical position beyond the Vertical deadv center position immediately above said-hinge whereby said spring means also servesto retain said hook in engagementwith said link. Y

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