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Publication numberUS2613934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1952
Filing dateMay 4, 1950
Priority dateMay 4, 1950
Publication numberUS 2613934 A, US 2613934A, US-A-2613934, US2613934 A, US2613934A
InventorsTabler Guy R
Original AssigneeTabler Guy R
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Portable target apparatus
US 2613934 A
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G. R. TABLER Oct. 14, 195.2


m Sk

Patented Oct. 14, 1952 Bentham-Tamar.

@34 3 Tablet, Hardin, Mo. g lie tiea l art, Serialfimlfiitlillii 1 I in ent on; relates new and vess l. in: P m 'e s and t t a refin lts. n. rgets for practice or amusement. shooting, and the nt ne n i et of h n nt on s ro i device f he ha ac r herein. es r b d. which may be nie ly an f c v y mployer in se al ed sh n galleries a d. which. s. o r e d. o s to emb e e ppearan e. o W 3 S m e the. dv ta es o e, inv n ienres de in its. simplicity of construction, in its convenient manure. an in i s a bil y toieeenemieel memiia ure- W h, thea ove more.imp rtantqo ie ts and features in viewand such other objects and features as, may become apparent as this specification proceeds, the invention consists essentially of the arrangement and construction of pa s a ll ra d. nv the comp ny n dra ings, in which:

Figure 1 is aperspective viewoi the'invention;

Figure 2 is a sectionalview, taken substantiallyin. the plane of the. line 2--2 in Figure-1; Figures is a. sectional. view, taken substantially inthe 'plane of the.line.3-.3.inFigure 2:;-

' Figures is a sectional detail, taken substantially-in the plane. of. the line. ie-+4 in Figure -3;

Figural): is .a sectional detail, taken. substanta-ntially in the planeot theline.5-5 in Figure 3; and

Figure 6 is a fragmentary-sectional view,- taken substantially in the plane of the line; s .-s in r 'a e I Bike characters ofreference are employed to designate like parts in the specification and throughout the several views.

Referring now to the accompanying drawings in detail, the invention consists of a portable target apparatus which is designated generally by the reference character I!) and. embodies in its construction an elongated frame including a pair of spaced parallel side members I2 which preferably assume the form of angle bars and are rigidly secured together by a plurality of cross members, one of which is shown at I 4 in Figure 2.

When the apparatus is stationary, the frame is disposed in an inclined position, and it is to be noted that a pair of inverted U-shaped yokes l6 are rigidly secured to the upper end portions of the respective side members l2. The two yokes l6 are connected together by a plurality of cross pieces l8 and each yoke is provided at its lower end with a transverse axle 20 accommodating a rotatable traveling wheel 22.

The rear ends of the frame side members l2 2 are. ro de "with. relat v y hor downwa 1y preiee ine legs. 'se as to s t nth flame; nt e. nc ine o tion. a o sai but need: less. te' say. "whe th inv n on is o be a s' p r ed, he ow r nd o t e e ma e raised and the entire device pushed orpulled While traveling on the wheels. 22

Su ab e h hields Z may be e ured to he v te i an t t e. hem bers It ex.- te i rlv e the h l h .e n. pron 2 be ecured te he. o d ed s o e two wheel shields, substantially as shown.

A tubular barrel 30 is secured by; suitable screws, 32 to. the. s de, members; the u per e d of he arrelnr iec s. ubs n i ly beyond he up er n s f. th ide m mb rs. and: a s e-- merit-shaped shield 32 being suitablysecured int e up r end. o e h r lse as ele ve. an o e in 1- thr ugh. wh h. tar e missfl or bu lets may pass te arrel;

Amissi e or ul et. ar es e d si nat general y y he. ref r nce. charac er .6, s, remevably 190- it nedi i the. owe end or i n Q Jt e arre and consists ofa hollow cylindrical drumin eluding an inner wall as, an outer wall '40; and a circumferential wall #2 connecting the inner ande t r w l s ese en.

A suitable targetcard 44 is fixed as at- 46 to hei' nner s i ee, of. t i n r Wa1l 38 and suit.- a lev packing mater al 11 i e b e h walls. 3 5 o as t r t. the m vem nt at a-m ssile. aiter the lat e lp ses' hrou hy e cam. 4 and th eushi h ne a of" t e shell arrester. Moreover; a metallic panel" 50'- is affixed to the inner wall 38 and extends intothe packing 48 so as to provide a positive stop for missiles within the arrester itself.

The missile arrester 36 may be readily removed from the barrel 3!] for purposes of replacement or for the purpose of replacing the target card 44 per se, this being achieved by providing the lower end of the barrel 30 with a removable flanged cap 54 which is formed in the flange thereof with a plurality of bayonet slots 56 to receive outwardly projecting pins 58 provided on the barrel 3!]. By virtue of this arrangement the entire missile arrester 36 may be withdrawn from the barrel by simply removing the cap or cover 54 so as to permit the arrester to slide out of the barrel by gravity.

An electric lamp 60 is secured to the inner surface of the shield 32 for illuminating the target card 44 in the lower end portion of the barrel, the position of the lamp behind the shield preventing any transmission of light to the eyes of the user. The lamp 60 receives its.

3 supply of current through the medium of a suitable conductor 62.

The apparatus also includes a brake mechanism for the wheels 22 so as to prevent the device from rolling along the ground by the impact of the shells, this brake mechanism simply consisting of a resilient beam 64 which extends transversely through the yokes I6 and has arcuated end portions 65 for frictional engagement with the respective wheels 22. A lever 68 is pivoted as at 10 to an upright strap H which extends between the aforementioned cross pieces l8, it being apparent that when the lever 68 is swung in the direction of the arrow 12 (see Figure 2) one end portion 14 of the lever will bear against the underside of the resilient beam 64 and, by pressing the intermediate portion of the beam upwardly, the end portions 66 of the beam will be brought in frictional engagement with the wheels 22.

An angulated handle 16 is rigidly secured as at 18 to the remaining end portion of the lever 68 for swinging the lever so as to apply or release the brakes, the handle 'lfi being angulated in order to clear theadjacent traveling wheels and projecting outwardly from one of the shields 26 to carry a hand knob 80. Needless to say, any conventional means may be employed for locking the brake mechanism in its applied position, it being apparent that the resiliency of the beam 64 is such as to normally sustain the end portions 66 of the beam out of engagement with the wheels 22. I It is believed that the advantages and use of the invention will be clearly understood from the foregoing disclosure and accordingly, further description thereof at this point is deemed unnecessary.

invention, what is one end thereof with an opening whereby missiles may pass therethrough, a missile arrester removably positioned in the remaining end of said barrel, a target card provided on said arrester, and a source of light provided in the barrel adjacent said opening for illuminating said card, said missile arrester including a drum disposed in said barrel, an end wall on the end of said drum which registers with the open end of said barrel, resilient packing in said drum, and a metallic panel in said drum spaced from the ends thereof.

2. In a portable target apparatus, the combination of an inclined frame having upper and lower ends, a'fp'ai'r of legs provided at the lower end of said frame, a pai'rof inverted U-shaped yokes extending downwardly from the upper end of the frame, a pair of wheels rotatably mounted in the respective yokes, an inclined cylindrical barrel secured to said frame and projecting beyond the upper end of the latter. a transverse shield secured to the upper end of said barrel and providing an opening therethrough whereby missiles may pass into the barrel, a missile arrester removably positioned in the lower end of said barrel, a target card provided on said arrester, and a source of light provided in said barrel adjacent said shield for illuminating said card.

3. The device as defined in claim 2 wherein said missile arrester comprises a cylindrical drum including spaced inner and outer end walls and a circumferential wallconnecting the same together, packing material provided in said drum, and a metallic panel secured to the upper portion of one of said'end walls and extending into said packing material between said end walls.

4. The device as defined in claim 2 together with a removable cap provided at the lower end of said barrel for retaining said missile arrester therein.


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International ClassificationF41J1/00, F41J1/10, F41J13/00, F41J13/02
Cooperative ClassificationF41J1/10, F41J13/02
European ClassificationF41J1/10, F41J13/02