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Publication numberUS2613983 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1952
Filing dateSep 23, 1947
Priority dateSep 23, 1947
Publication numberUS 2613983 A, US 2613983A, US-A-2613983, US2613983 A, US2613983A
InventorsKnudsen Raymond G
Original AssigneeSnap On Tools Corp
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Sleeve pulling device
US 2613983 A
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Oct. 14, 1952 R. G KNUDSYEN 2,613,983

SLEEVE PULLING DEVICE Filed Sept. 25, 1947 Patented Oct. 14, 1952 Raymond G. Knudsen, Kenosha, Wis., assignor to 7 Snap-On Tools Corporation, Kcnosha, Wis., a corporation of Delaware Application September 23, 1947, Serial No. 775,604

3 Claims.

1 This invention relates to pullers and more particularly'to cylinder sleeve pullers, although certain features thereof may be employed with equal advantage for other purposes.

taken substantially along line III-III of Figure 2 of a cylinder bore, sleeve, and pulling'tool shown in Figure 1 with the jaws .in an expandedadjusted position engaging the lower rim of a sleeve.

It contemplates more especially the provision 5 Figure 4' is a bottom plan view' taken-substanof improved pullers having remotely adjustable tially along line ufe i I *f' engaging jaws to enable their retraction and ex- The structure selected forillustration is not pansion relative to the rim of sleeves to effect intended to serve as alimitation upe tthefse p engagement therewith. or teachings of the invention, but is'merely'illus- Sleeve pullers are becoming increasingly poputrative thereofr There may be :considerable lar owing to the fact that many internal comvariations and adaptations of all or part ofthe 'bustion engines now resort to cylinder sleeves teachings depending 1113011 the dictates-0110mas a liner rather than bore precision cylinders mereial preeiieel 7 3 i directly in the engine block. In rebuilding en- The pr t m m n mpr s s a" yl ngines having cylinder sleeve liners, it is only der or engine block l0 havinga somewhat-larger necessary to remove the cylinder sleeves that are Cylinder Sleeve II that is D s e t erein 'to press-fitted, in the cylinder bo s, a t i i terminate somewhat below the engine block lZ'Tto eadily accomplished with a power puller that 'present a w w d y tapered lower p p a is effective in'engaging the inner or lower periph- Sleeve edge '3 W h i e b e 130' 'efiee t e eral edge of the sleeve prior to exerting a power r ov l of the Sleeve H as'willappear more fully or mechanical pull thereon. hereinafter.

One object of the present i e ti i t i In order to remove the sleeve H from thebo're plify the construction and improve the operation W, a Sleeve Dune/r715 provided which, infof devices of the charact me ti d, stance, embodies a central rod" l'llterminating Another object is to provide an improved cylinwnwar ly in a ll r 5 h v a I W-h der sleeve puller having adjustable jaws that are c et 16' formed integral therewith? 'I'he trilink actuated for remote adjustment. D' p k t' l5 haSJi t is ins a ce. thrfiB Still another object is to provide a sleeve puller ansularly and elumi.Stem?v 1 5 1 5 {ears 'that having jaw adjusting expedients effective through are t s ottedto provide 'furcations ;|'l"-f'lB.

.multiple links to enable jaw retraction and exl92ll, and 2l 22 fto p o y ce ve'fl n'ks pension from an accessible position. -24- therebetweem f f fi A further object is to provide an improved tend through the Spaced 'iu i 1.,p'uller tool having adjustable jaws mounted on Iii-20, and 2| 22'tdpiv0tal1y c'onnectthe-links "parallel links that are spring impelled to normally 4- 25 thereto".

assume an extreme retracted position. h l s 23-24'25 terminate in downward- A still further object is to provide a puller tool and .outwal'dly Offset .Pprtions whichltermi with adjustable jaws mounted on parallel links e' v l v I ih 1001151130 ceive that are spring impelled to assume an extreme P 28 providedlthrouhvfurcaitidfis329%:151"? retracted position with accessible screw adjust- Vided in a plurality f l 1 Z-Y. 3; h' ment means for spreading the jaws against the instance three- The l F-" T a P normal urge of th i jecting lips 34 which extend' 'o'utwardly beyond Still a further object is to provide parallel jaw the er jaw edges 35 0f the l ."3 jmounts for a sleeve puller to enable the adjustto engage t lower Peripheral 'eif r 6f ment thereof from a t t mount for the sleeve H. In this "position, the verticafjaw tracting or spreading the jaws for removing edges 35 engage the interior cylinder wall of the cylinder sleeves from their press-fitted engine Sleeve H When the jaws have been bores, expanded to the limit of the interior diameter Other objects and advantages will appear from of the sleeve The laws 3 each have" the following description of an illustrative emel l ks 36-31 of equal length pivotally bodiment of th r nt invention extended therefrom as at 38-39, respectively, to

In the drawing: project upwardly for corresponding pivotable Figure 1 is a front sectional view in elevation c nnecti n with an upper ri g lar bracket 38' of a cylinder bore, sleeve, and pulling tool emby means of pins 39-40. bodying features of the present invention, the h b c et 38 has a tubular th eaded Shank jaws being shown in their fully retracted posi- 4! formed integral therewith eXtend pw tion. therefrom. The threaded tubular shank 4| Figure 2 is a plan view of the device shown in terminates in a solid threaded shank 42 to which Figure 1, parts thereof being shown in section any suitable actuator or power puller may be to clarify the showing. attached to exert an upward force relative to Figure 3 is a front sectional view in elevation t engine block in the process of vi the sleeve II from the cylinder bore I 0. I The rod I4 is slidably guided in the tubular shank H to adjust: the jaws 3.I-32--33' as will appear more fully hereinafter.

In order to adjust the jaws 3 I3233 upwardly and outwardly, the axial rod I4 has a tension coil spring 43 disposed thereover between the upper triangular bracket 38 and a collar 44 fitted to the rod I4 proximate to the lower end I5 thereof. The spring 43 is anchored to the collar 44 and serves to impel the shaft I4 upwardly relative to the upper triangular bracket 38 tov retract the jaws 3I3233 inwardly as shown in Figure 1. This will serve to displace the rod I4 upwardly which is provided with: a transverse pin 45 that projects through a vertical slot 46 provided in the threaded shank 4 I. A knurled nut. 4.! threadablyengages the shank M to displace the transpin 45 downwardly and thus spread the jaws- 3I-32-'33 outwardly against the urge of the tension spring 43. The knurled nut 41 retains the jaws 3.I--3'233. in their adjusted expanded position. against" retraction As a result, the spread of the jaws 3:I--32-33 canbe' adjusted from above. the engine block I2 an initial collapsing thereof to facilitate their insertions downwardly through the cylinder sleeve II and thereafter eiTect the spread of the jaws- 3I-32-33 so that their vertical edges 35 thereof engage the. internal wall of the cylinder sleeve II? with the jaw lips 34 projecting below the. lower peripheral sleeve edge I3. The jaw lips 34 effect upper engagement with the lower sleeve edge 13 responsive to effecting an upward pull on the. shank 42' for upper displacement with the sleeve I I. Any suitable mechanical or hydraulic actuator may be utilized for this purpose to operate relative to the engine block I2- to displace the? shank 42 upwardly together with the laws. 34 42 -33" and the sleeve II in the process of pulling. the latter from the cylinder bore I 0.

While: I have illustrated and described a preembodiment of this invention, it must be understoodthat the invention is capable of conslderabl'e variation and modification without. de-

parting from the spirit of the invention. I, there- ,me, do not wish to be limited" to the precise details olconstruetion' set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifications as come: within the scope of the appended claims. I claim 1. A grapple comprising an elongated shank, a first yoke onsaid shank, a plurality of pairs of lovers or equal length spaced around said yoke and individually pivoted to said yoke at one end,

-a law for each pair of levers; means pivoting the "other end of each lover of a pair to its jaw so that said levers of. a pair will be positioned in parallel relation and in a plane including the axis said second yoke and one 01 saidjaws, and means for relatively moving said yokes for moving said jaws toward or away from said shank.

2. A grapple comprising an elongated shank, av first. yoke on said shank, a plurality of pairs of levers of equal length spaced around said yoke and individually pivoted to said yoke at one end, a jaw for each. pair 01 levers, means pivoting the other end of each lever of a pair to its jaw so that said-.leversof a pair will be positioned in parallel relation and in a plane including the axis of said shank and extending radially thereof, a second yoke on said shank, links each pivoted to said sec- 0nd yoke, and one of said jaws, and threaded colla-r means on said shank for relatively moving said yokes for moving said jaws toward or, away from said shank.

3;. A grapple comprising an elongated shank, a first yoke on said shank, a plurality of pairs of levers of equal length. spaced around said, yoke and individually pivoted to said yokeat one end, a jaw for each pair of levers, means pivoting the other end. of each lever of a pair toits. jaw so that said levers of a pair will be positioned in parallel relation and in a plane including the axis of said. shank and extending radially thereof, a second yoke on. said shank, links each pivoted, to said second yoke and, one'of said. jaws, spring means for urging one of said. yokes in onev direction along said shank to. relatively collapse said jaws. to-their minimum spread, andthreaded collar means. on. said shank for relatively: moving said yokes against the urge of said spring means for moving said jaws away from saidshank RAYMOND G. KNUDSEN.

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