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Publication numberUS2614727 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 21, 1952
Filing dateMar 11, 1949
Priority dateMar 11, 1949
Publication numberUS 2614727 A, US 2614727A, US-A-2614727, US2614727 A, US2614727A
InventorsRobinson William H
Original AssigneeRobinson William H
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Container and closure therefor
US 2614727 A
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Oct. 21, 1952 w, ROBINSON- 2,614,727

CONTAINER AND CLOSURE THEREFOR Filed March 11, 1949 I N VEN TOR. l V/LL/AM H fioswso/v Patented Oct. 2-1, 1952 .sTArEs- PATENT- 0PM v y CONTAINER Ann CLOSURE THEREFOR I j j v William H. Robinson, l )ayton, Ohi'ol r U l Application March 11,19'49,,s75 ,1 claim. (craze-tot I 1 'Ihis' invention deals with containers and closure therefor, and more particularly refers to a container provided with a-closure which is characterized by the tightness of the seal which it effects. v

According to the present invention a container is provided with a .closure having 'a sealing lip so arranged that when the closure is placed over thej'mouthof the container a's'ubstantially her- Infetic sealis effected at .two separate and distinct points with an air space thereb'etween.

'Qontainrs and closures according to the present invention are particularly adyantageousior Y the packaging of food products and the like which mi s lf f pr lon ee exposure to the atmos- Tillie-re, or which might lose f1avorand aroma a result'of such exposure. r i s In'the packaging oficheese and similar dairy products, for example, it is ,highly desirable to permit-retention of the delicate flavor and. aroma *whlch characterizes such products, andl'at the same time it is desirable to maintain the contents of such packages freefrom atmospheric contamination. For instance, cheese spreads and the like, when placed in a refrigerator or food.

locker in acontainer not hermetically sealed, will pick up foododors from its surroundings. For example, as those skilled in the art well know,

cheese and other dairy products and other fatty materials such as lard, oleomargarine and the like, will sorb the odor of cabbage, asparagus and like products of the nature usually stored either cooked or raw in refrigerators and food lockers; therefore, it' is desirable to provide a container and closure therefor so arranged that the cover may be replaced repeatedly on the container, so

that a hermetic seal is .provided at all times.

permits not only the'retention advantageously in a typical embodiment thereof,v will befully ascertained and comprehended from 1 the following description taken in connection with the annexed drawing, wherein:

Fig. l isan elevational view, partly in cross section, of onefo'rm of the presentinvention; 17'? This of the desirable v flavor and aroma of'the product in the container,

1 Fig.2 is an elevatio" al "cross-sectional view of one form ofth, invention showing the closure for-cover portionseparate from'the body of con It rp ft nf 1:", I. i i g. 3 is' an enlarged view of the portionshown inicrb ss fi n' f 1* *5 4' is a plan view-of the showing of Fig. 1-; i' .Z/l 1" s Fig I 5, is aplan-viewbf the cover itself.

Referring'no'w to the drawingin'detail, Ht'is a container consisting of a body portion l and a cover portion- I2. The body portion l his provided with a up 13 in theformofan outwardly extending bead. The cover portionds provided with a downwardly extending skirtlt having along'its innerperipherya protruding ring 15 which, when the cover I2 is placed over' the body ll to"form{a closure, willpass over the-"bead 13'.

- As will-'be'noted' 'from- Fig; 2, the diameter of thermg *l 5 i's' less than the diameter '0f the bead l3'; therefore; "the skirt .14 onthe covert'l2 must may extend or stretch to the extent necessary to permit engagement. I

The manner in which the engagement between the cover I2 and the body II is effected is best illustrated in Fig. 3. It will be noted that the skirt HI fits tightly against the bead I 3 and is slightly depressed'by it at the point It. It will be noted also that a tight engagementis eflected between the top of the bead I3 and the underside of the cover at IT. Therefore, a tight seal is effected both at l6 and at 11, and an air space is left at l8 which aids in maintaining the her-,

metic seal which characterizes the present invention.

In a present embodiment, which is here discussed'merely as a typical example and not as a limitation on this invention, the cover I! is made of a soft plasticmaterial such as polyethylene, while the body I lis made of a relatively harder plastic-material such as polystyrene. Of course,

other materials having similar relative characteristics may be employed advantageously in the practice of the present invention, and they are intended to be comprehended within the scope thereon For example, if so desired,'the body ll may be made of glass, or of any other suitable material such as metal or alloys, or of plastic material other than polystyrene. In like manher, the cover l2 may be made of material other than polyethylene. Obviously, the materials herein disclosed as used in a present embodiment may be reversed in use; that is, polyethylene may be used for the body I I, and polystyrene for the cover l2. In such event, of course, the bead l3,

I I one of which is made of a material more elastic I or resilient than the other, is contemplated within. the scope of this invention. Such combinations" will become evident to those skilled in.the art on. perusal of this disclosure and drawing.

It will be understood that while therenhavey been described herein and illustrated in the drawing certain specific, embodiments of the present invention, itis notjintended thereby to hav this inventionlimitedpr circumscribed by the par.- ticular details of construction, arrangement of parts, materials'andmethods herein disclosed or illustrated in the drawing, in. view of the fact that'ithis, invention is susceptible to modification according to individual preference and conditions without departing, from thel spirit of this disclosurje; and-the scope of the appended claimi.

Iclaim; I v a y a. ,A container,comprisingwacover portion and a bodyiportion, said cover portion'andbody portionbeing'of materials. at least one of which is relatively flexible and stretchable, saidbody portion- -b'eing "provided-withe beaded edge along 'the mouth thereof having a top. surfacean outer surface and an overhanging under surfacewith said surfaces being joined by. rounded corners, said coveri-portion. being spaced from "the .inner periphery, of said beaded portion and formed integrallyawith a downwardly extending. skirt-of solidcross section provided on its inner face with the anne ed I ,firstsaid sealing engagement, whereby a dead 4 contoured generally conical surfaces tapering inwardly from both the 'upper and lower portions of said skirt and meeting substantially in a ring of minimum diameter less than the diameter of 5 the bead, said ring of minimum diameter when said cover is in operative position on said container being spaced below the lower surface of the bead and from the body of the container, the upper tapering inner wall surface of said skirt forming an acute angle withathe outer surface "of 'sa'id'bead such that said tapering surface contacts a limited area at the lower outside surface 0f the bead in sealing engagement and produces a downward force component to draw said cover into a second sealing engagementwith the top surface of the bead in spaced relation with the air space is formed between said cover and said beaded edge spaced from the two points of sealing engagement.


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